28 Photoshopped Celebrities: Before and After

Have you ever looked at a photoshopped celebrity, wondering how they look in real life? I’ve researched celebrities that have been accused of altering their looks in photos. Below I’ll expose some of the worst Photoshop fails and give shocking before & after examples.

1. Beyonce’s Face Change

It’s hard to believe that Beyonce also smoothes skin in Photoshop. If you compare the before and after, you can tell that even her bone structure has been completely altered, making her face look much different than it appears in the untouched photo.

2. Lady Gaga’s Versace Photoshoot Scandal

photoshopped celebrity lady gaga

Lady Gaga’s leaked Versace pictures reveal some major differences between the photos used in the promo and the originals. Although I like the hig-hend retouching performed, it’s hard to deny that the photos are extremely doctored. You can also notice that she is completely barefaced in the before photos, and the editors had to also perform makeup retouching.

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3. Wrinkle-Free Britney Spears

photoshopped celebrity britney spears

Sometimes magazine editors need to ask themselves “Do I retouch too much?.” The experts working at Marie Claire overdid skin retouching, removing any wrinkles, and changing facial features to the point where Britney looks like a completely different person.

4. Instagram vs Reality

photoshopped celebrity instagram vs reality

This is one of those ridiculous photoshopped Instagram Photos, that make you want to delete your account. Next time you feel insecure when scrolling through Instagram, remember that many bloggers edit Instagram photos to appear thinner.

5. Jennifer Lawrence’s Flare Cover

photoshopped celebrity jennifer lawrence

Comparing celebrities before and after Photoshop you’ll often catch yourself thinking that the before photo was even better. This is the case with this Flare cover that went under fire for slimming down Jennifer Lawrence. They didn’t only make her hips and waist leaner, but also pulled in her face and accentuated her collarbones.

6. Cindy Crawford’s Flawless Body

photoshopped celebrity cindy crawford

When the original image of Cindy Crawford got stolen it caused lots of controversies. Her stretch marks and loose skin were completely edited out to make her look leaner.

7. Mariah Carey’s Complete Makeover

photoshopped celebrity mariah carey

Mariah Carey is one of the biggest culprits of celebrity Photoshop fails. After being slammed for using Ps numerous times, Mariah stated that her fragile self-esteem makes her completely alter her images. You can tell she prefers to be much slimmer in her photos, with no creases, wrinkles, or stretch marks.

8. Plastic Penelope Cruz

photoshopped celebrity penelope cruz

The original of this Penelope Cruz photo looks incredible but the celebrity Photoshop editors spoiled the shot with excessive airbrushing, and completely unnecessary waist slimming. That being said, I like the hair retouching in this photo, especially the way they managed to remove stray hairs in Photoshop.

9. Kim Kardashian’s Slimmer Frame

photoshopped celebrity kim kardashian

It can take us hours to list all of the Kim Kardashian Photoshop fails, as she is probably the most photoshopped celebrity. You can definitely see body slimming apps being used for this photo, as her waist and stomach look much slimmer.

10. Kim Kardashian’s Rib Removal

photoshopped celebrity kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian can boast not only numerous editing fails but also extreme plastic surgery photos. However, the modifications you see above were done in Ps. Her waist is made to look as if a couple of her ribs were removed, her nose bump is completely gone, and her arms were slightly pulled in.

11. Nicole Scherzinger’s Dream Body

photoshopped celebrity nicole sherzinger

The most common technique when photoshopping portraits is using the Liquify Tool to achieve the dream body. This is exactly the tool that was used on this red carpet shot of Nicole Sherzinger to make her slimmer, and give her a digital nose job.

12. Leighton Meester’s Altered Insta Photo

photoshopped celebrity leighton meester

The easiest way of finding celebrities before and after Photoshop photos is to view the official red carpet photos and compare them to the ones you see on Instagram. The Gossip Girl star not only looks much leaner in the after photo, but also her jawline was sharpened, and eye make-up applied for a more distinct look.

