Pretty Actions Review 2024

By Tata Rossi 23 days ago, Photo Editing Tips

Pretty Actions are bundles of actions and overlays that can help you enhance your photographs fast and give them a wow effect in several clicks.

Pretty Actions Collection

Pretty Actions has been releasing actions for Photoshop for more than 10 years. Among their collections, you will tools for enhancing children, street, family, wedding and portrait photography.

Besides, you can use Pretty Presets in Lightroom, if you prefer working in this software. The actions are compatible with CS 3-6, PSE 11+ and Creative Cloud.

Pastel Dreams Collection

pretty actions

Includes: 78 actions

If you are looking for actions and brushes that will beautifully enhance your pictures with mild and breezy colors, this collection is exactly what you need. It consists of 78 Pretty Photoshop Actions of the highest quality which will add slightly hazy, pastel-toned shades along with stunning creamy light to your shots.

The actions are fully compatible with each other and will be a nice addition to your toolkit. You can combine them for a better result. Among 15 all-in-one Pastel and Black&White actions, you will find the ones for adding light, creamy and soft colors.

Pretty Retouch Actions & Makeup Collection

pretty photoshop actions

Includes: 68 actions

Portrait photographers will certainly appreciate this set of actions. It includes 68 actions. As a bonus, you get a simple eyelash applicator and some artificial eyelashes.

Improve your portraiture with outstanding actions aimed at changing eye color, enhancing skin, making it smooth, soft and giving it a natural look. Moreover, you will find effective actions for splitting texture from the color which simplifies the process of portrait improvement.

These truly magical Pretty Actions significantly shorten the time spent on picture post-production. They not only correct colors but also improve facial features, such as lips, eyes, nose, etc. Using them, you can remove stray hair in Photoshop and apply digital makeup. For instance, you can use them to add a highlighter, blush, and eye shadow.

LUXE Newborn Actions Collection

newborn actions

Price: $59
Includes: 60 actions

Start enhancing newborn photos in Photoshop professionally with this collection of actions compatible with Photoshop and PS Elements. In this set, you will find a range of tools for enhancing newborn photography and performing color correction.

With 60 editing tools, you can correct colors, enhance the baby’s skin, edit the overall picture and, most importantly, leave the parents satisfied with amazing results. If you don’t have advanced editing experience, you may address professional retouchers and entrust them with the task of enhancing your photos. They will remove imperfections from the baby’s skin and delete unwanted objects. Besides, they will tweak colors and give your newborn photos a soft and nice look.

PURE Color Workflow

fall photoshop actions

Price: $59
Includes: 63 actions

If you are looking for the collection of Pretty Actions that will let you create clean, artistic or black-and-white shots, these 63 remarkable actions will be real helpers and time-savers for all wedding, family, portrait creators and retouchers.

With the help of these actions, you can make skin look smoother and softer, add catchlights to the eyes, make the teeth whiter, etc. Use them to edit your photos in your signature style. You can quickly install Photoshop action, 5 bonus Light Brushes and 3 Movable Sun Glows that are included in the set. With them, you can create a beautiful atmosphere in your photos by enhancing the light.

FILM Actions Collection

pretty actions black and white

Price: $59
Includes: 70 actions

If you have long dreamed of imitating that famous film look in your images, add some romance and softness, this set is a definite must-have. These 70 actions include a great number of effects. For instance, you may use various Photoshop filters of diverse colors and intensity.

The ageless black-and-white ones are featured too. Aside from applying a film effect, you can add grain, hazy or matte tones to complete a perfect film look of your shot.

Velvet Matte Actions Collection

pretty actions matte

Price: $59
Includes: 35 actions

All fans of matte images are surely in need of this set. These Pretty Actions will meet the requirements of all photographers and retouchers with dramatic black-and-white actions or velvet matte ones included.

These actions will help you implement any Photoshop photo manipulation ideas. Here, you will find 35 actions, including 20 standard effects and 15 bonus tools. In this collection, you will also find such actions as Bella, Berry Bliss, Cinnamon, Coral, Honey, Purple Paisley, Vintage Garden and more.

FAIRYLAND Overlays and Actions Collection

pretty actions fairyland

Price: $49
Includes: 49 actions

Turn your models into real-life fairies with this magical set of Pretty Photoshop Actions. It consists of specifically created fairy wings, ethereal sun rays, dazzling fairy dust and light, etc.

