Adobe CC Express vs VistaCreate: Which Platform is Better

By Eva Williams 15 days ago, Software Reviews

If you need to find the best solution for creating and editing illustrations for social media platforms, logos, and various types of graphics, this Adobe Creative Cloud Express vs VistaCreate comparison will come in handy. Adobe CC Express has many sophisticated options, which makes it similar to such popular editors like Photoshop, Illustrator и Premiere Pro. The advantage of VistaCreate is a variety of modules and flexible templates.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express lets you use many templates and images from the Adobe Stock library. The program allows editing images using layers, adding inscriptions, and then posting them on social networks.

Professionals who develop visual content can use VistaCreate to create a static publication for social networks and blogs or get a video ad or a studio-quality animated post ready for publishing on social media platforms, etc. Besides, it’s easy to create videos and animations using Vista Create.

What Is Adobe Creative Cloud Express?

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Adobe Creative Cloud Express is a unified web- and mobile software designed to perform a variety of tasks. With this tool, it’s easy to create and share publications and stories on social media networks, invitations, and marketing assets like logos, flyers, and banners. Thanks to its drag-and-drop functionality, it is incredibly beginner-friendly, so you can design original projects in a blink of an eye.

This Adobe software includes numerous templates, 20,000 premium Adobe fonts, and 175 million licensed Adobe Stock images. Moreover, Creative Cloud Express is based on Adobe Sensei machine learning technology. Like other professional editors including Photoshop, Premiere, and Acrobat, it uses advanced technologies.

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    Adobe Creative Cloud Express: Pros and Cons

    Straightforward and intuitive UI. Check out this Adobe Creative Cloud Express vs Visme review, for example, and you will see that the former has an intuitive interface. So even novices will find it easy to use.

    Many templates. Both products in my Adobe Creative Cloud Express vs VistaCreate comparison have top-notch templates. For more convenience, you can filter the sidebar to view some specific templates or use the embedded library and find original patterns to realize your sophisticated graphic design ideas.

    The program can process files of any size, so you won’t face difficulties when printing documents or making publications on such social media networks as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat и Twitter. Another strong point is the ability to create custom sizes. Users of the outdated Adobe Spark can use the newly released Adobe Creative Cloud Express to continue working on their projects, as the product fully integrates with it.

    A collection with a million images and fonts. Adobe CC Express allows you to use a regularly updated library of licensed digital assets. This is why you can easily add them to your projects.

    The use of graphic elements is a breeze. An intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes the complicated process of adding various types of elements like text, icons, shapes, photos, music, and designer resources a straightforward procedure. Unlike VistaCreate, the program offers numerous text resources in addition to the basic text editor, which you can drag around and customize to fit the style of the overall composition.

    Furthermore, it is possible to use textures, frames, and brushes to refine your design. As these assets are often categorized, you won’t struggle with editing individual items. Besides, such elements can be easily incorporated into videos, but before performing this operation I recommend checking how to speed up a video in Adobe Creative Cloud Express.

    Easy to create animation. This advantage makes the program come out on top in the Adobe Creative Cloud Express vs VistaCreate competition. The former provides you with overall control over various animation components including text and images. You can also apply such effects as typewriter, fade, zoom, and pan. They are enough to make your social media posts more dynamic.

    The functionality of the video editor is limited. The video editor offers only basic functions. Creative Cloud Express is rather a slideshow maker than an advanced video editor. It has several quick features for cutting and merging clips. Besides, it allows you to convert files into GIF format.

    What Is VistaCreate?

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    Formerly known as Crello, VistaCreate is a visual online editor and booklet creator. Offering more than 10,000 premade templates, the program provides users with many original ideas to create exclusive designs for their ads and promos. To start working on your project, you can select any template and customize it according to your requirements. Change text, substitute background, and change the color of graphic elements. You can also use the in-built search to find the desired picture among 65 million assets of the Depositphotos collection.

    With VistaCreate, the creation of custom graphics is an intuitive and trouble-free process. You can create your images in 30 formats suitable for social media posts, illustrations for newsletters and brand pages, postcards, business cards, posters, flyers, gift certificates, and banners for online and print advertising. Like Adobe CC Express, this photo editing software for PC enables users to apply filters and other sophisticated effects to images. You can also remove or add design elements, change background images, etc. An intuitive set of image editing options is also a welcomed addition.