13. Britney Spears’s Flatter Tummy

photoshopped celebrity britney spears

This photo from Britney’s live performance was clearly altered to make stomach flat, and arms much smaller.

14. Tyra Banks’s Eye Transformation

photoshopped celebrity tyra banks

In this photo, Ps was used to completely remove eye bags under the eye. The editors also changed eye color in Photoshop from dark green to a much lighter hue, as well as fixed some flyaway hairs.

15. Faith Hill’s Doctored Redbook Cover

photoshopped celebrity faith hill

Redbook received tons of backlash for this cover with Faith Hill. The retouchers made her look slightly slimmer overall, trimmed her arms and waist, removed blemishes on arms and face, as well as lightened her skin. The after photo looks like it was shot on a completely different occasion.

16. Jennifer Lopez’s Weird Waist

photoshopped celebrity jennifer lopez

Celebrities often struggle to edit their stories and posts without any giveaways. This mirror selfie is a great example of one of the worst Photoshop mistakes. She tried to make the waist smaller but didn’t push it in completely.

17. Miley Cyrus’s Butt Enlargement

photoshopped celebrity miley cyrus

This photo can often be found in Photoshop fails Facebook compilations. Miley’s butt looks noticeably larger and disproportionate to her body in the after photo. Nowadays, you can make your butt bigger in 1 click, so no wonder celebrities are using this opportunity.

18. Gwen Stefani’s Blemish-Free Skin

photoshopped celebrity gwen stefani

As you can tell, Gwen Stefani is not opposed to using blemish remover apps to get rid of her pimples and smoothen her problematic skin.

19. Megan Fox’s Natural Beauty

photoshopped celebrity megan fox

Megan Fox is already considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, but you can still find her in photoshopped celebrities compilations. While she doesn’t alter her face shape or change facial features, she likes to make her skin look smoother.

20. Madonna’s Youthful Look

photoshopped celebrity madonna

Although Madonna looks great for her age, she still keeps on modifying her Instagram photos to look much younger by removing all of the wrinkles.

21. Jonathan Rhys Meyers’s Ideal Headshot

photoshopped celebrity jonathan rhys meyers

Yet another photoshopped celebrity who wanted to enhance a photo by improving the skin. Light stubble and blemishes were completely removed. The editor made his eyes pop and emphasized their baby blue color.

22. Jessica Alba’s Post-Baby Body

photoshopped celebrity jessica alba

In this celebrity Photoshop comparison, we can see beautiful Jessica Alba using one of the classic pin-up poses for the Campari Calendar photoshoot. The editors decided they needed to enhance her post-baby body, in particular hips and legs, which was completely unnecessary.

23. Megan Fox’s Perfect Skin

photoshopped celebrity megan fox

This is another example of Megan Fox’s flawless skin, achieved with the help of frequency separation.

24. Gwen Stefani’s Fresh Face

photoshopped celebrity gwen stefani

This photoshopped celebrity proves how easy it is to improve your tired face with editing and make it look fresh. The main trick is to find a reliable photo editing outsourcing agency.

25. Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone’s photographer removed blemishes,and pigmentation for silky smooth skin. They also made her cheeks rosy, enhanced eye make-up, and changed lip color for a bolder look.

26. Naomi Watts’s Overexposed Face

photoshopped celebrity naomi watts

When looking at this image you may think: “Is this image Photoshopped?” The celebrity Photoshop transformation you see above may seem subtle, but if you look closer you can clearly see that Michael Fassbender tried to whiten teeth in Photoshop or other teeth whitening apps. Even Hollywood actors are having a hard time conforming to the “Hollywood smile” stereotype.

28. Owen Wilson’s Bright Eyes

photoshopped celebrity owen wilson

Owen Wilson looks like a Ken doll, with his skin perfectly airbrushed, and his bright green eyes. His crooked nose was also changed to appear straighter.


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