Vegas Pro vs iMovie

By Eva Williams 10 days ago, Software reviews

If you are not sure which software to use for high-quality video processing – Vegas Pro vs iMovie, read my detailed comparison of their distinctive features first.

Vegas Pro is a professional video editing software, designed for creating, processing and adding videos, photos, music and sound effects to any video project.

iMovie is simply the easiest way to create professional-looking videos on your iPhone and iPad which comes packed with all the features and versatility that users need for video production.

Final Verdict:

If to choose a winner, it will be Vegas Pro, without any doubts. The greatest advantage of the software is the wide variety of its features. It comes with options that make editing videos, photos, and even illustrations and background pieces very easy and enjoyable.

Vegas Pro is the winner >

Vegas Pro Features:

  • 4K resolution support
  • Timeline editing
  • Audio processing
  • Professional video effects
  • Hardware acceleration

What is Vegas Pro?

vegas pro interface

Vegas Pro includes many powerful features that accelerate the production of video, audio and film projects and the authoring of CDs or Blu-ray disks. The extensive toolset includes various image filters and touch screen operation. Features such as touch screen enhance creative possibilities in editing, while a wide range of digital visual effects add a distinctive taste to video creation projects.

A vast collection of popular motion backgrounds and special effects provide a unique look to videos, which can be easily composited with photographs, 3D artwork, clips or computer generated images. Additional tools include the option to author DVD and Blu-ray video in high-definition resolutions. The flexibility of the software allows complete customization of video components, including colors, image backgrounds and video sequences.

This editing package also comes with an extensive library of professionally designed sounds, which can be added to video clips. Additional features for the perfect finishing of a movie or series of videos include the ability to merge scenes between different cameras and the addition of smoke and fog effects, depending on the type of video being produced.

What is iMovie?

imovie interface

iMovie has all of the video editing features that you would expect from a professional video editing program, as well as a wide range of features designed to make the process of creating videos easier and less time consuming. The biggest advantage lies in its video quality, which means that everything from the visual elements of a video to the transitions used in the video are crystal clear and smooth.

iMovie comes standard with high-quality filters, but the added extras that come with premium subscriptions to the iMovie store allow users to add in-depth effects and transitions, as well as higher quality audio tracks for when the audio is critical in a video. The addition of a microphone jack to the phone allows users to record themselves or others for great home movies, and the ability to add text makes writing captions and adding notes easier than ever before.

Additional enhancements include the ability to sync your iPod or other media players between your iPhone and iPad, the improved version of the "rovisual play", and the ability to submit your own movie to the iMovie service.


vegas pro logo
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Vegas Pro & iMovie Features:

  • Adjustable UI
  • Compositing tools
  • Easy resizing
  • Support for plugins
  • Preview controls
  • Split screen option
  • Zooming
  • Soundtrack adding
  • Creative transitions
  • Undo button

Vegas Pro and iMovie Price:

STARTING PRICE $599.00/license Free
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FixThePhoto Choice:

The comprehensive video editing features of Vegas Pro enable easy creation, editing and enhancing projects, which can be performed by any user with a basic knowledge of computer programs.

iMovie comes standard with a library of over two hundred and sixty full-length movies, as well as access to clips from popular movies across the last three decades.