ON1 vs Luminar Neo: What to Use in 2022

By Ann Young 17 days ago, Software Reviews

Looking for a detailed ON1 vs Luminar Neo comparison to figure out what program can better satisfy your needs? Then this overview is surely worth reading.

ON1 is a feature-rich program for RAW processing. It has tools for image development, library organization, and layer-based editing. However, such a range of instruments may pose some difficulties for beginners. They will need to spend time mastering all the tools.

Luminar Neo is a perfect program for beginners due to a collection of AI-based tools for streamlined work with photos. You can cope with all major tasks in a quick and intuitive manner. However, experts alike resort to this software if they want to expedite their workflow.

What Is Luminar Neo?

luminar neo logo

Luminar Neo is an AI photo editor that can satisfy both rookie and seasoned users. It stands out from the crowd with a fantastic collection of filters, which you can apply to your photos for quick edits. Moreover, there are some advanced features, including face recognition, portrait retouching, a bokeh effect, and background removal.

If you are dreaming of leveling up your editing process, Luminar Neo will definitely come in handy. With automated tools for sky replacement, masking, relighting, and more, you can complete time-consuming manipulations in several seconds. Besides, unlike its rival in the ON1 vs Luminar One battle, it is very user-friendly.

  • luminar neo interface
  • luminar neo interface

    Luminar Neo: Strengths and Weaknesses

    Amazing retouching tools. Users frequently laud Luminar Neo features for retouching. For instance, if you want to improve a portrait photo, you can simply rely on Face AI and Skin AI tools. In addition to removing visible defects very accurately, they don’t degrade thr naturalness of images.

    Agile sky replacement. The result you receive with this tool is totally fantastic when compared to what ON1 Photo RAW 2022 Sky Swap tool can make. The software automatically creates a mask, which detects and selects the sky in an image. Next, you can replace the sky with any option from the gallery of preset images. The AI tool also fine-tunes the lighting and temperature so every piece in a picture looks harmonious. The best thing is that results are always realistic.

    User-friendly interface. Similar to Luminar 4, this program has a very intuitive UI so people with different expertise levels can quickly master it. The range of AI controls is also very helpful.

    Top-notch background removal tool. If you have ever tried to remove the background in images, you know how time-consuming and difficult this process can be. Fortunately, Luminar Neo is equipped with cutting-edge technology, using which you can complete the task very promptly.

    The embedded neural network system automatically defines subjects in a picture and removes the background without leaving traces. Alternatively, the background may be exported as a PNG file or a layer.

    Automatic preset recommendations. If you want to edit photos in Luminar Neo as efficiently as possible, I recommend paying attention to its Preset Panel. Open it and the software will automatically scan your shot to determine the preset that will work best for the scene. Thus, you will know which presets work best for landscape images, portraits, wedding photos, etc.

    Functions as a plug-in. ON1 or Luminar Neo – the choice depends on whether you want a standalone program or one with plugin properties. Luminar Neo can be imported to Lightroom to expand the range of creative filters and to Photoshop for advanced retouching and layer support.

    Handy Share feature. Exporting projects from this software wirelessly is very easy thanks to the Luminar Share option. Thus, you can quickly transfer photos from your computer to a mobile device and vice versa. Later, you can make posts on social networks and add improved photos from Luminar Neo to them without messing with wires.

    No image organization tools. Though Luminar Neo is replete with fantastic tools, you won’t find organization options among them. It is a real problem for users who need to edit thousands of photos, arrange various image galleries, and transfer files across different platforms. Unfortunately, this program has no instruments for keywording, captioning, and sorting EXIF & IPTC data. Such a shortcoming plays a huge role in Luminar vs Lightroom.

    Lacks some advanced features. Luminar Neo has much to offer to users when it comes to completing advanced tasks. However, the range of tools isn’t sufficient for a program to surpass top-of-the-line instruments. Besides, customization capabilities are far from perfect.

    What is ON1?

    on1 logo

    ON1 Photo RAW is a top-grade program that comprises image organizer, layered editor, effects app, and RAW processor.

    ON1 Photo RAW is a top-grade program that comprises image organizer, layered editor, effects app, and RAW processor.

    The upgraded version of the software boasts AI-powered features, such as AI Auto and AI match, enhanced RAW files decoding, SmugMug integration, 4 filters in the Effects tab, custom camera profiles with X-Rite, advanced noise reduction, a Print Module, better speed/performance, a map view, and many more. 

    Such an extended functionality makes ON1 an efficient Lightroom alternative and allows it to compete even with Photoshop.

