GraphicRiver Photoshop Actions

GraphicRiver Photoshop Actions

GraphicRiver Photoshop actions are part of the popular Envato Market. Envato is a famous platform for creative people who want to purchase files, hire freelancers, or are looking for courses to improve their skills in creating websites, graphics, various apps and more.

graphicriver photoshop actions

Let’s talk about the most popular Graphic River Photoshop actions of this marketplace.

GraphicRiver Photoshop Actions Review

Greater GraphicRiver Photoshop actions created by Envato Market professionals that will help you improve your photos almost instantly and add a creative photo effect in several clicks.

Look though the most popular Ps actions these guys offer.

Sandstorm Action

graphicriver photoshop actions Download Photoshop Actions

Price – $6

Photos of objects with many small particles flying out of them attract a lot of people. Creating this effect with Photoshop is a rather troublesome process. However, there is a great alternative.

Use a Sandstorm effect in Photoshop and you will get incredible images in just a few minutes. Save your time instead of long and tedious photo editing.

Smoke Action Photoshop

graphic river photoshop actions

Price – $8

Add a bit of mystery and drama to your photos. One of the best GraphicRiver Photoshop actions will create an incredibly beautiful smoke effect in your images.

Thanks to the layered structure, you can customize everything according to your taste and preferences. You can choose colors, alter the light, and place the smoke where you want.

Graphicriver Watercolor Photoshop Action

graphicriver watercolor photoshop action Download Photoshop Actions


Price: $8

Turn your photos into true watercolor masterpieces just in a few mouse clicks! This kind of Graphicriver Photoshop actions is quite simple to use.

In addition, it gives you many opportunities to realize your creative potential due to its layered structure. Looks amazing being printed.

Double Light Photoshop Action

graphic design marketplace actions

Price – $7

By applying it to your pictures, you create a more emotional atmosphere, add special accents, and make the image shine in a new way. Ready-made settings of Double Light action allow you to get amazing results immediately.

The developers made sure that you could easily figure everything out and include the Help file. Choose the color that suits your image in style & concept and feel free to apply this Graphicriver action.

You can use ready-made pictures for printing on T-shirts, magazine covers, banners, and for other purposes.

Art Machine Photoshop Action

graphic design marketplace actions art

Price – $7

This action imitates drawings made with a mechanical arm. I recommend using it for photographs containing various architectural objects and streets. Images of 300 DPI and 5000×5000 pixels are the most suitable for this kind of Graphicriver actions.

As a result, you get a file with a well-ordered structure that includes many folders, layers, and settings. All these things allow you to enhance the final image.

Colorful Ink Art Photoshop Action

graphic resources actions

Price – $8

This is one of the best and versatile Photoshop actions popular among graphic designers and photographers. Thanks to it, you can reduce the amount of time you spend on improving your photos.

Just a few simple manipulations and your images acquire a charming and captivating tone. Colorful Ink Art PS action was created by professionals who perfectly understand how important it is to improve tons of photos quickly and efficiently.

Double Exposure Photoshop Action

best photoshop actions for portraits Download Photoshop Actions

Price – $6

Would you like to quickly and efficiently edit your photos? Do you need an instant, impressive result without sitting at the computer for a long time? Then pay your attention to one of the greater Graphicriver Photoshop actions.

It is so easy to use, so even beginners can work with it. Due to its versatility, it is suitable for any photos. By applying this action you do not affect the initial layer. In addition, all changes are easily customized after using this action.

You also get some kind of Photoshop action tutorials as a User Guide file which will help you understand everything.

Pencil Sketch Photoshop Action

best photoshop actions for photographers

Price – $7

To turn your photo into an incredibly realistic pencil sketch, use one of the best Photoshop actions for portraits. Besides, you can use it for other types of images.

10 color effects are at your disposal. It is suitable for PC and Mac users. The final result is a file consisting of many folders, layers, and settings.

You can change the settings to control the edited photo. This action saves you time while providing a decent result.

Vector Sketch Photoshop Action

photoshop actions

Price – $4

For just a few dollars, you get a great opportunity to turn your picture into a cool Vector composition. Test all 10 Color FX and choose the one that shows your photos from the best side.

Shimmer Photoshop Action

graphic river photoshop actions shimmer

Price – $8

These Graphicriver actions will add some exciting light effects to your photos. Working with this action you get incredible results that are unique each time. The multi-layer file structure allows you to customize the final result easily.

You can hide a layer with an unnecessary effect in just a few seconds. You can also duplicate the layer to increase the number of sparkles. In addition, you can choose one of 10 colors available in this action.

Difference Between Graphicriver and Envato?

Envato Market consists of several marketplaces focused on digital assets. It includes WordPress themes and website templates (ThemeForest), Code, Plugins, and mobile (CodeCanyon), stock music and audio (AudioJungle), 3D models and materials (3DOcean), motion graphics (VideoHive), graphics, vectors, the best Photoshop actions and illustrations (GraphicRiver), photography (PhotoDune).

Graphic Design Community

graphic design community

Would you like to get a whole network of mentors and colleagues? Then HOW Design Live is an event that you definitely need to visit. The annual meeting of graphic designers will not only fill you with inspiration, energy, and new ideas but it also allows you to find many like-minded friends.

All you need is to register and let them know what interests you most. You also have the opportunity to get in touch with the HOW team directly.

Free Graphicriver Photoshop Actions Alternatives

There is no need to spend money on expensive Graphicriver actions. FixThePhoto team has prepared quality analogs for you. These are FREE actions that you can see below.

Free Ps Action “Bright Colors”

This free portrait Photoshop action is developed specially for wedding and studio photographers as it takes into account all peculiarities of portrait editing.

With the help of this action you can create realistic smooth and creamy shades. It resembles the combination of Portrait Actions by Graphicriver.

Free Ps Action “Ultra Violet”

It is not necessary to use color filters for the camera to achieve the ultraviolet effect for the photo. Use this free action for Photoshop to create bright ultraviolet hues in the photo.

This is perfect alternative for Ultraviolet actions by Graphicriver.

Free Ps Action “Glitch”

The type of glitch in this action is standard for television or video games. These glitches are software errors or errors that often cause a damaged signal. The result will show the image which is highly distorted. This effect is popular for Instagram users. It resembles Glitch Effect action by Graphicriver.

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