30 Pin Up Poses: Classic & Vintage

30 Pin Up Poses: Classic & Vintage

Pin up style appeared in the USA in the 1950s, when it was popular to pin photos of beautiful models and actresses up on the walls.

These posters with famous sex-symbols of the period were popular among American soldiers during World War II for keeping their morale high. In this post, I have collected various pin up poses and ideas to make your photos look professional and original.

30 Pin Up Poses

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Modern girls love wearing bright vintage clothes and accessories, they often throw stylized pin up parties and photoshoots. If you want your photo session to go smoothly, this guide on pinup poses will be very helpful.

1. In the Classic ‘S’ Pose

classic pinup poses

This is undoubtedly one of the classic pinup poses, a favorite for any pin up photoshoot and has been popular over the course of pin up history. It allows to show off your body shape.

The main trick for nailing the shot is a slightly raised leg, while the hands should be placed on the waistline. You can use balloons or flags for props. Bright lipstick and shoes are a must.

2. Put Your Hands Under the Chest

vintage pin up poses

It’s a beautiful pinup pose that will help accentuate the chest and waist of any pin up model. Legs can be straight or you can squat a little. In terms of clothes, choose a bodycon dress or lingerie.

3. Put One Hand on the Waist

pin up girl poses

With this pin up pose, you should turn your body a bit to the side and slightly arch the back to make the lower part of the body look a little better (legs will appear longer and the bum rounder). The other hand can be raised or placed on the leg. The model will look best of all in pants and a shirt or a pantsuit.

4. Fixing the Hair

pin up girl posing

Hair in a pin up photoshoot is a rather important part of the whole image. When you shoot the pin up girl posing as if she is fixing some strands of hair, you will draw additional attention to the hairdo. You can use headbands or other accessories to spice everything up.

5. Slightly Raise One Leg and Both Hands a Bit Up

pin-up poses
pin-up poses

For similar pin up modeling poses, I recommend using a knee-length full skirt or dress. It is not only a way to show off legs but also add movement to the photo by waving the dress with hands.

6. Girl Power Pose

classic pinup poses

Here is one of the vintage pin up poses known to everyone due to the famous poster «We can do it!» of the previous century. It’s quite easy to recreate by wearing a plaid shirt, a headband and bright lipstick. The makeup and manicure will stand out in such a photo for sure.

7. Turn a Bit to the Side, Bend your Leg at the Knee

pin up girl posing

To make your legs look longer and bring the focus to them, this pose is the best one. The outfit choice doesn’t really matter. It can be a dress or a pair of jeans and a shirt. Just make sure you wear a pair of bright shoes.

8. Blow a Kiss

standing pin up poses

This is one of the pin-up poses which is great for both portraits and full-length photos. It is also perfect for romantic photoshoots, like for St Valentine’s Day or an anniversary. If you have a round-shaped face, don’t look directly into the camera for a more flattering look.

9. Raise Both Hands Up

pin-up poses

By doing this, you will make your body look slimmer. Try it with the ‘S’ pose I’ve mentioned before. You are not limited by the clothes you can choose or the location. However, if you’re leaning onto the wall, it will look rather flattering. Use headbands, chunky accessories or blow bubbles with gum.

10. With your Back Facing the Camera

pin up poses editing pin up poses editing

Personally, I love using the pinup model poses like this outside or in a workshop. The model can look directly into the camera or slightly away. You can also ask the model to stretch one of her legs towards the camera if this is a full-length portrait. Hands can be in the front or holding something, like tools or accessories.

Also, do not forget about the correct color grading of photos. The main thing is that all attention is focused on the face, so for editing, I advise you to turn to professionals. Especially if the photo has a lot of bright colors.

11. Use a Bar Stool

pin up pose

A tall bar stool and a neutral background will be a perfect choice for this pose. You can sit on one leg or bend both and rest them on the chair, as high as possible.

You can also put your foot on the chair itself, while bending it at the knee and resting on it. Watch your posture, make sure the back is straight. Also, it doesn’t matter how your body is turned at the camera, to the side or straight at it.

12. Sitting on Your Knees

classic pinup poses

It can be great for studio photography or somewhere outside. Try arching the back slightly to make your body shape a bit slimmer. Hands can be placed on the knees or raised. The best outfit will be a pair of jeans or shorts and a shirt.

13. Sit and Stretch your Legs to the Side

pin up girl poses

This pose will make your legs and the whole body look longer. Put on a short dress, find a soft comfy couch to sit on or sit directly on the floor. You can use this pose even for a boudoir photoshoot. The key accents should be placed on bright shoes or statement accessories.

14. Just Put one Leg on Top of the Other

vintage pin up poses

This is one of the simplest pin up girl poses that will work for women with any body shape. Put on a long dress, place the hands on the knees or use them to lean against a surface. Legs can be facing the camera or kept slightly to the side.

