Adobe Prelude vs VideoLan

By Ann Young 16 days ago, Software reviews

Which software is better for your purposes among Adobe Prelude vs VideoLan? If you want to know the answer, continue reading this article.

Adobe Prelude is a simple and fast ingest and log tool for managing media with metadata for easy searching and workflow automation. It integrates directly with Adobe Premiere Pro and can be used on any computer that contains Adobe Professional plug-ins.

VideoLan is an open source web video player application developed by the VideoLAN group. Also it is a free software solution that allows you to stream live content on the Internet via your computer.

Final Verdict:

If to compare, I think VideoLan will be more appropriate to use. It is an open source program that works cross-platform. It has several features that make it superior to other technologies. One of them is a plug-and-play technology meaning that users do not need to configure any special drivers.

VideoLan is the winner >

VideoLan Features:

  • A lot of formats support
  • Quick video conversion
  • Effects and filters
  • Internet radio and podcast playing
  • Add-ons and extensions

What is Adobe Prelude?

adobe prelude interface

Adobe Prelude has the potential to be a powerful tool, especially when combined with other products. It works well as a general purpose video editing and cataloging program but also supports direct import of footage from camera, as well as exporting footage in common file formats. With Prelude, there is also the potential for transcoding to reduce bandwidth costs. Some versions of the program include technical extras such as text scrubbing and timelines for trimming and cropping during playback.

There are many pre-built libraries included in Prelude that can be utilized by the various applications that users have installed on their computer. This means that there will never be a need to go searching for a library or plug-in again.

Similarly, there is the "bag of tricks" feature in the software. By clicking on the appropriate icon, users can be given access to a host of options that are otherwise not documented within the program. These features include pre-composed music scores from popular artists, special video games effects, and animation tools from animated films.

What is VideoLan?

videolan interface

VideoLan can be used to play various files such as movies, music, TV shows, documentaries, live broadcasts, or just about any other media file you want to stream. This is because VideoLan players are configured so that it will play back on whatever format is being used in your network. This includes MP3, WMA, Mp3, Quicktime, ASIO, and Real Audio.

The program is also a powerful remote access tool allowing you to control, view, analyze, rate, manage, configure, allocate bandwidth, rename, extract meta-data, create playlists, and stream media files over the Internet. This is because you can set up playlist settings on your home computer and then configure it on the VideoLan server.

The VLC media player is an essential tool, which allows you to playback almost all digital and conventional video formats. VideoLan will play back most if not all multimedia files including live broadcasts of events such as television coverage of sports, concerts, meetings and debates, news events and more.


adobe prelude logo
videolan logo

Adobe Prelude & VideoLan Features:

  • Advanced transcoding
  • Various file formats
  • Clips logging
  • Web links
  • Rough cut building
  • Hotkeys settings
  • Subtitles adding
  • Audio files converting
  • Simple to use
  • High video quality

Adobe Prelude and VideoLan Price:

STARTING PRICE $20.99/month Free
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FixThePhoto Choice:

The absence of manual control in Adobe Prelude most users find to be a plus because it makes editing, trimming, and sorting footage much easier and less time consuming than it would otherwise be.

VideoLan is not complex or confusing to use. You simply install the software and download the required drivers on your computer.