Adobe Prelude vs HandBrake

By Ann Young 2 days ago, Software reviews

Which software is better – Adobe Prelude vs HandBrake? Read the comparison article to understand.

Adobe Prelude is a popular video processing program, which has all the standard video transcoding features you would expect from a software of this type, but there are also some unique options that you may take advantage of.

HandBrake is an open-source and free transcoding program for video files, which is one of the many products in the category of PC video transcoding. It can convert any video format such as DVD to Betamax or even switch between different video formats.

Final Verdict:

If to compare these two programs, I would choose HandBrake for most purposes. It provides high-quality compressing DVD and media files for optimal performance. Compression speed, good picture and audio quality, converting a video to a compatible format – all the main benefits of the program, which can save time and money.

HandBrake is the winner >

HandBrake Features:

  • Fast conversion features
  • Cropping and resizing
  • Audio and video conversion
  • Wide range of file formats
  • Restoration options

What is Adobe Prelude?

adobe prelude interface

One of the neat features of Adobe Prelude is the synchronization of video and audio, this is called the video sync. Synchronizing will let you easily switch between them on the fly, so you never miss a beat while shooting or editing. The video sync also allows you to easily edit and scrub the video during playback if needed.

The advantages of Adobe Prelude, can be boiled down to three things: high quality video, simplicity and cost. Firstly, Prelude is able to tag, organize and manage your video footage digitally - so you don't need to worry about keeping up on the latest codecs and video format conversions. Secondly, it is an open source project that can power a lot of different businesses, allowing you to run your video transcoding task from your home with little or no training.

In addition to the video sync and other tools, Adobe Prelude also has what is called the preview panel. This allows you to view your work in the screen right away and make changes before sending it to producers or customers.

What is HandBrake?

handbrake interface

The features of HandBrake make it a powerful tool for recording video streams. It has the transcoding features to compress or convert various file formats such as AVI, MPG, WMV, MPEG, etc. while outputting in the best quality.

The software also provides some useful options such as video test, advanced settings, video output controls and other miscellaneous tools. Among the important features, HandBrake's video transcoding engine is the fastest one available in the market. Moreover, it can also work in real time, which is very helpful in the case of making online videos. Many other video editing programs do not have this feature, so if you are planning to make clips with complex video footage, I suggest that you should go for a video transcoding program such as HandBrake.

Handbrake provides you with several basic but essential features. First, using menus, you can go to compression options, which include: simple, real, or high-quality. Next, you will have a choice of setting parameters for the size and duration of the media file, as well as the type of compression used.


adobe prelude logo
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Adobe Prelude & HandBrake Features:

  • Media tagging options
  • Basic video editing
  • Multiple types of files support
  • Convenient management
  • Integration wirth Adobe's apps
  • Volume controls
  • Subtitles editing
  • Presets selection
  • Batch processing
  • Average bitrate video encoding

Adobe Prelude and HandBrake Price:

STARTING PRICE $20.99/month Free
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FixThePhoto Choice:

The simplicity of Adobe Prelude is very appealing. It is extremely intuitive and allows you to quickly get up to speed with complex tasks without confusing or overwhelming you.

HandBrake is used by thousands of businesses and individuals to make the most of their high-speed Internet connection and to create the highest quality video files.