10 Best NFT Apps for iOS and Android in 2024

By Tani Adams 21 days ago, Software Reviews

Talking about units of account in 2022, it becomes obvious that non-fungible tokens (NFT) are among the most demanded options. They can be represented by photos, paintings, videos, audio, GIFs, and actually any content that is unique in any regard. According to polls, collectors, gamers, and art lovers actively buy and sell NFTs at auctions. This article is devoted to a thorough study of the best NFT apps, which are fitted with numerous tools for creating and trading such unique assets.

Top 10 NFT Apps: Free and Cheap

  1. NFT Launchpad - Our choice
  2. Crypto - Multi-chain support
  3. OpenSea - NFT trading app
  4. Binance - Cross-blockchain functionality
  5. Axie Marketplace - NFT app for Metaverse Elements
  6. Rarible - One of the largest NFT marketplaces
  7. NBA Top Shot - For basketball fans
  8. Larva Labs - Popular for viral project called CryptoPunks
  9. SuperRare - Unique digital collectibles
  10. Foundation - NFT app for royalty-based sales

The market offers varied NFT applications, with each of them being designed for a specific niche similar to photo editing apps. Of course, every app has strong and weak points, as well as features that let it stand out from the crowd. We prepared this guide to shed light on the most popular tools nowadays and help you choose a perfect NFT app for your specific needs.

1. NFT Launchpad - Our Choice

The overall best NFT app in 2024
  • Integration with BSC and Polygon
  • Exclusive home Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club
  • You can quickly create and launch new NFT collections
  • Supports MetaMask wallets
  • None detected

Verdict: This NFT creator app tops our list and that is for a reason. It appeared in February 2022 and since the launch has been heavily used by sellers, buyers, and miners, who need an efficient tool for managing NFTs.

In fact, it serves as a marketplace with lots of features and services for convenient work. There you can find an abundance of NFTs stored on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon blockchains. The most feted thing about this app is its straightforward and neatly organized interface, so all processes are easy to monitor. Besides, you can use it both in desktop and mobile environments.

If you are pondering on secure ways to improve your financial state, this tool is worth trying out. It allows mining NFTs with ease when most operations are carried out without your manual intervention. Here you can set your own royalties and rarity level, thus, earn money in a passive way through secondary market sales. The application comes with a broad range of unique assets, including NFT photography pieces, games, animations, videos, etc.

Looking through available collections, you’ll see Punk Dogs, Great Ape Society, as well as one of the most popular games – Lucky Platinum Rollers Club. Concerning wallets, the app supports MetaMask and Trust Wallet.

nft launchpad app interface

2. Crypto

NFT app with multi-chain support
  • Accepts credit and debit cards
  • Commission-free when purchasing NFTs
  • Integrates with Ethereum blockchain
  • Prices are in USD
  • Browsing collections may be clumsy

Verdict: It was initially developed as a trading platform for the NFT segment and allowed people to exchange cryptocurrencies with no hassle. However, in March 2021, the developers changed their policy and decided to try their luck in a new, very promising area. Nowadays, the platform abounds with lots of different NFTs, covering such categories as music, games, sports, cryptocurrency, etc. The app is built on the Crypto.com blockchain, but the company promised users that soon they will be able to use Ethernet-based NFTs.

As for payment methods, this NFT app supports debit and credit cards and allows users to pay for assets with cryptocurrencies. In fact, such a diversified pricing policy is great for newbie investors. The highlight of this platform is that you can buy NFTs without paying transaction fees, which is a rare case in the sphere. No matter whether you use an app or manage your processes on the website – your experience will be smooth and straightforward.

crypto.com nft app interface

3. OpenSea

The greatest NFT trading app
  • Lots of NFT assets
  • Varied payment options including cryptocurrencies
  • Allows making secondary sales for buyers
  • No commission for NFT creators until users purchase a product
  • Poor customer support

Verdict: If you yearn to ramp up your cryptocurrency assets, this is probably the best app for NFT handling you can find. It is ranked as the biggest NFT market in the world and is also referred to as one of the top trading platforms considering the trading volumes. When you launch the app, you see a sleek interface aimed at streamlined buying, selling, and minting of NFTs. If needed, you can connect the app to your online account to analyze your activities with NFTs, keep tabs on specific NFT creators, and extend your NFT “wish list”.

