Pretty Actions

Pretty Actions

Pretty Actions are bundles of Ps actions and overlays that can enhance your photographs fast and give them a wow effect in several clicks. The actions are fully adjustable so you may customize them to your taste.

pretty actions

If you don’t know whether you should download these Pretty Photoshop Actions or not, look though my photo samples with these actions, recommendations about which photos to edit, and download its free analogues.

Pretty Photoshop Actions – Complete Review

Pretty Actions is known for releasing good actions for Photoshop. The company has been doing it for more than 8 years and offers good products for beginning photographers and amateurs.

Pastel Dreams Collection

pretty actions Download Photoshop Actions

Price – $74

If you are looking for gorgeous Ps actions and brushes that will beautifully enhance your pictures with mild and breezy colors, this collection is exactly what you need.

It consists of 78 Pretty actions of the highest quality which will add slightly hazy, pastel-toned shades along with stunning creamy light to your shots. The actions work in so-called cooperation with each other and will be a nice addition to your toolkit.

Among 15 Pastel and Black&White actions, you will find the ones for adding light, creamy and soft colors. All of them are sure to produce amazing results when applied both separately and together.

Pretty Retouch Actions & Makeup Collection

pretty photoshop actions

Price – $59

Portrait photographers will certainly appreciate this fantastic set of Pretty Photoshop actions. It includes 65+ actions. As a bonus, you get a simple eyelash applicator and some artificial eyelashes.

Improve your portraiture with the outstanding actions aimed at enhancing skin, making it smooth, soft and giving it a natural look. Moreover, you will find effective actions for splitting texture from the color which simplify the process of portrait editing.

These truly magical Pretty actions significantly shorten the time spent on picture post-production. They not only correct colors but also improve facial features, such as lips, eyes, hair, nose, etc. If a model doesn’t have enough makeup in the shot, it may be easily fixed by applying highlighter, blush, eye shadow, etc.

LUXE Newborn Photoshop Actions Collection

newborn actions Download Photoshop Actions

Price – $59

Start editing newborn photos in Photoshop professionally with this collection of Photoshop filters compatible with Photoshop and PS Elements. Every tool focused on newborn photography enhancement and color correction is included in this set.

With 60 Photoshop editing tools, you can correct colors, enhance the baby skin along with the overall picture and, most importantly, leave the parents satisfied with amazing results.

PURE Color Workflow - Photoshop Portrait Actions

fall photoshop actions

Price – $59

Are you in search of the collection of Pretty actions that will let you create clean, artistic or black and white shots at the same time? Look no further, as here it is! 63 remarkable actions belonging to the set are real helpers and time-savers for all wedding, family, portrait photographers and picture retouchers.

They are really versatile, fully customizable, and capable of producing eye-catching results. Just try them once and you are unlikely to stop applying them to your images.

FILM Photoshop Actions Collection

pretty actions black and white

Price – $74

If you have long dreamed of imitating that famous film look in your images, add some romance and softness, this set is a definite must-have. These 70 actions include a great number of effects with various film filters of diverse colors and intensity.

The ageless black and white ones are featured too. Aside from applying a film effect, you can add grain, hazy or matte tones to complete a perfect film look of your shot. Such actions are hard to find so don’t miss a chance of laying your hands on them.

Velvet Matte Photoshop Actions Collection

pretty actions matte

Price – $59

All fans of matte images are surely in need of this set. These Pretty Actions will meet the requirements of all photographers and retouchers with dramatic black and white actions or velvet matte ones included.

On the whole, you get 35 actions: 20 standard ones and 15 more as a bonus. The collection is supported by Creative Cloud, Photoshop versions from CS3 to CS6 and Photoshop Elements 11-19.

FAIRYLAND Overlays and Actions Collection

pretty actions fairyland

Price – $49

Turn your models into real-life fairies with this magical set from Pretty Actions. It consists of specifically created fairy wings, ethereal sun rays, dazzling fairy dust and light, etc.

As a bonus, you get 10 striking firefly overlays to preserve the magic in your shots even in the nighttime. They will look amazing combined with fog, flower and bubble overlays released by Pretty Actions as well.

Contribute to the magical atmosphere of fairies in your children or female portraits with this collection and amaze everyone with your creativity.

Black & White Photoshop Actions Collection

pretty photoshop actions black and white Download Photoshop Actions

Price – $49

Turn your images into monochrome masterpieces with this gorgeous set. It consists of 11 B&W conversion actions, 6 finishing actions, 11 workflow actions and 8 tints and toner actions. Pretty actions from this collection may be applied to RAW and JPG format images.

"Let It Snow" Brushes and Winter Actions

pretty photoshop actions snow

Price – $49

Taking beautiful winter images won’t be difficult anymore with this incredible set. To begin with, choose an appropriate frosty-toned action. After that, add some snow to your pictures by using snow overlays.

