How to Add Texture in Photoshop

If you don’t know how to add texture in Photoshop or do it unnaturally, read this article and find out the best and easiest way of adding wood and grunge textures in your photos in several clicks.

The following Photoshop tutorials will help creative photographers and beginning photo retouchers design artistic photo effects using textures in Photoshop.

How to Add Background Texture in Photoshop

how to add texture in photoshop how to add texture in photoshop
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Select the photo you want to improve by adding texture in Photoshop. It’s advisable to use the photo where the background can be wooden. In addition, this technique is often used if you need to add the missing piece of wood.

Step 1: Place the Texture

adding texture in photoshop

Place the texture on a layer by dragging it onto the desired photo. I used this Wood Texture.

Step 2: Cut Out the Object

Select the Pen Tool and use it to cut out the object under which you want to place the Photoshop overlay.

cut out the object in photoshop

When you have selected the entire object, right-click and select Make Selection. Set Feather Radius to 1 in the selected window.

Step 3: Adding Texture

Click the mask icon to cut. Note: The mask will help not only cut the object, but also have all the areas of the photo selected, and with the help of a brush, it will be possible to work over the edges. Moreover, through the mask mode you can make a more precise edge.

adding texture in photoshop cc

With the help of a soft brush of black color, you can pass the edges and make them softer, and remove the defects of the cutting.

Step 4: Blur the Edges

Position the texture correctly, right-click and select Distort.

add a mask to the texture layer

Layer 1 – Right click - Distort

For the corners of the photo, you can change the perspective, the size and position of the texture so that it looks natural.

Step 5: Make Final Touches

Add a mask to the texture layer. Choose a black brush and remove extra texture.

how to add texture in photoshop how to add texture in photoshop

You can duplicate the original photo, put a mask on it and draw a shadow with a white brush. Or you can create an empty layer and draw a shadow on it with a black brush, and then just lower the opacity of the layer. Done!

How to Add Overlay Texture in Photoshop

how to add texture in photoshop how to add texture in photoshop

Choose a suitable photo. Note: It can be any photo, but since grunge adds a bit of drama to the picture, you can choose something emotional or courageous.

Step 1: Place the Texture

Choose one of these grunge textures.

place the texture on the layer

Place the texture on the layer by dragging it onto the desired photo.

Step 2: Change Blend Mode and Add Curve Layer

Select the Subtract blend mode.

select the subtract blend mode

Texture layer – Blend mode - Subtract

If the texture looks very dark, then add the adjustment layer curves, make it belong to the texture layer and you can lighten it or darken it as in the screenshot.

create an adjustment layer curves

After that, you can add contrast using a curve. Create an adjustment layer Curves and add contrast as in the screenshot. Done!

how to add texture in photoshop how to add texture in photoshop

What Are Ps Textures?

Photoshop textures in digital image editing are used to define layers/images added to the photos (wood, grunge, leather, brick, marble, paint, watercolor, etc.). In total, textures are any images with a roughly uniform structure. They can be photographed, scanned or created in the photo editing software. The simplest way to use it is to add texture in Photoshop.

Earlier, when the art of photography developed, it took a very long time for a photographer to add an additional layer to a photo or draw something.

Often photographers used special devices, cut and crushed lenses, edit photos manually by means of painting.

Now in order to add texture in Photoshop, you need to download them online, transfer to a document and change its Blending Mode. Photoshopping portraits is much easier than making textured photo on your own.

Can I Create My Own Texture?

You can find many free Photoshop textures on the web, but you can take a picture of them by yourself. Take a camera for a walk and pay attention to the floor under your feet or cracked decoration of the house, grass, ground, etc. Take a closer look at the bark of trees and benches, old doors of houses and metal objects. All this can be of different colors and textures.

In addition, experienced photographers recommend taking pictures of stones, including such as marble and granite, they have very interesting textures. Now you know what a texture is and where you can get it.

Now let's add texture to Photoshop. This is the most popular photo editing software among professional photographers.

10 Freebies for Adding Textures in Photoshop

Here are the most popular freebies you can download for adding textures in Photoshop CC.


grunge photoshop textures grunge photoshop textures

Download this collection of grunge textures and create amazing epic things to wow everyone around. This set contains images of varying degrees of grains, you can use these textures as an additional effect to create amazing vintage photos.

Rustic Wood

rustic wood photoshop textures rustic wood photoshop textures

Rustic wood textures are a classic type of textures that every photographer and designer is hardly familiar with. They help create the necessary portfolios, are great for styling artworks, look good in web design, and are generally indispensable for many types of digital photography.

Real Marble

real marble photoshop textures real marble photoshop textures

In order to create a similar effect on the image, you do not need so much time. Just download this collection of textures, learn how to add textures in Photoshop CC and experiment. This type of texture is perfect for replacing surfaces and backgrounds, and this is often used to create stunning design images and collages.

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Real Leather

real leather photoshop textures real leather photoshop textures

These textures add an interesting, glamorous effect to photos, and their non-use in the design and editing real estate photos is impossible to justify. Textures of black leather, colored leather, crocodile leather and many other variations are here to diversify your daily designs.

Green Grass

green grass photoshop textures green grass photoshop textures

These textures will make you forget about a large number of brushes, with which you will never achieve a similar natural effect. They are perfect not only for images with flowers, fountains and pictures of nature, but also useful for design posters of environmental themes.

Grunge Effect

grunge effect photoshop textures grunge effect photoshop textures

This set of 34 textures of excellent quality and high resolution will help you create a real grunge effect for your photos. This is the abundance of scuffs, the effect of aging, a lot of scratches, stains and blots. By adding texture in Photoshop and changing colors, such as the black and white effect, you can get an incredible effect.

Hand Painted

hand painted photoshop textures hand painted photoshop textures

Hand painted textures are one of the most exciting trends in design right now. The fact is that if the textures are made with high quality and resemble real paintings, they create a special relaxed atmosphere of comfort. Add texture in Photoshop to create a stunning design of wedding, fashion photos or baby's first birthday invitations, edit and enjoy the light, dreamy effect they create.

Dreamy Watercolor

dreamy watercolor photoshop textures dreamy watercolor photoshop textures

This collection, consisting of 85 unique watercolor textures, will give you the opportunity to choose the texture for a particular mood, purpose and edit. Decorate your invitation cards, commercial logos, personalized letters and photos just by adding texture in Photoshop.


concrete photoshop textures concrete photoshop textures

Concrete textures are very good for creating a soft grunge effect. Their plus is that it is very easy to customize them for your needs and you will be delighted with how convenient and practical it is to work with them. Add texture in Photoshop to create concrete walls, a street, a road, and more for your design.

Adding texture in Photoshop & Photoshop alternatives will allow you to reach a new level of photo editing, which you cannot achieve without the help of this stunning digital invention.

Shooting the necessary photos can take a lot of time, and all you need with the case of using textures is to make them by yourself or download these templates, and start experimenting.

Grunge Collection

grunge texture photoshop collection grunge texture photoshop collection

It is known that the grunge effect, as well as magazine glossy photos, is one of the most popular Photoshop textures in photo editing and graphic design. This collection of textures is created in vintage style, which will help you emphasize the depth of the image and create an additional effect of aging on the image.

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