16 Video Cutters for All Skill Levels in 2024: Free & Cheap

By Eva Williams 16 days ago, Software reviews

One of the biggest advantages of using video cutters is that they streamline the editing process. You can easily trim out unnecessary footage, saving you time and effort. This is especially handy if you're working on a professional project or if you want to whip up some snazzy videos for your loved ones.

Top 16 Video Cutters for PC to Try

movavi video editor video cutter logo
Movavi Video Editor
Easy to use
  • Free version

adobe express video cutter logo
Adobe Express
  • Free version

powerdirector 365 video cutter logo
PowerDirector 365
  • Free version

gihosoft free video cutter logo
Gihosoft Free Video Cutter
For novices
  • Fully free

nova ai video cutter logo
AI tools
  • Free version

promo video cutter logo
Promo Video Cutter
  • Free version

bandicut video cutter logo
Bandicut Video Cutter
  • Free version

vegas pro video cutter logo
Vegas Pro
  • Free version

minitool moviemaker video cutter logo
MiniTool MovieMaker
Many features
  • Free version

mp4tools video cutter logo
  • Free version

shortcut video cutter logo
Open source
  • Fully free

imovie video cutter logo
For Mac users
  • Free version

cute video cutter free video cutter logo
Cute Video Cutter Free
  • Fully free

apowersoft video converter studio video cutter logo
Apowersoft Video Converter Studio
For Windows
  • Free version

clipchamp video cutter logo
Tons of templates
  • Free version

kapwing video cutter logo
For bloggers
  • Free version

1. Movavi Video Editor

movavi video editor video cutter interface

Being one of the best video cutters for PC, Movavi Video Editor is incredibly easy to use. The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced editors. The WYSIWYG principle (What You See is What You Get) ensures that you can see the changes you make in real-time, which is super helpful.

One of the standout features of Movavi Video Editor is its ability to cut, delete, rearrange, and split clips effortlessly. All you have to do is place the red marker at the desired cutting point and click on the scissor’s icon. It's quick and efficient.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Supports basic editing tasks
  • Wide range of features
  • Built-in templates
  • Free version is limited

2. Adobe Express

adobe express video cutter interface

Adobe Express is a convenient online service that allows you to quickly crop and trim your videos without paying a dime. You can change the duration of your clip using handlebars. They enable you to set the start and end times to trim your footage with better precision.

Using Adobe Express video trimmer software, you can adjust the aspect ratio of your files and share them on popular social media platforms. To save time, you can select one of the available options, including square, landscape, or portrait sizes, and then drag your file to the template to crop it in a few clicks.

  • Easy-to-use tools
  • Versions for different platforms
  • Supports all widely-used formats
  • Range of shapes, fonts, colors, and filters
  • Free account offers limited templates and storage
  • Limited history feature to track changes

3. PowerDirector 365

powerdirector 365 video cutter interface

PowerDirector 365 is an all-in-one video editing software for Windows and Mac that allows you to create high-quality videos with ease. It offers a wide range of video effects, title themes, animations, and transitions. You can also add various effects to the background and environment of your videos, giving them a unique touch.

The software provides tools for splitting and trimming videos. You may quickly and easily create a single trim or several trims thanks to its simple in/out marks. A library of hundreds of stylish transitions is provided as well to give your clips a polished appearance.

  • Offers advanced tools and features
  • Wide variety of video effects, transitions, and animations
  • Powerful video stabilization tool
  • Color-matching capabilities
  • Requires a subscription for access to all features
  • Some advanced features may require additional knowledge

4. Gihosoft Free Video Cutter

gihosoft video cutter interface

One of the biggest advantages of Gihosoft Free Video Cutter is its user-friendly interface. Even if you're a beginner with no previous experience in video processing tools, you'll find it super easy to understand and use. This video joiner software supports a wide range of video formats like AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, and 3GP, which is great because you don't have to worry about compatibility issues.

The three-step process to cut a video is simple and straightforward. Load the video, choose the starting and ending points, and click "Cut". You can cut and save a video in a matter of seconds.

  • Supports a wide range of video formats
  • Can connect files from different devices without losing quality
  • Fast and efficient video cutting process
  • Includes a built-in video player
  • Lacks some features and options
  • No version for Linux

5. Nova.ai

nova ai video cutter interface

Nova.ai is a simple video trimmer software, focused on YouTube purposes. You can cut the clips, join them, resize, then export or share with others. In order to start the process, you just have to paste the URL of the video.

Its pre-built functionality of video editing software, enables you to insert original transitions to your clips, as well as manage your video speed, insert audio files, music, logos, thumbnails and other pictures, etc. Furthermore, it is available to produce captions and subtitles in more than 30 languages. In addition, render them into more than 50 languages.

