Adobe Premiere Pro vs Kapwing: Which Software to Choose

The Adobe Premiere Pro vs Kapwing comparison will surely interest those, who are looking for a feature-rich program for color grading, editing text and audio in clips. While both tools can satisfy your needs in this regard, the Adobe product stands out with a more professional functionality, while Kapwing offers a user-friendly interface.

Adobe Premiere Pro is feted for its pro-level instruments for footage editing and improved multi-media handling. Besides, the developers have optimized color gradation, so you can experiment with different tones and hues. The entire ecosystem is aimed at detailed video adjustments, while the performance speed is on point regardless of the load you throw at it.

Kapwing is an online editor, which you can use to spice up images, GIFs, and videos with interesting effects, transitions, and titles. The workflow will be intuitive thanks to a clear interface and logically arranged tools. If you are taking your first steps in editing and want to understand different phases of this process, Kapwing is sure to satisfy your needs.

What Is Adobe Premiere Pro?

adobe premiere pro logo

Adobe Premiere Pro is powerful, customizable video editing software, which allows uploading files recorded with any device be it a regular mobile phone or a professional camcorder, combining materials and then proceeding with editing in the needed format, without grappling with preliminary conversion.

The program has the rate stretch tool, rolling, ripple, and slide edit options, as well as instruments for adjusting mono and stereo sound, which will come in handy if you aspire to create a terrific clip. If you are pressed for time, just head to the section with templates, and choose the needed titles, transitions, and effects for your project.

Thanks to the embedded Mercury Playback Engine, you can work with all popular formats and use several video cards for accelerated rendering and export.

  • adobe premiere pro interface
  • adobe premiere pro interface

    Adobe Premiere Pro: Strengths and Weaknesses

    Library of ready-to-use assets. The highlight of the program is the direct access to Abobe Stock, where you can look for a specific photo, video, template, etc. While comparing Adobe Premiere Pro vs Kapwing, I immediately understood that this is a huge advantage of the former, eliminating the need to navigate the web in search of high-quality images and clips. So, if you lack time or ideas to create a project from the ground up, don’t hesitate to examine this section.

    Syncs with Creative Cloud. With Creative Cloud you get one workspace for all your Adobe programs. I like that you can sync your favorite settings, keyboard shortcuts, and workspace layouts on any computer anywhere. As part of Creative Cloud, Adobe Premiere Pro integrates tightly with other applications, allowing you to transfer files without losing structure or quality.

    Advanced color correction. This color grading software is sure to impress users with the affluence of color manipulation features, as well as fantastic film and HDR looks. It is possible to adjust WB, highlights, shadows, black point, saturation, vibrance, sharpness, and faded film effect. What’s more, there are color wheel and curve options that include a Color Match feature with comparison views.

    Thanks to the Lumetri Scope view, you can be sure that your frame has reds, greens, and blues in equal proportions. Recently, the program was upgraded with the Auto Color function that analyzes a whole clip, using patented Sensei AI technology, and makes changes to exposure, white balance, and contrast based on the info collected.

    Lots of free tutorials. Adobe Premiere Pro or Kapwing – the answer depends on how experienced you are. However, even if you opt for a feature-rich Premiere Pro, you can still master it thanks to a growing collection of video tutorials and written guidelines available absolutely for free. Just enter a succinct search query and choose the instructions that are more understandable for you.

    There are also bloggers and streamers who partner with Adobe and share guides on creating various effects, transitions, and also talk about the proper use of plugins and other add-ons in Adobe video editors.

    Auto reframe. Premiere Pro allures users with its collection of ready-made templates for different social networks and screen sizes. Social media abounds with all types of videos and if you want your content to become noticed among that variety, you should create clips with specific requirements in mind. For instance, you should stick to predefined aspect ratio formats, and doing this is easier thanks to Auto Reframe features in Premiere Pro. Running on Sensei AI technology, it defines the key elements in the frame and crops the rest adhering to 16:9, square, vertical, or custom aspect ratios. The feature is applicable both to individual clips and entire sequences.

    You can apply the desired video effect to a clip by dragging and dropping it or using the Auto Reframe option from the Sequence menu. The output aspect ratio options include – slower, faster, default motion tracking, and clip nesting.

    Professional functions may confuse beginners. Since Adobe Premiere Pro was created to tackle serious editing tasks, its functionality is far beyond average. There are lots of features and tools, and the range is ramping up, which can pose some problems for total newbies just learning the trade. However, diligent users will surely understand how to edit footage in this program over time.

