Adobe Prelude vs Reflector 4

By Ann Young 7 days ago, Software reviews

Choose the winner in Adobe Prelude vs Reflector 4 battle. You’ll have no doubts after reading the article below.

Adobe Prelude is a powerful film and photo editing software product that offers advanced features not available on the standard Adobe software packages.

Reflector 4 is a program, which has taken the concept of multiplexers to a new level. This is the software that makes possible the use of many video editing features at the same time and has a unique design.

Final Verdict:

Comparing these two programs, most users will choose Adobe Prelude due to its universality. It is a text, mark and edit instrument for labeling media with metadata, for manipulating and controlling video footage with creative tools like titles, fade-ins, and overlay effects. It also features fully integrated cataloging and tagging facilities for creating DVD covers.

Adobe Prelude is the winner >

Adobe Prelude Features:

  • Video templates selection
  • Presets and creative effects
  • Tagging and transcoding features
  • Connection with Adobe's programs
  • Video tutorials

What is Adobe Prelude?

adobe prelude interface

Adobe Prelude tracks a number of workflows and projects. One such project is timeline tracking, which is ideal for making pre-visit to present your work to a client. You can also import or copy files from an external resource, allowing you to do things like adding text, changing fonts and colors, moving items around etc.

The audio track allows you to record voice notes while the video tracks allows you to edit the clip. The key and action workflow gives an ability to do the same thing with text, but this time with a mouse click. The action workflow also lets you run your footage through multiple cuts without losing the quality of the movie.

One thing good about this product is that it has a user-friendly interface which will make it easy for you to operate even if you have never worked with Adobe before. It comes with various templates for videos and photos, which allow you to select and modify the color, theme, layout, frame rate, picture selection, zoom, panorama, and sync features.

What is Reflector 4?

reflector 4 interface

The video interface of Reflector 4 is straightforward and easy to understand. One of the main video editing features is the inclusion of the Technomassage II noise generator, which uses sampled tones to create a realistic drum sound. This option is a nice addition because it helps increase the overall audio quality of a video.

Another video processing feature present in the Reflector 4 is the inclusion of the Aviary Reflector, which allows for the easy import of Avid Media Access files, allowing the customer to use their hard drives for other purposes such as viewing digital photos. The Reflector has several ports for connecting different pieces of hardware like cables and monitors. Some of these ports have been designed with an eye towards facilitating the future expansion of the Reflector 4 system.

There are even boards available with the Aviary Reflector system that will be compatible with Avid Media Access devices. All in all, this is a great product that was designed to simplify the complex process of video editing.


adobe prelude logo
reflector 4 logo

Adobe Prelude & Reflector 4 Features:

  • Multiple media file formats
  • Ingest options
  • Partial markers
  • Video clips creation
  • RAW footage importing
  • Screen mirroring options
  • Video recording
  • Live streaming abilities
  • Wireless using
  • High quality of video

Adobe Prelude and Reflector 4 Price:

STARTING PRICE $20.99/month $20.45/license
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FixThePhoto Choice:

Adobe Prelude also features a library system to help you find and open files and projects quickly. It also comes with a large variety of pre-made music tracks, titles, and captions, and a large range of transitions, visual effects, text, and audio tracks that you can easily add.