How to Rotate Video in Premiere Pro: 2 Quick Ways

By Tata Rossi 7 days ago, Software reviews

During basic editing, it is important to maintain a consistent style and ensure that all video materials are in the same format. Besides, you need to know how quickly rotate video in Premiere Pro horizontally and vertically for a professional outcome.

If you are just getting started with video editing, this detailed tutorial can come in handy. Take the following steps and you are sure to improve your skills.

STEP 1. Open the Video You Need to Rotate

import video to rotate video in premiere

Launch Premiere Pro and upload a video that is not displayed correctly (horizontally/vertically), in a new project. To do this, click “File” - “Import” and select the desired video.

Also, if you have a lot of videos, you can create a project folder. Go to the main menu, click “Windows” - “Project”, and you’ll see a new tab with projects. Then double-click on an empty space and select the video you want to rotate.

STEP 2. Choose the Sequence Settings

choose the sequence settings to rotate video in premiere

In the upper part of the toolbar, find “Sequence” - “Sequence Settings…”. In the menu that opens, swap the video size values. After confirming the changes, you will get a vertically cropped video. You should do so to avoid cropping your file during further rotation and to preserve its quality.

STEP 3. Rotate Video 90 Degrees

rotate video 90 degrees to rotate video in premiere

Go to the “Editing” – “Effect Controls” tab and change the Rotation value to the side you need to rotate the video (left/right/flip). Enter the exact degree you want to rotate video in Premiere Pro:

  • 90.0º turns a video on its side
  • 180.0º flips a video
  • 270.0º turns a video in the other direction

Done! Save the video and add it to your project.

If you don't have time to rotate many videos, or if you lack skills for such manipulations, you can always delegate the task to experts. You can send them numerous videos from your wedding and order the creation of a movie. They will take care of the right color correction and a uniform style.

Rotate a Video Using the Transform Effect

Alternatively, you can use the transform effect to rotate video in Premiere Pro. Regardless of the method you choose, you will achieve the desired result.

STEP 1. Upload a Clip

upload a clip to rotate video in premiere

Select the clip you want to rotate on the timeline. Open it from your projects or download it separately as a new file.

STEP 2. Choose the Transform Effect

choose the transform effect to rotate video in premiere

Next, on the toolbar, go to the "Effects" - "Distort" - "Transform" tab and double-click on the effect or drag it onto the clip you are using.

STEP 3. Enter Exact Values

enter exact values to rotate video in premiere

In the Effect Controls panel, scroll down to Transform, then uncheck the box for Single Scale. With this action, you will open access to editing.

  • To rotate an image horizontally, change the scale width to -100
  • To rotate an image vertically, change the scale height to -100

Done! Save your work in the desired or original format and head to your project.

Tools for Premiere Pro

overlays for premiere pro

Now you know how to rotate video in Premiere Pro and use a single format in your project. You can add creative overlays to finished videos, apply smoke or sparks, add graininess or glare imitating the sun, and more. All you have to do is check out my tutorial on how to add overlays in Premiere Pro.


  • • What should I do if the tab with “Effect Controls” is displayed differently?

Most likely, you are using an outdated version of the editor. Try updating Premiere Pro free to the latest version or install the licensed version of CS5 or CS6 if you have it on disk.

  • • Is it possible to rotate all videos in a batch mode?

No, this feature is not available in Premiere Pro. However, you can create a project and load several videos that you want to rotate at once.

  • • Can I immediately rotate a video through the "Editing" - "Effect Controls" tab without swapping the video size values?

Yes, you can, but in this case, your video may be cut off or the quality will be severely degraded. 

  • • Can I just straighten a video this way if it's slightly skewed to the side?

Yes, you don't have to rotate the video in 90-degree increments. If your video is a bit skewed, you can straighten the horizon by entering a smaller number. Try rotating it just a few degrees and evaluate the result.

  • • What should I do if there appear black areas of the screen where the image doesn’t line up with the frame after I rotated a video?

To fix this problem, you can increase the video scale in the Effect Controls panel. This leads to the increase in the video size in the frame and the removal of the black color that shows the image has been rotated.