As a bonus, you get 10 striking firefly overlays to preserve the magic in your shots even in the nighttime. They will look amazing combined with fog, flower and bubble overlays released by Pretty Actions as well.

You can create a magical atmosphere of a fairy world in your children or female portraits with this collection and amaze everyone with your creativity. Find inspiration in these actions and master new skills using detailed Photoshop portrait tutorials.

Black & White Actions Collection

pretty photoshop actions black and white

Price: $49
Includes: 36 actions

Turn your images into monochrome masterpieces with this gorgeous set. It consists of 11 B&W conversion actions, 6 finishing actions, 11 workflow actions and 8 tints and toner actions. Pretty actions from this collection may be applied to RAW and JPG format images.

"Let It Snow" Brushes and Winter Actions

pretty photoshop actions snow

Price: $49
Includes: 21 actions

Taking beautiful winter images won’t be difficult anymore with this incredible set. To begin with, choose an appropriate frosty-toned action. After that, add some snow to your pictures by using snow overlays. Make snow realistic - add white snowflakes of various forms.

They are based on realistic snow textures and feature different levels of intensity, from minor snowfalls to strong snowstorms. If you feel like adding snow on your own, you can use one of the snow brushes featured in this Pretty Actions collection.

Fog & Rain Collection

fog & rain overlays and actions collection

Price: $49
Includes: 100+ actions

If you want to give your pictures a mesmerizing and dreamy feel, make sure to download this Fog & Rain Overlays and Actions Collection. It will help you make your images more attention-grabbing using beautiful smoke overlays that will help you create a realistic effect.

Using them, you can add fog, smoke or rain to your photos. You can adjust the color of the overlays, which makes them suitable for images taken during gender-reveal parties. Besides, you can selectively adjust some areas of your images. Add some drama to your photos by adding fog and smoke effects in different styles, such as choppy, puffy, or wispy.

Double Exposure Collection

double exposure actions collection

Price: $38

With the help of this collection, you can combine two photos with different exposures. These tools will come in handy for film photographers and other professionals who don’t want to waste a lot of time processing their images.

Using this Pretty Actions Double Exposure Collection, everyone can create a photo with a stunning double-exposure effect. In this set, you will find vertical and square effects, as well as film and pastel overlays. Besides, you can use these effects to edit textures.

Pretty Actions Complete Collection

pretty photoshop actions complete collection

Includes: 27 action collections

Are you interested in installing all Pretty Actions at once? Then you should absolutely get the full collection! It includes 25 actions, a set of overlays and digital backgrounds as well as two bonus collections, such as Double Exposure and Holiday Magic.

With Pretty Actions, you may forget about the photoshopping portraits for hours. They will help you focus on reaching your goals and developing your career. Find out detailed info about every set on the website. 

Pretty Actions Workshop

pretty actions workshop

Pretty Presets & Actions created an educational platform where everyone can take the course Mastering the Basics of Photoshop. If you enroll in the course, you will be able to take part in a 4-week workshop that will help you learn how to use a variety of tools available in Photoshop to enhance your images. All the materials are available 24/7, so you can study when you want to.

You will learn how to customize your workspace, work with actions, curves and levels as well as adjust Hue/Saturation and apply overlays. During the last week, you will learn how to use some technical tools. For instance, you will learn how to perform a head-swap, crop your images and use the History panel.

Pretty Actions on Instagram

pretty actions instagram

Username: @prettypresets
Genre: portraits, babies, families, weddings
Followers: 32.1K

In their Instagram, Pretty Actions & Presets publish pictures edited with the help of their effects. You can use them as a source of inspiration to edit your own photos. Photographers tell where their photos were taken and what effects they used to enhance them. The only disadvantage is that they mostly focus on presets, there is no separate account for actions.

Pretty Actions: Free Alternatives

free tools for photoshop

In this collection, you will find more than 300 actions for photographers who specialize in different areas. You can use them without paying a dime. Here, you will find many tools similar to Pretty Actions. Use them to improve your fashion and portrait photos, change the eye color, make the teeth whiter and create visually-appealing photos for Instagram. The effects from this set are fully compatible with Photoshop CS 4-6, Photoshop CC.

Note: All tools we share were created by FixThePhoto experts. We do not copy and share third-party products.