BG Eraser Review 2023

By Tata Rossi 22 days ago, Photo Editing Tips

BG Eraser Background Removal

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  • Platforms: Online, Windows, Mac
  • Price: Free or $0.05/image

Verdict: BG Eraser quickly and easily removes the background from images using machine learning techniques. The tool works great for everyday use especially if you are not a professional designer. It helps you cope with editing no matter what photos you need to improve.

This instrument stays on par with the most advanced photo editing software. You just need to upload pictures to BG Eraser, and the service will modify them in no time.

Despite AI is a useful option, it can still hardly deal with every detail in photos compared to manual editing. If you work with projects on a professional level or prepare a banner for ads, we recommend using professional software like Photoshop or address image manipulation services.

  • Great for novices
  • Fast background removal in 3 steps
  • Works with JPG and PNG
  • Batch image processing
  • Fast editing
  • You can edit only 5 images for free
bg eraser background removal interface

BG Eraser background removal is available online and as a desktop version. You can edit multiple JPG and PNG photos up to 2MB at once. Keep in mind, picture size must be less than 700 x 700.

This background removal software automatically removes the background from a picture using artificial intelligence technology. AI also contributes to outputting a realistic image of high quality. To get a transparent background, the program cuts out the surrounding elements from an image.

BG Eraser Features

bg eraser background removal logo

Thanks to AI base, this instrument perfectly copes with background removal. You can work with BG Eraser even if you have never used photo editing software for PC before. Your task is to upload necessary photos into the program and the rest will be done automatically!

Automatic Removal in 3 Steps

upload images in bg eraser background removal

To remove the background from an image, you don’t need to register on the site. Just upload the desired images to the specified place. After you import images, the software analyzes and edits them, using machine learning so that you always get high-end photos.

Based on our testing, it takes BG Eraser about 20 seconds to edit a single photo. Keep in mind that the speed of image processing depends on such parameters as background, file size, and Internet connection.

Once the work with a photo is completed, you can download the result to your device by clicking the Download button on the main screen.

Great Processing of Various Objects in Photos

bg eraser background removal for various objects

If you are engaged in product photography you definitely need to use this program to make product pictures look like catalog images. BG Eraser recognizes the main elements of an image, e.g., cars, and can remove the background around them. Besides, the tool is used to cut out animals and birds from a general photo.

The highlight of the program is that it cuts out faces and people from photos at a professional level. Once the background is removed, you can experiment with headshot background ideas to create a unique picture.

Good Quality when Working with Simple Backgrounds

bg eraser background removal for simple backgrounds

To test how well the program copes with background removal, we’ve selected 2 pictures: a portrait photo with a simple background and the one with a more complicated background.

A portrait photo with a simple background looks great. BG Eraser has perfectly coped with background removal without cropping necessary elements. The most surprising thing is that the main details of the hair are kept intact.

bg eraser background removal for complex backgrounds

The other picture with a complicated background also looks good. However, if you examine it more carefully, you can notice that some details are lost. Thus, we’ve found out a BG Eraser software works better for pictures with simple backgrounds. If you want to get a professional photo with clearly defined details, we recommend turning to professional retouchers.

professional background changing service professional background changing service

Batch Orders to Save Time

Both online and desktop versions offer a batch image editing feature. You can upload several images from which you want to remove the background and edit them simultaneously. Since you don’t have to manually deal with each photo, you can keep time for taking new images.

Works without Internet Connection

If you need to edit a photo but there is no way to connect to the net, desktop programs will come to the rescue. You can download them to your PC or Mac, and use them similarly to an online application. A program can cut out people, faces, objects, and create a transparent background. You can download it for free, but the number of images you can edit is limited.

Your Photos Are Secure

All photos are deleted from BG Eraser servers every day. Therefore, you can be sure that your images won’t fall into the hands of third parties.

BG Eraser Prices

You can use the program online absolutely free of charge. Thus, you can edit up to 5 images per month as well as use a batch image processing option.

If you want to install a desktop version of the program and edit an unlimited number of images, choose a paid package at $0.05/image. The total cost depends on the number of photos: $5.00/month for 50 photos, $9.99/month for 199 photos, or $29.99/month for 999 photos. To find the exact pricing, check out the official website.

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