    While talking about ON1 vs Luminar Neo rivalry, these programs have something in common, namely, the possibility to function as individual software and as a plug-in for Adobe products.

    • on1 interface
    • on1 interface

      ON1: Strengths and Weaknesses

      Remarkable image management. ON1 Photo RAW 2022 boasts wonderful photo management capabilities, allowing users to search for and manage huge packs of pictures in a quick way. You can look for the necessary photos by metadata, date and time. In addition to a regular folder structure, you can group your pictures into catalogs with this photo management software for Mac and Win.

      Masking. Both ON1 and Luminar support masking, but if you are interested in getting top-shelf masking tools, you surely need to invest in the former program. The software offers you not only the possibility to mask filters with the help of brush and radial/gradient tools, but also features a separate module, called Layers, that is aimed at stacking photos and colors. Another advantage is the support for Luminosity Masking.

      Excellent RAW processing. I am absolutely impressed by RAW processing, especially concerning dynamic range, detail capture and color rendering.

      Panorama and HDR possibilities. If you download a new edition of the software, you can take advantage of amazing HDR & panorama features.

      Improved printing support. The process is really efficient thanks to soft proofing and a correct print module. As for Luminar, the program uses the print support provided by Mac and Windows without additional bells and whistles.

      Fast performance. ON1 is very popular among users because of its smooth operation. You can easily move from one menu to another. Switching between numerous photo thumbnails is very fast.

      AI tools. AI-based tools greatly affect ON1 price and are one of the biggest benefits of this program. There you can find AI Auto Tone, which is meant for color and tone correction and AI Match designed for mitigating differences between the shot you see on a camera’s screen and the one on the monitor. Though Luminar is more powerful in this respect, ON1 developers are moving in the right direction.

      Portrait mode. The newest version of the program comes with an upgraded portrait mode. The tools give you precise control over each miniature detail of a portrait, allowing you to achieve a very accurate result. Activate the mode and start enhancing skin, eyes, mouth and other facial features either manually or automatically. You can get rid of blemishes, remove shiny glow, make skin look smoother, etc.

      Confusing workflow. You may need to find special ON1 training courses or watch several video tutorials, to grasp how the program functions.

      High system requirements. This is another disadvantage of the program that draws away users with outdated computers. They simply can’t use the software, as it requires rather powerful PC configuration, otherwise simple tasks will take quite much time.

      ON1 vs Luminar Neo: Price

      on1 vs luminar neo pricing

      Price is very important for people choosing a editing program. Some options are available as a one-time purchase, while others come with a fixed monthly fee. ON1 Photo RAW 2022 offers 2 options but the price may scare off some photographers.

      ON1 Photo RAW 2023 - $99.99

      ON1 Everything - $101.99

      ON1 Everything Plus - $179.99

      If you need ON1 as a standalone program, you should opt for the Own It Outright plan. You will receive all the latest technologies released by the developer, as well as free updates and features. In case you’d like to get all major updates down the road (v2024 and newest), you should select a subscription. It also guarantees access to 5 plugins.

      The pricing system of Luminar Neo is more flexible. Users can choose from 3 plans.

      Luminar Explore Plan - $89/yearly. License for 1 computer, 5% marketplace discount, access to updates, 30 presets, 10 skies, and 10 textures.

      Luminar Pro Plan - $99/yearly. 2 licenses for 2 computers, 10% marketplace discount, access to updates, access to all extensions, 30 presets, 10 skies, and 10 textures.

      Luminar Lifetime Plan - $99. License for 1 computer, access to updates, 30 presets, 10 skies, and 10 textures.

      The developers of Luminar Neo also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like something, you will get a full refund within the specified period. Those on the lookout for Luminar discounts, should hurry up to use the promo code “FIXTHEPHOTONEO”. With it, you can purchase the program with $10 off the initial cost.

      ON1 vs Luminar Neo – Who Wins?

      If you are searching for a program with profound file management options and extensive editing tools, you will surely like ON1 Photo RAW 2022. However, you can hardly make good use of all the functions, if you have never used such software. Keep in mind that ON1 is aimed at experienced users and beginners may feel at a loss when opening the program.

      Though both programs have AI-based tools, Luminar Neo offers more of them. Besides, this photo editing software for PC costs less and allows you to master all the features without any difficulties. The UI is fully understandable, so you can immediately get down to editing. But don’t consider this software as a purely rookie option – it is equally suitable for more professional tasks.

      Bonus Tools

      luminar presets

      You can improve your photos in a quick way by using these Lightroom filters. They make colors brighter, fix exposure issues, adjust contrast, and raise sharpness without manual intervention. The collection of filters is huge, so you can surely find something suitable for your current project.