  • Built-in editing features
  • Developed for YouTube needs
  • Quick export and comprehensible sharing options
  • Subtitles adding function in over 30 languages
  • Needs more advanced features
  • Limited free functionality

6. Promo Video Cutter

promo video cutter interface

Promo Video Cutter is compatible with all popular video formats and makes it easy for you to trim any clip you want in a matter of clicks. You can either upload your own footage or pick a video from the enormous media library that contains over 100 million clips.

Pick the start and end points for the part that needs to be cut from the video and press “Use”. Once the process is finished, you can simply download the edited video.

  • Features for trimming and resizing videos
  • Works with files from cloud storage
  • You can set the quality and format of the finished video
  • Supports all popular formats
  • No video editing tools
  • Requires Internet connection

7. Bandicut Video Cutter

bandicut video cutter interface

Bandicut Video Cutter allows users to cut and join videos effortlessly, making the editing process a breeze. Plus, it has a high-speed encoding mode that ensures accurate results without any watermarking on the output videos. This is great for those who want professional-looking videos without any distractions.

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Another advantage is that Bandicut is a powerful video splitter for editing videos in bulk. It saves you time and effort by allowing you to edit multiple videos at once. It also helps in trimming out commercials and unwanted content, resulting in smaller file sizes. This makes it perfect for online sharing or storage purposes.

  • Easy to use and fast
  • No loss in video quality
  • Ability to extract audio from videos and convert it into MP3 files
  • Compatible with most popular video formats
  • Limited features
  • Only for Windows

8. Vegas Pro

vegas pro video cutter interface

Vegas Pro video trimmer software is perfect for those who want to create professional-looking videos. It offers a wide range of features that make it easy to cut, trim, and add effects to your clips. Plus, the built-in color correction tool is fantastic for improving the overall look of your footage.

Moving on to the main features of Vegas Pro, it has an advanced suite of editing tools and supports a wide range of file formats. It also offers high resolutions, various effects and transitions, and the ability to create professional-looking titles and animations. Additionally, it allows for multitrack audio recording and editing, as well as the import and export of audio files.

  • Powerful and feature-rich software
  • Interactive help and tutorials
  • Supports a wide variety of video formats
  • Efficient timeline-based editing workflow
  • May require some learning curve for beginners
  • Limited availability of plugins

9. MiniTool MovieMaker

minitool movie maker video cutter interface

With MiniTool MovieMaker, you can split your videos into multiple parts, add text captions or credits, and even choose from a large selection of animations and effects to make your videos more engaging.

One thing that really stood out to me about MiniTool MovieMaker video cutter for PC is its user-friendly interface. It's incredibly easy to navigate, even for someone with minimal editing experience. You can import different types of media files and arrange them in a timeline using the drag-and-drop function. Plus, you can add music to your videos and customize its duration.

  • Wide range of features
  • Simple user interface
  • Library of in-built elements and templates
  • Allows for importing and arranging media files in a timeline
  • Windows-only
  • Free version is limited

10. MP4Tools

mp4tools video cutter interface

With MP4Tools free video cutter for PC, you can cut and join video files in various formats, making it versatile for different needs. It supports over 370 formats/codecs, so you're likely to find compatibility with your videos.

Additionally, the high-speed mode allows for quick video cuts without encoding, saving you time. However, it's important to note that this may result in some quality loss.

  • Wide range of video formats and codecs
  • Offers a high-speed mode
  • Provides various visual effects, filters, etc
  • Allows batch processing of multiple files
  • May cause some quality loss
  • Can only process MP4 videos

11. Shotcut

shotcut video cutter interface

Despite being a free video cutting software, Shotcut offers a wide range of features that you would typically find in more expensive paid programs. You can edit videos in 4K resolution, work with various audio and video formats, and even add creative effects like blurring and masking.

The user interface of Shotcut is simple and intuitive, making it easy to navigate. It has a timeline feature that allows you to work with multiple layers, and you can adjust source clips by simply dragging and dropping them. The program also offers a collection of advanced video and audio filters, giving you plenty of options to customize your effects.

  • Free and open-source software
  • Powerful features
  • Supports a wide range of audio and video formats
  • Variety of creative effects
  • Does not support text animations
  • Requires a fast processor

12. iMovie

imovie video cutter interface

iMovie is incredibly user-friendly video editing software for Mac. It offers a wide range of editing tools that allow you to create impressive productions that will impress your friends and family. Plus, it comes with a variety of templates to help you get started, making it a great choice for beginners or even professionals.

The interface is straightforward, with a menu bar on the left that houses all your files and assets. The playback window lets you preview your footage as you edit.

