8 Best Video Cutters Online in 2023

By Eva Williams 16 days ago, Software reviews

If you don't want to spend a lot of time trimming a clip, use the best video cutters online described below. With their help, you can make several small clips from one large video, cut out certain parts of the footage, and set the desired aspect ratio.

8 Best Video Cutters Online in 2023

  1. Fastreel Online Video Cutter - Fast video trimmer
  2. Adobe Express - Intuitive tools
  3. ClipChamp - Video in HD format
  4. Kizoa - With special effects
  5. Nova.ai - In-built editing functions
  6. Promo Video Cutter - Features for trimming and resizing videos
  7. Online Video Cutter - Works with cloud storage
  8. Kapwing - For YouTube videos

The review comprises both simple video cutters and more advanced programs with video editing functions. When choosing the software, I focused on the speed of trimming, how convenient and intuitive the tools are, as well as how many formats they support. All programs can be used for free, although some have limitations.

1. Fastreel Online Video Cutter

Fast video trimmer
  • Fast video trimming
  • Comes with video editing tools
  • Protects videos from other users
  • None

Verdict: Fastreel allows you to quickly shorten your video or divide it into multiple parts. The developers also took care of the safety of your data: the videos that you trim will not fall into the hands of strangers.

This online movie cutter has neither complex features nor a confusing interface. The tools here are not limited to video cropping: you can also add music, filters and text to your videos, resize them, create stop-motion clips, and more.

fastreel video cutter واجهة الإنترنت

2. Adobe Express

Intuitive tools
  • Versions for different platforms
  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • Intuitive tools
  • Supports all widely-used formats
  • Note found

Verdict: Adobe Express is a convenient online service that allows you to quickly crop and trim your videos without paying a dime. You can change the duration of your clip using handlebars. They enable you to set the start and end times to trim your footage with better precision. This service has versions for iOS and Android mobile devices. Besides, you can install it on computers with Windows or macOS.

Using this service, you can adjust the aspect ratio of your files and share them on popular social media platforms. To save time, you can select one of the available options, including square, landscape, or portrait sizes, and then drag your file to the template to crop it in a few clicks.

adobe creative cloud express video cutter online interface

3. ClipChamp

Video in HD format
  • A video library
  • Offers filters and transitions
  • You can save the video in 1080p
  • Support for Google Chrome only

Verdict: With ClipChamp you can crop your videos in a few clicks. You can work both with your own clips and use videos from the built-in library, for example, if you need to create an intro video.

After you've trimmed your video, you can export and share the result on social media. You can choose the video resolution - 780p for social networks or 1080p for websites. In addition, this MP4 editor has filters, transitions, and backgrounds. You can also customize shades, work with multiple audio tracks, and add text.

  • Clipchamp القاطع على الإنترنت واجهة

    4. Kizoa

    With special effects
    • Good cutting speed
    • Convenient tools
    • Built-in effects
    • Lots of functions can cause confusion
    kizoa video cutter online logo

    Verdict: Kizoa fast video cutter allows you to crop your video very quickly and accurately. To crop a 100-sec clip, you need to spend about 10 seconds. Also, this video editor allows you to visualize the first and last frames of the area you are working on.

    This video editing software for Chromebook has ready-made video intros and endings, allows you to add an unlimited number of sound effects, and insert GIF files. Kizoa has predefined sizes for videos that you will post to Facebook or Instagram.

    كيزوا فيديو كتر واجهة على الإنترنت

    5. Nova.ai

    Built-in editing features
    • Developed for YouTube needs
    • In-built editor
    • Quick export and comprehensible sharing options
    • Subtitles adding function in over 30 languages
    • Needs more advanced features
    • Limited free functionality
    nova ai video cutter online logo

    Verdict: Nova.ai is a simple online video cutter, focused on YouTube purposes. You can cut the clips, join them, resize, then export or share with others. In order to start the process, you just have to paste the URL of the video.

    Its pre-built functionality of video editing software, enables you to insert original transitions to your clips, as well as manage your video speed, insert audio files, music, logos, thumbnails and other pictures, etc.

    Furthermore, it is available to produce captions and subtitles in more than 30 languages. In addition, render them into more than 50 languages.

    nova ai video cutter online interface

    6. Promo Video Cutter

    Features for trimming and resizing videos
    • Works with files from cloud storage
    • You can set the quality and format of the finished video
    • Supports all popular formats
    • No video editing tools
    promo video cutter online logo
    Promo Video Cutter

    Verdict: Promo Video Cutter is compatible with all popular video formats and makes it easy for you to trim any clip you want in a matter of clicks. You can either upload your own footage or pick a video from the enormous media library that contains over 100 million clips.

    Pick the start and end points for the part that needs to be cut from the video and press “Use”. Once the process is finished, you can simply download the edited video.

    This option also includes tools for cropping your footage. Regardless if you need to add a square, landscape, or portrait orientation to your video, the process of resizing and changing the aspect ratio of your footage is incredibly straightforward. You can also further enhance your video with text or by adding a logo. Finally, this online video cutter doesn’t impose any restrictions on how many times you can use it each day.

    promo video cutter online interface

    7. Online Video Cutter

    Works with cloud storage
    • Automatic backups
    • It is available for business and personal
    • Notifications if backups fail
    • Weak functionality
    • Expensive subscription
    online video cutter logo
    Online Video Cutter

    Verdict: To cut a video using Online Video Cutter, you just need to open the program's website and upload a file. Moreover, you can cut videos both from a PC and from cloud storage for photos or websites. You can also set the quality and file format. This YouTube video cutter online supports videos of almost all formats.

    There are no video editing tools like those available in Fastreel, but basic options are enough for preparatory work with clips. You can rotate a video and change the frame proportions. Remember about the 500MB file size limit.

    واجهة قطع الفيديو عبر الإنترنت

    8. Kapwing

    For YouTube videos
    • Supports all file formats
    • Cut YouTube video
    • Audio editing tools
    • Limitations in a free version
    kapwing video cutter online logo

    Verdict: One of the handiest features of Kapwing online video editor is video cropping. Thus, you can shorten the length of the video or cut out some parts. You can upload files of any format, as well as work with YouTube videos.

    This video editor has tools for collaboration, allows adding subtitles and audio, as well as resizing a video. The main disadvantage is the maximum video size of 300MB. Besides, the duration should be less than 30 minutes.

    • kapwing video cutter عبر الإنترنت
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