Coffeeshop Actions Review 2023

By Tata Rossi 2 days ago, Photoshop Tips

Coffeeshop actions are pre-defined image settings made and saved by Rita, a photographer from Texas. You can apply these filters to children photos, highlighting tenderness and innocence, and couple images to imbue them with a romantic mood.

Coffeeshop Actions Collections for Photoshop

Coffeeshop actions for Photoshop add soft touches to pictures, embellish them with pastel colors and unique artistic effects. Read the article to learn more about these image editing tools as well as free alternatives inspired by the Coffeeshop collection.

Coffeeshop Actions 01

coffeshop action 01 free alternative by fixthephoto

This is a perfect action if you want to give your pictures a matte finishing. It makes colors softer while a photo acquires an artistic look. Moreover, if you failed to snap shots at Golden Hour but want to add such gentle lighting to your images, you can apply this filter. For the most eye-pleasing results, Rita included a sunset overlay in the package.

Coffeeshop Actions 02

coffeshop action 02 free alternative by fixthephoto

If you have street photos that look slightly gloomy, you can use this Coffeeshop Photoshop action to complement them with realistic sunbeams. The best part is that you can choose the area of an image where the rays will appear.

Applying the action, you totally change the lighting scheme of your photo. In fact, a picture becomes lighter with warm and vibrant colors.

If you need more than basic color correction with the help of actions, you should address a professional photo editing service. Experts will perform advanced skin retouching, remove wrinkles and pimples, make teeth naturally white, get rid of a red-eye effect, and more.

Coffeeshop Actions 03

coffeshop action 03 free alternative by fixthephoto

This is one of the best Coffeeshop actions if you need to improve shots taken in natural lighting. For example, it will become your go-to photo editing tool for enhancing beach images that require skin tone correction, color tweaking, and more. Besides, it spruces up photos with a subtle matte effect and artistic flourish.

Coffeeshop Actions 04

coffeshop action 04 free alternative by fixthephoto

The collection consists of 10 top-notch Coffeeshop actions designed specifically for Photoshop Elements. They are suitable for basic photo processing tasks. There you can find filters for leveling skin tones, eliminating visible imperfections, and adding a monochromatic styling. Besides, some actions perfectly cope with eye editing, while others are aimed at makeup improvement.

Coffeeshop Actions 05

coffeshop action 05 free alternative by fixthephoto

You are unlikely to find a better pack of actions if you want to change the size and shape of your images. The author has created a collection of tools for resizing photos, adding watermarks and borders, making edges rounded, etc. Keep in mind that you can personalize the watermark added. Besides, it is possible to alter the clarity of images.

Coffeeshop Mega Pack

This large collection includes all components of Coffeeshop Actions/Preset Pack as well as many design elements for creative projects. You get access to multiple papers, borders, FB covers, and more. Just refresh your knowledge on how to use overlays in Photoshop and start experimenting.

Coffeeshop Collection 06

coffeshop design action free alternative by fixthephoto

No matter what photography genres you specialize in, you are sure to find something suitable for the streamlined image editing process in this bundle. Rita created a pack of frames, offbeat Facebook covers, and other design elements to help photographers stand out from competitors. You can use them to create a memorable business account and use thematic objects to produce content related to specific holidays.

Coffeeshop Collection 07

coffeshop texture action free alternative by fixthephoto

If you want to diversify your current toolkit with new textures and overlays, this collection is worth checking out. It comprises numerous filters from basic options (vintage and fine art) to more sophisticated effects that will turn your photographs into art pieces. All textures and overlays produce realistic results and you can even print your edited photos in a large format. Just make sure you know how to add textures in Photoshop before getting down to complicated manipulations.

Coffeeshop Collection 08

coffeshop papers action free alternative by fixthephoto

If you are searching for high-quality digital papers, make sure to study this pack. Here you can find a plethora of options created with specific holidays and events in mind. All papers look great and you can use them without indicating authorship. There are standard monochrome digital papers, papers for birthdays, St. Valentine’s day, and more.

Coffeeshop Collection 09

coffeshop mega pack

Some of these elements are also available in the Mega Pack. Here you can find Rita’s favorite tools that are super easy to install and use. The collection contains frames, digital papers, FB banners, storyboards, and more. Most items are grouped based on the holiday they are created for.

Coffeeshop Watermarking Action Kit

Nowadays, many photographers define their authorship by adding watermarks to pictures. This is one of the easiest ways to protect your works from thieves. Knowing this tendency, Rita decided to create her unique pack of watermarks where all elements are customizable. So, you can easily modify the watermark you like so that it’s in line with your style.

Coffeeshop Watermark Collection 10

coffeshop watermark collection

Now you don’t need to learn how to create a watermark, but download this collection and use ready-made options. In fact, there are 2 mini-sets of Coffeeshop Photoshop actions for watermarking your photographs. Besides, you will find other handy elements to prepare your images for sharing on social networks and blogs. These actions work flawlessly in Photoshop desktop and mobile versions.

Applying any action from the pack, you will notice that all details in images become more defined. Besides, some filters make corners rounded, add Polaroid effects, or fix shadows. While adding a watermark, you can insert text or logo.

Coffeeshop Blog for Beginner Photographers

coffeshop blog

Price: free access
Reviews: 100+

The blog is awash with handy tips and tutorials on how to use Photoshop, edit images, create actions from the ground up, apply overlays and effects, work with layers, and more.

Rita shares detailed screenshots, helping novices to grasp how to perform different manipulations in Adobe Photoshop. You will not only master basic image editing techniques, but also learn how to use advanced Coffeeshop and Greater Than Gatsby Actions in Ps.

Free Bonus Tools

free photoshop actions by fixthephoto

You probably know how to install Photoshop actions and want to delve into the world of professional post production. If yes, this collection of effects can make your path stress-free. We have prepared filters that mimic cinematic effects of GraphicRiver Photoshop actions and saturated colors produced by Pretty actions.

Note: All tools we share were created by FixThePhoto experts. We do not copy and share third-party products.