Florabella Photoshop Actions Review 2024

By Tata Rossi 16 days ago, Photoshop Tips

Using Florabella Photoshop actions, you can create light & airy images in a quick way. These filters are best suited for editing all types of portraits, lifestyle images, landscape and cityscape shots. Besides, I have created several filters that mimic the effect of Floabella actions but are available for free.

There are 7 collections as well as bundles with textures and overlays. You can use these tools in all Adobe Photoshop versions, including CS3-CS6, CC, as well as Photoshop Elements 6-19. Make sure you know how to install Photoshop actions and start editing your RAW and JPG photos.

Florabella Actions Bundle

florabella photoshop actions bundle

Number of actions included: 270+

You can easily improve your shots with the help of these actions. Applying them, you will see that dark areas in images become less defined while the rest of the colors acquire a warm, orange shade reminiscent of vintage artworks. Such a color palette is best suited for love stories and couple images.

There are some effects in the pack that imbue photos with gentle shades, reducing greenish tones and adding a warm halo to the background. This effect reminds what you get while using Greater Than Gatsby Lightroom presets. What’s more, there is a separate action that desaturates colors in a photo, producing an eye-pleasing B&W finishing.

Buying this set now, you can save a hefty sum, as it is available at a discount of $136. It is also very convenient, since you buy all the necessary filters simultaneously and can get to processing straight away.

Florabella Colorplay Collection

florabella photoshop actions colorplay

Number of actions included: 54
Price: $129

Purchasing this collection, you get 54 unique filters for streamlined editing. I have tested them with different types of pictures, both colors and B&W, and received terrific results every time. In fact, you can conduct as many experiments as you want, using these filters.

For example, you can give images a crisp, fresh, and airy look. If you are engaged in travel photography and nightlife photography, you can make good use of these Florabella actions.

Florabella Retouch & Makeover Pack

florabella photoshop actions retouch & makeover

Number of actions included: 30

Portrait photography experts will definitely fall in love with this collection. It consists of 30 top-quality filters for quick and flawless tweaks. Ranging from subtle and discreet to rather dramatic changes -everything is possible with these tools.

You should check out various Photoshop portrait tutorials for beginners to figure out what modifications are required in specific cases. Then, you can apply these actions to make eyes brighter, darken eyelashes, remove yellowish tint from teeth, fix makeup issues, remove wrinkles, highlight specific areas, and more. If you need to correct various skin defects in the shortest time possible, these effects are great for the task.

Florabella Classic Workflow Pack

florabella photoshop actions classic workflow

Number of actions included: 53

You really can’t go wrong with this bundle as it contains over 53 photography actions for any editing task. Vintage? Pastel? Pretty actions? Cross process? You’re totally covered! You can switch from subtle to dramatic changes, and mix cleaner and more artistic finishing.

The best part is that you can control all stages of enhancement and make alterations if needed. The Recipe Maker allows playing with different combinations to create unique artistic looks. Frankly speaking, this is my favorite way of using these filters. In addition to basic tools, you can use such instruments as Noise Reduction, Brush-on Color Pop, Highlight Protection, and Color Correctors.

If you are pressed for time or lack the skills to perform editing on your own, don’t hesitate to address our skilled retouchers. They will analyze your shots and make all the changes required. You can specify your demands and indicate what result you expect to get. They can also mimic the effects produced by Florabella actions. The prices are reasonable, and the turnaround is fast.

Florabella Deluxe B/W Bundle

florabella photoshop actions deluxe b/w

Number of actions included: 30
Price: $89

These filters will become go-to tools for people specializing in black and white photography. With them, you can achieve great black and white transformations in several styles, including timeless, classic B/W, moody, dark, mysterious, light, fresh, airy, toned, vintage and/or film grain, hazy, soft, organic, matte, smooth, emulsion, and others.

It is possible to customize every action from the pack to achieve a specific mood. For example, you can make changes almost unnoticeable or dramatic, lifelike or toned – everything depends on your wishes. Besides, you can add haze, a matte effect, tone, etc. Just create a basic black and white layer and let your imagination run wild.

Florabella TRINITY Pack

florabella photoshop actions trinity

Number of actions included: 45

If you are after genuine pastel colors and creamy light in your photos, this bundle of 45 Florabella Photoshop actions will definitely come in handy. Actually, any photographer should have these filters in his/her toolkit as it is possible to create mesmerizing combinations by mixing several filters. As a bonus, you get the best Photoshop tutorials in the pack, so editing will become a breeze.