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      VistaCreate: Pros and Cons

      Multifunctional editing. The program lets users edit templates according to their wishes. The in-built full-featured video editor has a variety of options that are available in other advanced programs. Check out our Crello vs Canva comparison, and you will see that Vista Create also allows adding photos, adding objects, selecting and altering backdrop, customizing text by changing style, font, and color, etc.

      Saves any content in a library. No matter which program, Adobe Creative Cloud Express or VistaCreate, you will choose, both products allow you to use their libraries. However, the former does not have cloud storage. You can import your own content and customize it according to your requirements. Photos, images, logos, fonts, audio, video files, and animations – all these assets can be added to the program’s library for further use. Furthermore, VistaCreate allows you to generate new folders, add files to Favorites and purchase additional content.

      Option for adding logos. You can use this program to create stunning logos to represent your brand identity and convey your message to the audience. Check out our Adobe Framemaker vs Crello review to see why the logo creation tools available in VistaCreat are so great. With the Brand Kit function, you can not only add logos but also save and update brand colors, customize fonts, their size, and other specifications to use them in future designs.

      Rich library of assets. Another argument in favor of this program is a rich collection of assets that include thousands of animated objects, audio and video files, etc. Such an extensive library of media files guarantees a head start for every professional allowing them to create interactive visual content for WordPress blogs and other platforms. What is more, you can update this collection with your own tracks, GIFs, and videos to refine your visual projects as you like.

      Background removal feature. Whether you are going to use Adobe Creative Cloud Express or VistaCreate, the background removal feature will be at your disposal. However, the former provides this option only for Pro subscribers. Using machine learning and neural networks, which identify where an image ends and a backdrop begins, the feature allows cutting unnecessary fragments in just one click.

      Working with colors and color palettes could be more convenient. Like Canva, VistaCreate doesn’t allow you to select a compatible color palette. Another drawback is that it does not support saving corporate colors for further use.

      Requires registration. To start working on your visual project, you do not need to create an account, but registration is required to save your design.

      Adobe Creative Cloud Express vs VistaCreate: Price

      adobe creative cloud express vs vistacreate price

      To start using Adobe Creative Cloud Express, you can choose either a Free or Premium package. A Free plan comes with numerous original templates, designer resources, and Adobe fonts. This package can satisfy basic editing needs, allowing you to apply amazing effects, remove the backdrop and add animations.

      The Premium package provides a variety of top-notch options that you can use for $9.99 per month. You can also use a free trial version for 30 days. The plan covers many templates, fonts, and premium features that will come in handy when working with multimedia content. Besides, this package includes 100GB of storage space.

      VistaCreate is a web-based platform that does not require users to create an account. However, the full functionality of the resource will only become available after registration. VistaCreate offers a free Starter plan that provides editors with more than 50 thousand design templates, over one million creative resources, as well as many free fonts, objects, backdrops, etc. Moreover, you will get 10GB of space for storing your projects.

      The Pro plan for VistaCreate costs €10 per month and provides a more extensive toolkit for more demanding tasks. Besides the tools that are included in the free version, this type of subscription offers up to 50 million assets, unlimited storage space, and team accounts.

      Adobe Creative Cloud Express vs VistaCreate: Who Wins?

      After comparing Adobe Creative Cloud Express vs VistaCreate, you can see that both programs have powerful tools for creating designs, straightforward and intuitive UIs, provide access to many free fonts, as well as offer free and paid subscriptions. Despite the large number of functions available in VistaCreate, Adobe Creative Cloud Express has more useful features.

      Unlike its competitor, Adobe Creative Cloud Express has a huge selection of options for working with photos, videos, and designs to provide companies with everything they need to create, receive and publish content on various devices. A key advantage is the ability to get access to the software from any gadget connected to the web.

      VistaCreate is a web-based platform designed to process various types of content. You can use it to produce book covers, magazines, e-book templates, or other types of graphics. Other pluses are a user-friendly interface and a free package that comes with a range of useful features. This plan also enables you to add fonts, change or remove backdrop, cut out objects, etc.

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