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Verdict: The Jigsaw video production company is a perfect choice for your needs. Be it video production, animation, business presentation, or special effects, the team of professionals will easily implement all your ideas.

The Jigsaw company will shoot and edit your video. They deliver high-quality services in the shortest possible time and guarantee accurate framing. What is more, these guys provide a number of other services.

They can help photographers shoot a presentation video, edit footage, create animation for an intro. Besides, they provide photography services.

  • 7+ years of experience in videography and editing
  • Wide range of services
  • Professional equipment
  • Fast results
  • Transparent process
  • No discounts
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The Jigsaw video production company uses the latest techniques when shooting footage. Their long-term clients are completely satisfied with the results.

The Jigsaw team will showcase your company’s work by making corporate films, product demo videos, and advertisement films. Corporate videos shoot by Jigsaw attract new clients by telling your brand’s story in an engaging way.

The Jigsaw Company – Main Features

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The Jigsaw team believes that the most important thing is to understand clients’ needs. Thus, they create content that meets customers’ requirements. To make an attention-grabbing film, the company works with a wide array of specialists.

The team focuses on all the elements, starting with concept creation and ending with the film itself. The Jigsaw video production company has more than 100+ positive reviews from its clients. Their team includes professional directors, directors of photography, light technicians, editors, drone operators and other creative and technical specialists who generate a high-quality video product.

Various Video Genres

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The Jigsaw company provides solutions to any requests. No matter what sphere you are involved in, they will help you create content for a website, business, presentation, etc. They create documentary, selling, educational, and lifestyle videos in various formats, such as corporate videos, ads, product catalogs, commercials and short films, etc.

Their services will be useful for photographers who need to create a first-rate video for a website as well as for those conducting training or selling other services via the Internet.

Commercial videos by Jigsaw attract clients and boost sales. These guys use the best technologies and involve the best professionals in the country.

Long-Term Experience

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The Jigsaw video production company has been creating promo video ideas, production films, documentaries and commercials for many years. They have a flawless reputation. Their company was founded in 2014. They always take into account the needs and expectations of their clients. The Jigsaw team provides services for mid-size businesses and has worked with such big brands as Adidas. These guys are trusted by their customers.

Besides video production, the team specializes in promotion, photography and provides a video editing service. You may also contact them if you need celebrity management services or are looking for models.

Trouble-Free Working Process

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They communicate with a client to understand their expectations. Next, a team that consists of an analyst, writer and director works on various ideas and presents them to the client. Only after this, they create a script and storyboard.

Their client-orientated team consists of operators, scriptwriters, retouchers, and editors working with professional DSLRs for video.

They also choose the location, video-shoot dates, prepare all necessary equipment, take care of the lodging, boarding and travel requirements. Thus, a client feels like a guest at the shooting site.

They enhance corporate videos using professional video editing software, VFX, text graphics, voice-over and color grading. As a rule, it takes between one week to a month to implement a project.

Direct Hit on the Audience

Their mission is to understand a client and transform their expectations into a video piece. Their professionals cooperated with the best TV channels in India. They will create a catchy corporate video fully showcasing your business.

They deliver video solutions that will tell the whole world about your company’s services, goals, achievements, etc. The Jigsaw company establishes long-term relationships with customers. They create videos in any format to meet clients’ expectations and attract a target audience.

Informative Blog

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To establish a long-term partnership with their clients, the Jigsaw company regularly updates its blog. Here, you can learn about the recent news, hiring a freelancer videographer and cooperation with full-cycle agencies. They also give step-by-step instructions on how to create animations and explain how to work with various footage materials.

In the blog, you will find reviews of video editing apps, computer programs and different equipment. This info will come in handy for a better understanding of how today’s PR world functions.

The Jigsaw Company Prices

Their prices start with $25 per shooting hour. However, the final cost will be set only after you discuss all your wishes with them. The website provides a special calculator that helps calculate the script cost based on its length.

At the initial stages of video development, it’s impossible to tell an exact price. To reach the best results, the team might need to apply some corrections, use additional props, models, change the location, etc.

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