Using OpenSea, you can easily find particular NFTs at a fixed price or at auctions, and complete money transactions without any hassle, as the app accepts over 150 cryptocurrencies. Keep in mind that the commission is 2.5% and it is charged to the seller. The collection of products is mind-blowing – artworks, gaming items, GIFs, rare cards, virtual worlds, and more. Such a variety of NFTs and very a straightforward operation make the application extremely popular among users.

opensea nft app interface

4. Binance

Cross-blockchain functionality
  • A plethora of NFTs
  • Binance exchange integration
  • The transaction fee is only 1%
  • Comes with random mystery boxes
  • Few exclusive collections
binance nft app logo

Verdict: Binance can be deservedly called one of the best NFT apps considering its huge collection of exclusive crypto exchanges on a worldwide scale and trading volume that spurs daily. Starting from 2021, the developers decided to do all possible to transcend analog platforms and provided users with the possibility to buy and sell NFTs without jumping through multiple loops. Moreover, the platform appeals to users with the instant log in by entering standard credentials if they have a valid account here. Thanks to its cross-platform nature, both iOS & Android users, as well as their colleagues preferring desktops, can keep track of processes in a convenient manner.

The range of NFTs categories here is very large, including arts, sports, and games, to name a few. The bragging point of the app is its “Mystery Box”, which is a special feature that allows users to buy a secret “box” and receive a randomized NFT. Products in this set are unique and you can get them at a very low cost. When it comes to paying for NFTs, you can use cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, the application doesn’t support credit and debit cards, but this aspect may be fixed in near future. 

binance nft app interface

5. Axie Marketplace

NFT app for Metaverse Elements
  • Desktop- and mobile-friendly
  • Gameplay based on trade and battles
  • Cool gameplay that involves functionality expending
  • Play-to-Early and the blockchain economy
  • Earning limits in the game
axie marketplace nft app logo
Axie Marketplace

Verdict: If you are fond of Axie Infinity and you want to use your hobby for earning money, this is surely the best NFT creator app for the task. It is developed with this game in mind and allows avid fans to exchange unique assets. Though the game includes different costumes, weapons, and lands, the application is tied to “Axies”, which are mythical characters that every character owns. Having such digital animals in your kit, you can fight other players. Partaking in battles, you receive rewards and get to the next level.

Creating pets and winning battles, you can make your heroes more valuable and further sell that at a high price. Axie Marketplace is built on the Ethereum blockchain and allows people to purchase NFT items without paying a commission fee. However, sellers are compelled to pay 4.5% of the price.

Considering the growing popularity of the game, the trading platform itself is also quickly evolving. In fact, it takes the leading positions in its niche. However, it may disappoint gamers in terms of user-friendliness and some technical nuances. 

axie marketplace nft app interface

6. Rarible

One of the largest NFT marketplace
  • Well-designed and neat interface
  • Fast NFT creation & minting process
  • Users can earn from secondary sales of their collectibles
  • Premium content
  • Buyers and sellers must pay a 2.5% commission
rarible nft app logo

Verdict: Being slightly inferior to OpenSea, this NFT trading platform is highly popular among users due to a range of factors. First off, it makes the process of selling, purchasing, and creating all kinds of NFTs a breeze.

However, the main focus here is on artistic NFTs and collectibles. Another reason for its popularity is a well-structured interface, which allows fulfilling core tasks in a jiffy. You can prepare an adjustable news feed to highlight NFT trends and monitors your favorite creators. The search tool deserves a special note, as locating a specific NTF takes up several seconds. Besides, there is a straightforward filtering system that makes the process even more accurate.