15. Just Lean on Something

pin up photography
pin up photography

A car or a bar stool will be perfect. You don’t have to sit on them completely. With such pin up girl posing, you will accentuate the long and slim legs, so choose shorts, short skirts or dresses.

16. Legs Facing the Camera

pin up girl poses
pin up girl poses

This pose looks the best while sitting on the floor. You can use it to show off your favorite shoes, make legs look longer and experiment with your look (put on a full skirt or a simple everyday outfit). Use vinyl records as accessories, find a vintage suitcase to lean on or use an old phone.

17. Use Tables for Creative Poses

pinup posing

Posing like this will not only make a pretty shot but will also make the final image more unique. I recommend using all the props you may have around, like a phone, tableware if it is in the kitchen, typewriter in an office, old magazines or vinyl records.

18. Get Comfy in an Armchair

vintage pin up poses

You can point your legs towards the camera or leave them hanging from the side of the chair. It is best to look directly at the camera. For this pinup pose, don’t forget about bright shoes and an appropriate hairdo.

19. Raise the Legs Up

pinup posing

With your head and face closer to the camera, lift your legs and bring them to the center of attention, which will also highlight their beauty. You can lean them on the wall or simply hold them in the air. Don’t forget to bend them slightly to create softer lines.

20. Lie Closer to the Camera

pin up modeling poses

This way the accent will be on the top of your face. You can simply rest on your elbows or, for example, use additional props to keep your hands ‘busy’. These can be a phone, a typewriter, some records, etc.

21. Lie on the Back

pinup model poses

Arch the back a little to make your waist look thinner and the chest a little larger. The hands should be above the head with legs bent. By the way, this is one of the suitable poses for boudoir photography, so it looks great in skintight clothes or lingerie.

22. Bend your Legs While Lying on the Back

classic pinup poses

With this pose, you can also show how flexible you are. Push on your feet and lift the body slightly up. It will demonstrate your body shape and allow you to free up your hands, which can be put anywhere without ruining the shot.

23. Gardener

modern pin up pictures

Use various gardening tools to spice up even the most standard poses. You can have a photoshoot both inside and outside. Put on comfortable light-colored clothes.

24. Stock up on Fishing Gear

standing pin up poses

It is common to use objects from a typically male hobby at a pin up photoshoot. Try posing with fishing rods, nets and other related gear. Use both sitting and standing pin up poses I suggested in this post. Also, don’t forget about bright makeup.

25. Use Food and Retro TV Sets

vintage pin up poses

You don’t need a working TV set for this because you will be using it as a comfortable seat. The food doesn’t have to be real either, you can use fake burgers, milkshakes and other beverages. Thus, you won’t have to worry about it losing its attractive appearance during the photoshoot.

26. Use Cars

pin up poses

It will be a nice addition to practicing pin up poses both inside the car and on it. If the weather is good and you are shooting in a nice location, get on top of the car. Don’t wear dresses, go for shorts and jeans.

27. Have a Pin Up Photoshoot While Pregnant

pinup model poses

Don’t put off the photoshoot if you’re pregnant. With proper clothes and accessories, you can have a bright pin up photoshoot with any poses and in any locations. Highlight your bump by leaving it uncovered.

28. Use Workshops and Tools

pin-up poses

In such a location, you can wear more comfortable clothes. But don’t forget about the makeup and heels to bring more femininity to a place like this. Pose with different tools in front of the cars or inside them.

29. Have a Photoshoot in a Laundromat

pin up photography

I think it is the most authentic and interesting location for a pin up photoshoot. You can pose on the washing machines, next to them, while taking the laundry out or putting makeup on by looking at your reflection on the glass.

30. Pretend that You Are Cooking

pinup model poses

You should be involved in the photoshoot, not the cooking process. Splashes of ingredients or spilled products can create an interesting accent in the photo. I really recommend wearing bright aprons.

Freebies for Pin Up Poses

With this list of pin up poses and ideas, you have probably had your own photoshoot in pin up style and took creative shots. With the tools below, you can make the quality of shots higher and get them ready for publishing or printing.


freebie ivory for pin up photography freebie ivory for pin up photography

Use this free tool to add brightness and contrast to the photo. They will acquire a slight vintage flair, making the final image look more artistic.

Fashion Brighten

freebie fashion brighten for pin up photography freebie fashion brighten for pin up photography

This action will improve the colors of the photo and make each one of them look deeper and more saturated. The image will become brighter as a result too.


freebie glamour for pin up photography freebie glamour for pin up photography

This preset will give your photos a new look by making colors richer and adding contrast. I should mention that it works best for photos taken outside.


freebie matte for pin up photography freebie matte for pin up photography

With this filter, you will make photos brighter and add a slight matte effect, which is perfect for a pin up photoshoot.


freebie pop for pin up photography freebie pop for pin up photography

Every element of your photo will become brighter and richer with this preset. You will easily achieve the magazine look. It works great for both studio and outdoor photoshoots.

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