Florabella Muse Package

florabella photoshop actions muse

Number of actions included: 60
Price: $135

The name of this pack fully reveals the way the actions transform any shot. I was amazed by the romantic softness my photos acquired. In total, there are 60+ effects in the collection all with different film effects in a wide range of colors and intensity. Besides, there are black and white filters. So, if you like how cinema-styled pictures look, you should definitely download these filters.

Unlike GraphicRiver Photoshop actions, these ones don’t produce a smoke effect but allow raising contrast and adding Hazy Light to your images.

I highly recommend getting these effects if you are engaged in wedding photography or frequently conduct romantic photo sessions. Popular Instagram photographers, who have chosen lifestyle photography and landscape photography as their main specialization, often use these filters for editing.

Florabella Cloud Overlays Package

cloud overlays florabella photoshop actions

Number of overlays included: 40

There are 40 high-quality filters that can transform any outdoor photo into a masterpiece. If you want to improve a wedding portrait, or landscape and beach images, you are unlikely to find better effects. Besides, urban photography enthusiasts often use these overlays for realistic results.

Outdoor photos that lack clouds may look uninteresting. That’s why, photographers like adding clouds to the background to fill an empty space and create a catchy scene. Doing so is easy with the help of Florabella Cloud overlays.

They are absolutely easy to apply, but if you have any questions, you can check out a short guide on how to use overlays in Photoshop. The guide is included in the pack.

Florabella Light & Sunflare Overlays Pack

light & sunflare overlays florabella photoshop actions

Number of overlays included: 47

This is another set of creative Florabella overlays that allows transforming the atmosphere of your photos. Use them to bring out the natural light, sun flares, or backlight. In this collection, you will find 47 effects such as sun flare, sunburst, rainbow halo, and a sheer haze one as a bonus.

The process of applying the overlays is intuitive, so even novices can grasp what is what. You just need to place an overlay onto the picture and use the correct blending mode (it is specified in the file name). Such tweaks are ideal if you want to achieve the effect of sun photography. You can apply these effects in any program with layer support.

Florabella Textures Set I

textures set 1 florabella photoshop actions

Number of textures included: 25
Price: $40

Want to complement the scene with realistic shadows? Aspire to create a dreamy mood? The process will be a no-brainer if you use these textures. Just refresh your knowledge on how to add texture in Photoshop and start creating.

Adding these textures to portrait photos, you will achieve a beautiful, dramatic result. If you apply them to landscape shots, the finished picture may look a kind of mysterious. In total, there are 25 textures, so you can experiment as much as you want.

Florabella Textures Set II

textures set 2 florabella photoshop actions

Number of textures included: 30

Grungy style is very popular nowadays, so many photographers edit their photos with this info in mind. If you also want to add grungy touches to your shots, have a closer look at this pack. There are great actions that make colors in images muted and can even produce a B&W finishing. Besides, lines become less defined and borders between objects are blurred.

You can download 30 stylish textures that will make the background in your photos ‘dirty’, which is a distinct feature of a grungy style. As an additional bonus, you’ll get the Damask texture.

Florabella Textures Set III

textures set 3 florabella photoshop actions

Number of textures included: 35
Price: $60

This is a pack of Florabella paper textures. There are 35 different textures in one collection including vintage, embossed, and classical paper. A paper texture among Photoshop users. I like it because it can make my image look stylish and fresh in an instant.

Florabella Textures Set 4

textures set 4 florabella photoshop actions

Number of textures included: 30

This is an expanded collection of Florabella textures that includes 48 new high-res textures, 10 tone overlays, and 10 bonus textures and overlays with Clouds, Bokeh, Vintage Book, and Fog effects. The bundle is versatile and will surely interest different creatives. You will also get a video guide on how to use this set.

Florabella Actions on Instagram

florabella instagram

Username: @florabella
Genre: Landscape, travel, lifestyle, portrait photography
Followers: 12 K

Florabella Instagram page is the personal account of the creator - Shana Rae, who makes these actions. You will see her works and sample of images edited with the help of Florabella actions. Every photo displayed is vivid and dynamic with eye-pleasing colors. Thus, you can scrutinize different types of pictures to understand how these filters can affect various photo parameters.

Shane Rae experiments with the main photography types. Besides, she shares info on discounts and provides followers with useful editing and photography composition tips.

Bonus Tools

portrait actions by fixthephoto

If you want an effect similar to what Florabella offers, you only need to download this collection of free actions by FixThePhoto. You can save money and achieve a similar result absolutely for free.

These tools easily fix distortion issues, remove inky shadows, improve colors, raise sharpness, adjust saturation, and more. Besides, they create a proper light & shadow balance. You can apply them to all types of photos but they work especially great for portrait shots.

Note: All tools we share were created by FixThePhoto experts. We do not copy and share third-party products.