Florabella Actions

Florabella Actions

With just a few clicks, these Florabella actions for Photoshop will help create light & airy images. Being completely customizable, these actions will suit any type of photo.

florabella actions

If you still have some doubts, let me explain how you can use these actions and download free Photoshop filters that were inspired by this bundle.

Colorplay Photoshop Actions

florabella actions Download Photoshop Actions

Price: $129

This set of Florabella Colorplay Photoshop actions has 54 one-of-a-kind customizable actions for Photoshop CS2-CS6, CC or Photoshop Elements 6-19. I’ve used them in different photos, both color and black and white and got amazing results. I mean, you have so much to choose from: crisp, natural, airy, light, fresh, and more.

However, it is the brilliant Recipe Maker action that I absolutely love, because it allows you to mix and match and add various artistic options to the Clean Base, and that, taking into account the number of options, will give you an infinite number of opportunities. You’ll never be tired of using these actions.

 Download Photoshop Free legally.

Florabella Retouch & Makeover Photoshop Actions

florabella retouch makeover photoshop actions

Price: $119

These Florabella Retouch & Makeover Photoshop actions are what you need if you don’t have much time to spend on photo editing and color correction. This is another impressive collection of 30 Photoshop actions and you’ll be surprised how versatile they are. I used the filters from this collection to make subtle and discreet changes as well as pretty dramatic ones.

With the bundle, you also get detailed product descriptions and links to some video demonstrations with handy tips.

Florabella Classic Workflow Photoshop Actions

florabella classic workflow photoshop actions Download Portrait Photoshop Actions

Price: $119

If you asked me to recommend only one set of Florabella actions, I would definitely pick this one. You really can’t go wrong with it as it gives you a selection of 53 photography actions for any photo editing task. Vintage? Pastel? Cross process? Yes! All the edits can be done in either subtler or dramatic way, be cleaner or more artistic.

You will be able to control every step of the photo editing process and the results will definitely impress you. With the Recipe Maker, you can play with different combinations to create unique artistic looks, and this is definitely my favorite way of using these actions. The bundle includes 15 workflow tools such as Noise Reduction, Highlight Protection, Color Correctors, Brush-on Color Pop that are an absolute must.

Deluxe B/W Photoshop Actions

professional photoshop actions

Price: $89

These are professional Photoshop actions that help create amazing black and white images in Photoshop CS2-CS6, CC or Photoshop Elements 6-18. The names of these actions speak for themselves - Timeless, Moody, Light, Vintage, Matte, Film Grain, etc. As any Florabella action, they can be adjusted to the desired intensity to create the effect you like. All you need is your basic black and white layer and your imagination.

Florabella TRINITY Actions

florabella trinity actions

Price: $135

If you need Photoshop actions with beautiful pastel colors and amazingly creamy light, you will definitely find them in this bundle of 45 Florabella actions. Every photographer should have these actions in his/her collection as they ‘cooperate’ with each other to create amazing combinations. As a bonus, creators of this pack have added video tutorials that will show you how to work with these photography actions step-by-step.

Florabella Muse Photoshop Actions

florabella muse photoshop actions

Price: $135

Florabella Muse Photoshop actions really live up to their name and I was totally inspired by the romantic softness these actions give to images. There are more than 60 actions in the pack all with different film effects in a wide range of colors and intensity, as well as black and white ones. Besides that, you will get more additional features that will help you achieve the perfect film look. I recommend using them with wedding photos and romantic photoshoots. These actions are very unique, so don’t miss a chance to download.

Florabella LUXE II

florabella luxe ii Download Instagram Actions

Price: $89

I think that these actions should definitely be among the tools of a very busy photographer or photo retoucher. They are perfect for wedding, family or portrait photo retouching as they help get clean, artistic or black and white images. With this pack, you will get 30 actions, which can be customized in any way you like. Once you try them, trust me, you will be using them non-stop. That is just how great they really are.