    What Is Kapwing?

    kapwing logo

    Kapwing Studio is a browser-based editor. There is the Timeline, where you can cut and combine video fragments similar to the way you do it on a simple video cutter online service. Besides, you can jazz up videos with transitions, overlaid text and images, subtitles, and music. Kapwing also functions as an online slideshow maker, allowing users to convert several pictures into a clip and output it to social media websites or save them in high-res formats.

    This online program is perfect for creatives, who want to realize their ideas without performing lots of complicated manipulations. Here you can generate memes, animations, split videos into thematic pieces and connect them in a loop, add music, etc.

    Since Kapwing was created on the basis of AI technologies, your workflow is bound to be quick and efficient. You can take advantage of subtitle auto-generation, 1-click background removal, and smart transitions to create a highlight reel in a quick way.

    • kapwing interface
    • kapwing interface

      Kapwing: Strengths and Weaknesses

      User-friendly program. When it comes to usability, this online editor comes out on top in the Adobe Premiere Pro vs Kapwing battle. It has a basic toolset for cutting and rotating videos, which are the most common corrections social media users make. This lightweight video editor greatly simplifies workflow, which is perfect for people, who have recently taken to video adjustments and don’t want to deal with complicated controls.

      Moreover, Kapwing has several tools typically available in video looper software, so users can resize videos, divide them and connect parts into a loop. After that, you can apply effects, transitions, texts, and filters.

      Audio tools. The audio toolkit available in a program is unmatched compared to other free and even some paid alternatives. You get a variety of features for adding, changing, and controlling audio, so creating a unique clip is a breeze. Besides, the editor allows uploading music from your device or websites for even more terrific results.

      You can add subtitles in any language. Regarded by many as a first-class subtitle editor, Kapwing allows complementing your clips with the matching text and synchronizing it with videos. You can add subtitles in any language to make the content suitable for broader audiences. If you’ve made a mistake and noticed it after saving your project, don’t get upset. You can make the needed tweaks without starting from the very beginning. The biggest advantage of the program is that it can generate subtitles automatically for a streamlined working process.

      Social sharing instruments. When you’re done editing your video, you can immediately output it to social networks and media-sharing websites, including Facebook, YouTube, etc. Thus, you can show your progress to followers.

      Rich format support. The possibility to edit videos in all popular formats is a sure advantage. Besides, Kapwing allows transcoding and converting files, so you don’t need to hop from one program to another but can enjoy a smooth workflow.

      Video may glitch. In rare cases, after long rendering, a video may glitch. This is really frustrating as you can’t make the edits and have to start from the get-go.

      Adobe Premiere Pro vs Kapwing: Price

      premiere pro price

      The only way to get Adobe Premiere Pro for free is to use its free trial version valid for a week. Thus, you can test the offered features and tools, and decide whether the software really lives up to its reputation.

      In case you’re satisfied with its functionality, you have to pay $20.99/month to use a full version. Keep in mind that there appear Adobe discounts from time to time, and the cost of the Creative Cloud full package (over 20 desktop and mobile apps) may reduce to $54.99/mo.

      kawing price

      Kapwing is a free editor but it doesn’t allow users to upload files over 250MB. Besides, there is a 30-min export limit, a 10-min transcription limit, and the possibility to edit and store videos for 2 days only. Switching to the Pro version for $16/month (billed annually), you can upload files up to 6GB, edit SRT and other files, and store content as long as you need. What’s more, the program allows uploading custom fonts and exporting in 1080p.

      Adobe Premiere Pro vs Kapwing: Who Wins?

      If you want to become an editing expert, you definitely need to use a pro-level program.

      Adobe Premiere Pro is a great program with a lot of tools and features for editing clips. You can use it to edit long clips with complex transitions and special effects. It is a go-to program for professionals involved in creating content for TV and advertising, bloggers and photographers, who plan to switch from simple video editing software for YouTube to a more feature-rich program.

      Kapwing is simple free video editing software with no watermark. It can satisfy the requirements of social media managers and starting entrepreneurs, who need catchy content for promoting their companies. However, thanks to straightforward UI and tools, Kapwing can be also ideal for teachers and students creating simple presentations.

      Bonus Tools

      premiere pro title templates bonus

      To make your work as fast and simple as possible, you can use ready-made templates for text. Looking through these pre-prepared materials, you can choose the option that suits your style and simply replace your text in it with a few clicks. The templates are compatible with all versions of the program and are easy to use even for beginners.

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