  • Offers a variety of editing tools
  • Wide selection of templates
  • Can recognize faces and track movements in video clips
  • Can organize projects by folders
  • Can be confusing for new users
  • Difficult to find specific help for certain tasks
  • Not optimized for exporting videos for social media

13. Cute Video Cutter Free

cute video cutter free video cutter interface

Cute Video Cutter Free is a functional tool that allows you to trim videos with precision. No more struggling with clumsy tools that make your editing process a headache. This video cutter for PC works smoothly with all major video formats, so compatibility shouldn't be an issue.

You can remove unwanted scenes from movies or trim the beginning and end of a clip. And here's the cherry on top – it has the ability to join several videos together without compromising their quality. So, if you want to combine different clips seamlessly, this software has got you covered.

  • Easy to use for all skill levels
  • Supports a variety of video file formats
  • Can join multiple videos together without quality loss
  • Handles large video files efficiently
  • Windows-only
  • Outdated interface

14. Apowersoft Video Converter Studio

apowersoft video converter studio video cutter interface

Video Converter Studio is not only a video converter, but it also comes with a powerful video cutter. It allows you to trim and cut your videos with ease, which is great for those who need to create shorter clips or remove unwanted parts from their videos. The cutting process is simple and straightforward, and you can easily select the start and end points of your video.

One of the advantages of using Apowersoft Video Converter Studio's video cutter is its user-friendly interface. It's easy to navigate and understand, even for beginners. The drag-and-drop feature makes it convenient to import your videos, and the preview option lets you see the changes in real-time.

  • Wide range of features for media conversion and editing
  • Supports various video formats
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Can merge multiple videos into a single file
  • Support issues
  • Limitations in free version

15. ClipChamp

clipchamp video cutter interface

With ClipChamp video cutter for PC you can crop your videos in a few clicks. You can work both with your own clips and use videos from the built-in library, for example, if you need to create an intro video.

After you've trimmed your video, you can export and share the result on social media. You can choose the video resolution - 780p for social networks or 1080p for websites. In addition, this MP4 editor has filters, transitions, and backgrounds. You can also customize shades, work with multiple audio tracks, and add text.

  • Simple controls
  • Video in HD format
  • A video library
  • Offers filters and transitions
  • Video exporting requires a lot of time
  • Free tier limited to 480p export

16. Kapwing

kapwing video cutter interface

One of the handiest features of Kapwing is video cropping. Thus, you can shorten the length of the video or cut out some parts. You can upload files of any format, as well as work with YouTube videos.

This video editing software for Chromebook has tools for collaboration, allows adding subtitles and audio, as well as resizing a video. The main disadvantage is the maximum video size of 300MB. Besides, the duration should be less than 30 minutes.

  • Easy to use
  • Web-based
  • Wide range of file formats
  • Built-in media library
  • Limitations in a free version
  • Lack of advanced features

How to Choose the Best Video Cutter

Compatibility. It's important to choose a video cutter that supports a wide range of formats. You wouldn't want to be limited in what types of videos you can work with, right? Look for a cutter that can handle popular formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, and FLV, among others.

Efficiency. Time is precious, so you want a video cutting software that operates at a high speed. It should be able to handle complex editing tasks without slowing you down. After all, who wants to wait around for their clips to be cut?

Versatility. A good video trimmer software should offer a range of editing options, such as fade-in and fade-out effects. This allows you to add a touch of creativity to your videos and make them more engaging for your audience. Plus, some video cutters can even double as video converters and audio players, giving you even more flexibility in your editing process.

Cost. Some video editing software no watermark are free to use, while others require a subscription fee. It's all about finding that sweet spot between affordability and functionality. Look for a video cutter that offers a good price-performance ratio, giving you the most bang for your buck.

User-friendliness. Look for a video cutter with an intuitive user interface that doesn't require you to be a tech expert. After all, you want to spend your time creating amazing content, not figuring out complicated software.


  • • What is a video cutter, and why do I need one?

A video cutter is a software tool that allows you to remove unwanted sections from a video clip. It's useful if you want to trim the beginning or end of a video or if you have limited storage space. It helps you create polished and concise videos with ease.

  • • What are some popular video cutting software available?

There are several video cutting apps available, both free and paid. Some popular ones include PowerDirector, Movavi Video Editor, and Adobe Express. Each app offers different features and user interfaces, so choose one that suits your needs and skill level.

  • • How do I use a video cutter effectively?

Using a video cutter is simple. Import your video into the program, select the section you want to remove, and click the designated button (usually represented by scissors). The software will split the video into two segments, and you can save the edited version separately. Remember, the processing time may vary based on the video's size and quality.

  • • What should I consider when choosing a video cutter for PC?

When selecting a video cutter, consider factors like ease of use, supported file formats, editing options, and processing speed.

  • • Can I use the built-in video editor on my device instead of downloading a separate app?

Yes. If you only need to make minor edits and don't want to download additional software, you can use the built-in video editor on your computer or mobile device. Most video editors allow you to trim videos by selecting a section and saving it as a new file.