Florabella Cloud Overlays

florabella cloud overlays Download Photoshop Overlays

Price: $50

These 40 overlays will make any outdoor photo stunning. Use these filters to enhance your landscape, wedding, beach or street photographs in a way that will look natural and realistic. Florabella Cloud overlays can inspire you to create beautiful imaginative photos with clouds that can be added quickly and effortlessly. I’m sure that after getting them, you’ll quickly figure out how to use them.

Light & Sunflare Overlays

florabella overlays

Price: $59

This is another set of creative Florabella overlays that can be added to your photos to bring out the natural light, sun flares or backlight. In this collection, you will find 47 overlays such as sun flare, sunburst, rainbow halo, and a sheer haze one as a bonus. It’s perfect and very easy to use, as you don’t have to install the actions. All you need is to place the overlay onto the image and use the correct blending mode (it is specified in the file name). It can be used in any software that involves working with layers.

Florabella Textures Set I

florabella textures set i

Price: $40

This set of Florabella textures is perfect for those, who are tired of ‘perfect’ images. We want our images to ‘speak’ to the viewers, to provoke different reactions and emotions, to excite and wow. This collection of grunge textures is exactly what can help you achieve this goal. With them, you will be able to add shadows, make the photo stunningly dreamy.

If you add them to a portrait, it will look more dramatic. Any other image with these deep textures added will look more mysterious. The pack includes 25 textures and each one of them is provided in both cool and warm tones, as well as black and white. Trust me, the effect will leave no one indifferent and you will love using them.

Florabella Textures Set II

florabella textures set ii

Price: $50

When I look at an image, I can immediately see that it is done in a grunge style? How do I know it? Well, first of all, it’s the colors. They are muted, not bright at all, possibly the image is black and white. Secondly, the lines are usually blurred and, finally, it’s the textures. Here you get another collection of grungy textures.

This time you can download 30 stylish ones that will make your backgrounds look ‘dirty’, the way you would imagine a photo of this style should look like. The images will be daring and out of this world. As an additional bonus, you’ll get the Damask texture.

Florabella Textures Set III

florabella textures set iii

Price: $60

This is a pack of Florabella paper textures. There are 35 different textures in one collection including vintage, embossed, and classical paper. Paper texture is very popular to use in Photoshop. I love it because it can make your image look stylish and fresh and it doesn’t take much of your time.

Florabella Textures Set 4

florabella textures set iv Download Photoshop Textures

Price: $60

This is an expanded collection of Florabella textures that includes 48 new high-resolution textures, 10 tone overlays, and 10 bonus textures and overlays with Clouds, Bokeh, Vintage Book, Fog and many more (this is for a limited time only). I love just how versatile it is. You will also get a video guide on how to use this set.

Florabella Actions Free Alternatives

If you want to get the effect similar to what Florabella offers, just download these analog actions free of charge and enjoy similar looks.

Dramatic Soft

florabella action free download alternativeflorabella action free download alternative

You don’t need to look for any paid matte Photoshop plugins, just try this free action. This is perfect alternative to Florabella Trinity actions. This action hides the dark areas of the photo and help to achieve a warm orange vintage look, that is perfect for gentle love stories and couple photoshoots. It is great for portrait photography as it creates perfect skin shade.


florabella trinity photoshop actions free download alternativeflorabella trinity photoshop actions free download alternative

Undoubtedly, this is my favorite action for portrait photography. It creates gentle shades for the image, reduces greenish tones and adds warm and gentle halo to the picture. It is very similar to Florabella Classic Workflow actions.

Black and White

florabella classic workflow photoshop actions free download alternativeflorabella classic workflow photoshop actions free download alternative

This handy action desaturates the colors of a photo and creates rich black and white shade. Pay attention to the deep highlights and shadows of the photo added by this amazing free filter. This action can be considered a respectable alternative to Florabella’s Deluxe B/W Photoshop Actions.

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