This NFT app is designed on the Ethereum blockchain and provides access to products hosted on the Flow and Tezos blockchains. You can use both credit and debit cards to pay for assets. What’s more, the application has its own RARI token, using which you can take part in content curation and vote on proposals to make the entire system optimized to current demands. Active traders on this platform receive RARI as a reward. Of course, there are lots of advantages that are sure to attract users, but a commission of 2.5% charged from both sellers and buyers can become a deterrent factor.

rarible nft app interface

7. NBA Top Shot

World's top basketball leagues
  • Paying with cryptocurrencies is optional
  • New drops appear regularly
  • Usability and clear payment system
  • Built on Flow blockchain, so a commission fee is lower compared to Ethereum
  • Completely custodial NFT platform with limited support for cryptocurrencies
nba top shot nft app logo
NBA Top Shot

Verdict: People, who can’t imagine their life without basketball and dream of getting unique content in NFT format, should definitely opt for NBA Top Shot. It was created by the National Basketball Association with the aim to provide avid fans with the possibility to buy licenses video clips, game highlights, and even rare cards with an autograph. Each NFT is priced based on supply and demand. An interesting feature of this NFT app is “packages” with random sets of elements. If you don’t mind taking your chances and receiving one-of-a-kind NFTs, choose such a package.

The platform operates on the Dapper Labs Flow blockchain and allows users to pay for the products in BTC, FLOW, BCH, ETH, and other popular cryptocurrencies. Alternatively, you can use credit or debit cards. However, this marketplace is closed, so you can’t mint your own NFTs. So, it is only possible to sell and buy NFTs presented on the platform.

nba top shot nft app interface

8. Larva Labs

Viral project called CryptoPunks
  • Secure transactions
  • Details about every punk portrait
  • The authenticity of each punk portrait is verified
  • The app becomes more and more popular according to the latest sales
  • Ethereum-only payment
  • Expensive
larva labs nft app logo
Larva Labs

Verdict: If you want to expand your collection of NFT tokens with valuable items, have a look at Larva Labs. It contains terrific collectibles, while the most lauded feature is the CryptoPunks project. There you can find over 10K randomly generated characters featuring unique traits. All this stuff was available for free in 2017, but currently, you have to pay a rather hefty sum to become an owner. In fact, the most expensive Punk was sold for $7.6 million.

The team behind this NFT creator app is very active and rolls out new projects very frequently. For instance, they launched an NFT game entitled Rod Trip, a digital art project called Autoglyphs, and Meebits, a voxel-based NFT trading platform. Thanks to its Ethereum nature, the application allows paying for assets with a MetaMask wallet.

larva labs nft app interface

9. SuperRare

Unique digital collectibles
  • Prolific artists can enjoy high royalties
  • Neat and user-friendly interface
  • Focuses on works of art
  • Large collection of rare star art
  • Accepts payments via Ethereum only
superrare nft app logo

Verdict: SuperRare has a very telling name. Here you can find rare NFTs and collections, which are perfectly combined with other tokens from famed and beginning authors. Since this NFT app was designed on Ethereum, users can issue and sell their stuff on different trading platforms operating on the same blockchain.

The interface is uncluttered and straightforward, while the transactions are carried out through MetaMask, Fortmatic, and WalletConnetc wallets. The biggest highlight of the app is that it allows you to be active both in primary and secondary markets. The former ones are suitable for buying the latest NFTs, while the secondary environment is great for reselling content. However, there is a serious issue, namely, a commission of 15% charged from anyone who wants to list their works on the platform. Though this seems a rip-off, there is a royalty program according to which creators get % on future sales. It is up to you to decide whether this system will work for you.

superrare nft app interface

10. Foundation

NFT app for royalty-based sales
  • Collecting tokens is free
  • A creator receives a 10% royalty when reselling NFT on the secondary market
  • Lots of active authors and over 177,000 NFTs
  • Provides access to the primary and secondary market
  • Not optimized for mobiles
foundation nft app logo

Verdict: This is the best app for NFT management if you want to conduct all operations in the webspace. The platform contains exclusive content presented in the form of an auction. You can purchase all items presented within 24 hours, which may seem to be a very short period, but, on the other hand, this approach allows sieving through mediocre NFTs and joining the most creative artists.

Similar to other tools on this list, Foundation operates on Ethereum and allows paying for items with cryptocurrencies. However, sellers are often astonished by a 15% commission and some of them switch to other marketplaces being totally outraged with such a pricing policy. Though authors can get part of their funds through a 10% increase in royalties, this isn’t an argument for some.

foundation nft app interface