They are based on realistic snow textures and feature different levels of intensity – from thin snowfall to strong snowstorm. If you feel like adding snow on your own, you can use one of the snow brushes featured in this Pretty Actions collection.

Make snow realistic - add white snowflakes of various forms. Your winter pictures won’t be complete without this marvelous and handy set.

Pretty Actions Complete Collection

pretty photoshop actions complete collection

Are you interested in installing all pretty actions at once? Then you should absolutely get the full collection! Would you prefer to dedicate more time to the creative experiments and fascinating photo shoots rather than spend hours in front of the computer screen editing images?

With Pretty Actions, you may forget about the exhausting picture post-production and focus on reaching your goals or developing your career. Find out detailed info about every set on the website.

Pretty Presets – Best Collections

Pretty presets are widely known and respected across the photography industry. The presets were presented in many popular publications, for instance, Rangefinder, Professional Photographer Magazine and even won the first place in Family Photography Bloggers from Skinny Scoop.

Pretty Presets Enchanted Garden

pretty presets enchanted garden

Add a fantastic spring atmosphere to your shots with this remarkable set of Lightroom brushes and presets. With a single click, you can boost the color and light in your pictures.

The next step would be to apply quick post presets and adjust them to your taste. Use some brushes from the set for the finishing touch. Your summer and spring images will play out in fresh colors, with soft, sunny and vibrant shades.

Pretty Presets Bubble Tea Film

pretty presets bubble tea

The ageless film look will never go out of style. Imitate the effect from film cameras in your shots with this Film Pastel set. Use these handy presets in your Lightroom photo editing techniques and effortlessly achieve a pastel film look.

The featured colors range from cold green to creamy and peachy pink to help you find the most fitting tones for the shot. These presets are widely used in family, wedding, landscape and portrait photography genres.

Light & Airy Millennium Preset Collection

pretty presets fan faves light and airy

Are you seeking for great presets compatible not only with the desktop but mobile LR version as well? Then this set was developed exactly for you. The presets are perfect for adding light and breezy, creamy colors along with impressive soft tones.

With their help, you may keep to your particular style in your Instagram posts. The presets are suitable for food and travel bloggers, interior designers, landscape, wedding, architecture and portrait photographers.

Adjust them according to your taste and your social network pages will instantly become more appealing and attention-grabbing.

Photoshop Scholarship by Pretty Actions

photoshop scholarship pretty

Pretty Actions highly value the significance of high education, the future career and development in a certain sphere. Therefore, the company has decided to award Pretty Photoshop Actions $500 scholarship twice a year.

With this continuing scholarship, college and university students have a unique chance to fulfill their potential and enrich their knowledge.

Pretty Presets Blog

pretty presets blog

Developers of Pretty Presets and Pretty Actions also created an informative blog for photographers with useful tips on different topics. Here you can find articles about the theory of shooting, lighting, as well as ideas, diverse types of photography and more.

Very often Pretty Presets Blog arranges collaborations with different famous photographers. Then you can read personalized material about a particular photographer.

Pretty Presets Forum

pretty presets forum

Pretty forum is an amazing opportunity to receive answers on all important questions, get acquainted with new people and join the community of shooters from various genres. Among them, you will find pet, headshot, newborn, boudoir photographers and more.

The forum has everything you could ever imagine: friendly people eager to communicate and answer any question, a Treasure Box with interesting prizes and bonuses, famous gurus who may assist you in improving your skills and a tight fellowship with like-minded photographers all over the world.

Pretty Actions FREE Alternatives

In order to enjoy the beautiful effects which, look like Pretty Actions, you shouldn’t spend money at all. Just use the actions prepared specifically for you that are inspired by an effect that involves similar image editing settings.

Free Ps Action “Old Film”

You don’t need to look for any paid matte Photoshop plugins, just try this free action. It reduces greenish shadows, providing photo with warm hue.

Somehow it resembles Velvet Matte Photoshop Actions by Pretty Actions. Try to use this amazing action to children portrait photography and enjoy beautiful reddish-brown shades and muffle yellow tones of the photo.

Free Ps Action “Matte Glow”

If you looking for perfect matte option, you should consider this free Photoshop action. This is perfect alternative to Pastel Dreams Collection of Pretty Actions.

This action emphasizes the dark areas of the photo and help to achieve a warm vintage look. This action is great for children photography and for those who want to create images with natural skin color for their social media accounts.

Free Ps Action “Cool Toning”

Undoubtedly, this is my favorite action for newborn photography. It creates gentle shades for the image, that will be perfect for little baby photos.

Besides, it will add airy and light shades and reduce yellow and green tones. It is very similar to LUXE Newborn Photoshop Actions by Pretty actions.

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