Coffeeshop Actions

Coffeeshop Actions

Coffeeshop Actions are pre-installed photo editing filters designed by Rita, a photographer from Texas. These actions are made for editing children photographs and adding a romantic feel to couple photoshoots.

coffeeshop actions

All Photoshop actions add softness, create tender pastel colors, and allow you to come up with interesting artistic effects. Read more about all the tools this photographer offers and download free alternatives that are inspired by Coffee Shop Actions.

Coffeeshop Actions/Presets Pack Review

This collection of Coffee Photoshop actions and presets includes hundreds of the most popular Photoshop actions for Photoshop (CS-CC) and Photoshop Elements (10-15 & 2018), and Lightroom presets (4,5, and CC), and a limited time CoffeeShop Ultimate Watermarking Action Kit. They are capable of significantly improving the look of your photos and making them more original.

Price - $45

Sunset Dreams Deluxe Action

coffeeshop photoshop action Download Photoshop Actions

This action adds a subtle matte effect to your photographs, which makes all the present colors softer, while the picture itself gains an artistic look. In addition, this Coffee Shop Photoshop action allows you to imitate afternoon lighting also known as the Golden Hour. To solidify that feel, you’ll find a sunset overlay in the package that looks pretty natural when applied to a photo.

 Download Photoshop Free without a paid subscription.

Instant Sunbeams Action

coffee shop photoshop actions

This tool will turn bland street photographs into original ones thanks to the automatically added realistic sunbeams, which you can place above the main subject or at one of its sides. Additionally, this action will add bright daytime lighting that will make the photograph lighter and the colors warmer and more vibrant.

Sanibel Beach Dreams Action

coffee shop filters Download Portrait Photoshop Actions

This action will become your irreplaceable helper for editing beach photographs. It significantly improves the skin tone in portraits, makes all colors brighter and more saturated, and the image itself gains a subtle matte effect and artistic flourish.

Magic Retouching Set

coffeeshop actions perfect portrait

This set includes 10 most useful Photoshop Elements actions that you’ll need for basic portrait photo editing. Among them, there’s an action for leveling the skin tone, making the skin smooth and monochromatic and ridding it of small imperfections. You can also use these tools to make the eyes brighter, add blush, and improve the model’s makeup by adding mascara and eye shadow effects.

Ultimate Watermarking Action Kit

coffee shop actions photoshop

This set of Coffee Shop Photoshop actions allows you to easily change the size of you photograph, add watermarks and borders, create rounded corners, and more. I should also note that you can easily change the watermarks and use special actions that increase clarity of the images.

Coffeeshop Mega Pack Review

Purchasing this collection, you get access to all tools from Coffeeshop Actions/Preset Pack as well as a huge number of design elements the photographer offers. It includes plenty of digital papers, borders, FB covers, and other graphic components.

Price - $49

Photography Storyboards, Frames and Facebook Covers

coffee shop storyboard

This mini-bundle gives you access to a variety of storyboard options for all kinds of photography genres, which will help you stand out from other photographers. The author also added frames to this pack as well as covers for the Facebook social network, so that you can creatively decorate your business account. Lastly, you’ll find a quite large number of graphic elements made in the style of various holidays.

Artistic Textures and Overlays

coffee shop textures Download Photoshop Textures

In this collection, Rita complied different types of textures and overlays, from the simplest ones to vintage and fine art options that will add an artistic effect and uniqueness to the photographs. For example, there’s a rainbow effect, different variations of a rising and setting sun, which looks very natural, and cloud textures. All Coffee Shop presets are of high quality and are good for printing.

Digital Paper Sets

coffee shop digital paper

In this section, the author added digital papers for all kinds of holidays and events. All elements are of high quality and can be used without given credit to the author. They include regular monochrome digital papers, and a large number of thematic options for New Year, St. Valentine’s Day, and Birthdays.

Year of Holidays Design Pack

photoshop elements actions

These elements are a part of Rita’s “Mega Pack.” The bundle includes the author’s favorite works, and the process of downloading and installing them won’t take much time or cause any troubles. Among the tools offered here are digital papers, frames, storyboards, FB banners, etc. You can also find elements dedicated to Independence Day, Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day, and many others.

Coffeeshop Watermarking Action Kit

To protect their photographs from thieves, photographers often use watermarks. Keeping that in mind, Rita developed her own pack. All elements can be adjusted to your style. The results are of high quality and won’t damage the image as a whole.

coffee photoshop

Price - $25

The collection contains 2 mini-sets of Coffeeshop Photoshop actions for adding watermarks to your photographs and improving them. It also has everything you need to quickly prepare your images for sharing on social media pages and blogs by using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

Each action crops and increases the sharpness of your images with the help of additional special functions such as rounded corners, shadows, frames, and Polaroid effects, and also automatically applies watermarks to the image with your personal text or logo.

Coffeeshop Blog

coffeeshop blog

On her website, Rita not only features paid sets of her own actions and other graphic elements, but also a large number of free Elements actions that can be useful for beginner and professional photographers. There are free actions, overlays made by the author, and various graphic elements.

Moreover, Rita often shares easy step-by-step tutorials on how to edit different types of photographs and publishes ready-made Photoshop Elements free actions after each lesson.

Free Coffeeshop Actions

These free tools will help you perform photo editing in the CoffeeShop actions style for free in just a few seconds. Their main advantage is ease of use and improved color correction, as well as the saturation of the edited photos.

Free PS Action “Fashion Brighten”

free photoshop coffeeshop action fashion brightenfree photoshop coffeeshop action fashion brighten

I recommend you to use the “Fashion Brighten” action for summer photos taken in an open area. It improves the contrast and makes the colors more vivid and saturated. In addition, the image will get more sharpness and detailing, like after editing with the help of Coffee Shop actions.

Free PS Action “Fashion Glow”

free photoshop coffeeshop action fashion glowfree photoshop coffeeshop action fashion glow

This free tool will allow you to make the colors more vivid and saturated. Your pictures will become brighter, more contrasting, and detailed. This alternative to Coffee Shop Photoshop actions is suitable for fashion and portrait photos taken on a dim background.

Free PS Action “Hard Contrast”

free photoshop coffeeshop action hard contrastfree photoshop coffeeshop action hard contrast

The “Hard Contrast” action will increase the brightness and adjust the contrast of your photos. This Coffee Shop presets analog is suitable for portrait photos taken in the studio and in an open area. I want to point out that the color of the skin becomes more natural and saturated after using this tool.

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