Boudoir Photography Outfit Ideas

Boudoir Photography Outfit Ideas

Don’t know what to wear? Look though these boudoir photography outfit ideas to look good and sensual.

30 Boudoir Photography Outfit Ideas

Still can’t decide what to try on? What outfit to wear and what props to use to look good and sensual on your boudoir photos? Try these 30 stylish boudoir looks from sexy to sporty, and find the one to your taste.

1. His Shirt

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For a cute and at the same time sexy boudoir outfit, take his one-colored shirt and tie it up. This garment looks great with underwear or shorts. It will be a great idea if you are not quite ready to undress.

2. Oversized Sweater

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In case you prefer to have something on during the shoot, then think of wearing an oversized sweater. Prefer magazine or glamour photography poses, for instance, expose your long and beautiful legs, giving freedom to the imagination.

3. In the Milk Bath

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The cutest idea would be laying in milk bath with flowers and being in bra. This sexy boudoir outfit creates a glamorous and mysterious look. On the whole, it will be very sexy but not completely outspoken.

4. T-Shirt of His Favorite Team

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Best things to wear for a boudoir photo shoot is the shirt of his favorite team combined with shorts and knee socks. A bonus for you if you put on his favorite jersey.

5. Large Coat

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Look through your wardrobe and find a sexy coat. Wear it along with your favorite high heels. You will get a very mysterious image.

Your James Bond will imagine that you enter the office only in a coat and high heels.

6. Corsets

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A wonderful choice would be to wear a corset. Corsets fit any figure, especially, a plus-size one.

You can combine different types of accessories and clothing. Panties, stockings, garters, scarves and shawls will be totally suitable.

7. Nightgown

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You may not be Victoria’s Secret model. But you can look amazing in a pleated gown. This is a romantic, mysterious, attractive and no less sexy boudoir outfit.

8. Pin-Up Style

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Search for your internal pinup model. A simple white shirt with booty shorts or a blouse with a collar and high heels are a perfect pin-up style sexy look. For an unforgettable shot, put boudoir jewelry in your hair and wear red lipstick.

9. Lacy Bra and High-Waisted Shorts

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Implement cute boudoir ideas for memorable shots by wearing a lacy bra and high-waisted shorts. To complete the sexy image, add volume to your hair and put on red lipstick.

10. Classic Outfit

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A great example of boudoir photography outfit ideas would be a basic set of bras and panties, and in addition, a pair of black stockings and high-heeled shoes. In such a look, your legs will appear long and sexy.

11. Sexy Tight Dress

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Boudoir clothing is supposed to be sexy but not vulgar and revealing. A garment should emphasize your body and shapes. An excellent choice would be a sexy, tight-fitting dress. You will be irresistible in it.

12. Plaid Shirt

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One of the cutest boudoir ideas is to replicate the style of a village girl. A plaid shirt in a cage and daisy dukes will perfectly complement the boudoir look.

13. Wedding Veil

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A gorgeous boudoir photography outfit idea involves your wedding veil. Place the veil in such a way that your loved one can steal a glance at the way you are preparing on your wedding day.

14. Jeans

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Cute and sexy jeans are incredible boudoir attire. Purchase a pair of them for you and your boyfriend and make unforgettable couple photo shoot.

15. Stilettos

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How to take glamour shots at home? Try wearing stilettos. The stilettos give legs slimness and attractiveness. They will be perfectly in tune with a sexy dress.

16. Bodysuit

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For sexy boudoir outfits, a bodysuit is an ideal option. It will look great in the frame and is a helpful trick to hide your tummy. In addition, a lace bodysuit looks very sexy.

17. Leather Jacket

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A leather jacket is a sexy photo accessory. Lingerie for boudoir photos will be visible from behind the jacket. Or you can wear a leather jacket on the naked body. The final image will look really eye-catching.

18. Light Capes

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Light capes are great clothes for boudoir shoot. You will feel confident wearing them. Even the imperfect proportions of the body can be covered with a light cape.

19. Push-Up Bras

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The best things to wear for a boudoir photo shoot are undoubtedly push up bras. This underwear element will give your breasts additional support and will look awesome in the shots.

20. Blazer

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Even a big men’s jacket will complement the sexy image. Trench coats and outerwear look stylish worn over lingerie for boudoir shoot.

21. Casual Attire

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To realize really cool boudoir photography outfit ideas, put on white tops, jeans or shorts. This is a versatile version of casual wear. Such clothes combined with less sexy things will give photos a bold look.

