DaVinci Resolve vs iMovie

If you don’t know which program is better for your purposes – DaVinci Resolve vs iMovie, the information below will help you to understand.

DaVinci Resolve is a digital video editor that offers both edit and video production features with an intuitive user interface. It is an advanced video editing and broadcast television product.

iMovie is an advanced video editing software program developed by Apple Inc for both iOS iPad and MacBook OS devices.

Final Verdict:

In this comparison, DaVinci Resolve is much more feature rich than iMovie. It allows you to make professional, high quality, DVDs, blue screen, video editing features that are second to none. DaVinci Resolve comes with over eight hundred images and allows editing not only of video but also photos.

DaVinci Resolve is the winner >

DaVinci Resolve Features:

  • Adjustable parameters
  • Image stabilization tools
  • Color inversion
  • Timeline editing
  • Transitions and effects library

What is DaVinci Resolve?

davinci resolve interface

DaVinci Resolve has an extremely intuitive interface that allows you to quickly navigate through its many features. Its powerful, professional looking graphic interface makes working with the program an enjoyable experience, allowing you to quickly make creative and professional looking DVD's and editing DVDs while still enjoying the ease and reliability of a software.

DaVinci Resolve has several unique features, the most popular of which include: automatic color correction, color effects generation, noise reduction, audio enhancement, video effects, and a new feature called 'Da Vinci Flow'. The sixteen bit, lossless audio compression is a very useful addition that can speed up your editing time. This option eliminates the need for conversion when adding sounds and removes the need for conversion when changing media types.

Its color correction, sound editing and visual effects tools are top notch and compliment the high quality video output produced by the unit. Its sixteen-piece interface allows quick and easy access to every feature, and multiple connections with external drives allow you to transfer files easily.

What is iMovie?

imovie interface

There are many advantages to be found when comparing iMovie and its competitors. The first and perhaps most obvious advantage is that this program allows for the syncing of audio and video. This means that one can easily make a video with a spoken word track and have the video transferred to a flash drive, and then sync the two through the iMovie interface. It also allows the user to utilize video editing features such as the title bar scrubbing and the "shrink button".

With the added ability to sync your iMovie library to a computer or flash drive, you can share your films with other users. You can also export your videos as PDF's and other file types, so that you can share them with your friends and colleagues easily using any compatible device.

The second major advantage of iMovie that it has a much wider range of formats available than does the other software. In addition to all of the professional features that iMovie has to offer, it also provides the user with a greater degree of flexibility than the other apps do.


davinci resolve logo
imovie logo

DaVinci Resolve & iMovie Features:

  • Titling features
  • Video cutting tools
  • Control sliders for color
  • HDR grading options
  • Animation curve
  • Crop and zoom features
  • Ability to add photos
  • Various video effects
  • Audio processing options
  • Fade in and out controls

DaVinci Resolve and iMovie Price:

STARTING PRICE $299.00/one purchase Free
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FixThePhoto Choice:

DaVinci Resolve has many advanced features and is very intuitive for both photographers and videographers, regardless of their experience.

iMovie can be used on both the iPhone and iPad to enhance videos that users have taken with their phones, and it can also be used in conjunction with other apps and computer programs.