22. Light Fabric

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Incorporate light fabric into your sexy boudoir outfits. You can choose the fabric of any color. In addition, the fabric is larger than the veil. This allows you to cover the private parts of your body.

23. Sword Belt

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A sword belt is a great addition to a very sexy and mysterious outfit. You can wear it on lingerie for boudoir shoot. Add mystery to the photo by putting a sword belt on the naked body.

24. Jewelry

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How to take tasteful boudoir photos of yourself? You can do it with the help of jewelry. After all, jewelry will beautifully complement any outfit.

Accessories differ in style, stones and details. When choosing jewelry for the shoot, remember that with their help, you should emphasize your own style or reflect the idea of the image.

25. Hair Combs & Clips

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I know you dreamed of becoming a princess. If yes, then headbands and tiaras will make your dreams come true.

Incorporate combs and hair clips in your boudoir photos outfit ideas. These hair accessories add extravagance to your look.

26. Flower Hat

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Ask the photographer to bring a flower hat for interesting boudoir photography outfit ideas. You can put this hat on your head as well as decorate it with a veil and other accessories.

27. Rose Petals

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For soft boudoir photography, use rose petals. After all, they are a symbol of love and tenderness. Rose petals are an indispensable attribute of wedding.

28. Fashion Glasses

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Boudoir photography will look more refined if you add a little boldness to your image and wear glasses. This accessory will add a zest to your clothing style.

29. Eye Mask

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Thanks to the eye mask, you can add some fire and passion to your boudoir pictures. In addition, you can use a tie of any color instead of an eye mask.

30. Heels and Garter Belts

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Heels and garters will add a spice. Take a sleek bra or nightgown and pair it with black high heeled shoes.

As a result, you will implement boudoir photography outfit ideas in a classic style. Add accessories and jewelry for a sexier image.

What Your Wardrobe Color Choice Says About You?

They say a woman’s personality can be revealed by the color of the clothing for boudoir shoot. The chosen colors show the way we want to be seen by other people.

Women usually stick to three colors: white, red and black. Each color has its own meaning and serves as a clue to the character of a woman.


red boudoir lingerie

Red color symbolizes passion. That is why many boudoir photography outfit ideas feature red items. It is recommended to wear a red top on the first date.

As the studies of one German university show, men more often choose women in red. Red color attracts men and makes women feel more confident.


black boudoir lingerie

The bold enough color of lingerie for boudoir shoot will be black. This color definitely has powerful energy.

A study of underwear was conducted in the United Kingdom. Researches have shown that men prefer black color, giving way to passionate red.


white boudoir lingerie

Incorporating white color in sexy boudoir outfits is a great idea. A shoot in this color would be a great gift for your husband. White color symbolizes innocence and purity. Traditional white lingerie will emphasize warm tones on your skin.

Freebies for Editing Boudoir Photos

Natural photo editing is the key to your success. To receive stunning photos, use these free image editing tools.

Free Photoshop Action "Matte"

free photoshop action for boudoir photographyfree photoshop action for boudoir photography

With this action, boudoir photography will acquire a warm color, filled with blurred contrast. Apply it and you will create the effect of blurry vintage matte tones.

Free Photoshop Action "Color Tone"

free photoshop action for boudoir photosfree photoshop action for boudoir photos

Sometimes the skin looks bright red or pale in the photos. To get boudoir photos of excellent quality, edit them using the Color Tone action.

It smoothes the skin color, preserves its texture and allows you to achieve a healthy natural shade.

Free Lr Preset "Pure"

free lightroom preset for boudoir photosfree lightroom preset for boudoir photos

To fix boudoir shots taken in harsh lighting, apply this LR preset. It properly transforms the tones in the image and adds a slightly artistic flair in case you deal with black and white pictures.

Free Lr Preset "Brighten"

free lightroom preset for boudoir picturesfree lightroom preset for boudoir pictures

For boudoir portrait images taken outside, "Brighten" preset is perfect. It will work especially with the images where a model poses in flowers and greenery.

The preset brightens the natural background, emphasizes the skin color and significantly improves the overall look of the photo.

Free Overlay "Lights"

free photoshop overlay for boudoir picturesfree photoshop overlay for boudoir pictures

Boudoir photos will get a romantic vibe when you use overlay "Lights". The image will become dreamy, the background will be blurred. Your picture will reflect a certain charm, which is perfect for boudoir photography.

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