Spyne App Review 2022: Ai Tool For Marketplaces

By Kate Gross 16 days ago, Apps and Software


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Verdict: I liked the Spyne app primarily because of the single-click background editing feature. This application employs AI tech to produce images that can be used for selling your products or services. It’s great that the AI complies with the requirements and guidelines of specific marketplaces, allowing you to focus solely on taking and posting the photo.

This app will be of use to retouchers and photographers who want to enhance their product photos on the go. The application will also be to the taste of business owners who want to quickly delete the background from a photo, enhance it, and quickly create an image that satisfies all marketplace requirements.

  • AI-based image enhancement
  • Enhance images to fit specific marketplaces
  • Bulk photo processing feature
  • Cloud storage feature
  • Huge collection of premium backgrounds
  • Could be a tad quicker
spyne app interface

Spyne app allows companies and individuals to produce top-tier product images with the help of AI technology. It creates studio-setting pictures in a matter of seconds regardless of what type of product you're selling be it cars, clothes, food, or something else entirely. You can use the app either in your browser or on your phone.

Spyne App — Main Features

spyne app logo

To replace the background in a photo and prepare it to be posted on different marketplaces, you simply have to open this background removal software, choose the desired category, and click on “Upload an Image”. Then drag the picture into the marked area, pick the background you like, and the app will do everything else for you.

Categories for Different Businesses

spyne app categories

When I opened the app, the first thing I was offered was to pick a category. The current options include automobile, fashion, food, and eCommerce. Thankfully, this list is constantly being expanded.

The Spyne app can be used as a fantastic vehicle background editor. It employs AI, ML, and Computer Vision to seamlessly replace the existing backdrop with a studio background that will ensure the image looks clean and professional. Moreover, if you click on multiple photos taken from different angles, you can even produce a realistically stitched 360° car photo.

I’ve also tested this AI photo editor on a Fashion category image. The app carefully replaced the background while ensuring the image retains its natural look. I liked the ease with which I received the desired fashion photos in just a few seconds. As a result, I got a bunch of professional-quality clothing photos that I could post on my marketplace of choice.

Each category doesn’t just offer different background options but some additional features as well. For instance, the Automobile category allows you to separately upload the car’s license plate, pick the window tint, and choose the logo placement. Meanwhile, the Fashion category lets you add shadows and change the image size to fit a specific marketplace.

One-Click Editing

spyne app one-click editing

According to the developers, Spyne employs New Age Editing Tech. The photo processing process is facilitated by AI, Machine Learning, and computer vision, as everything is done automatically. The user simply has to click a button, wait for a couple of seconds, and download the finished photo onto their device.

Thanks to such impressive editing technology, this application produces highly-sharp images with a precision rate of over 99%. The results you receive are nearly indistinguishable from a professional photoshoot. By producing content of such high quality, you can rest assured your business will witness an increase in sales and brand recognition.

Premium Niche-Specific Backgrounds

spyne app premium backgrounds

You can choose from hundreds of backgrounds and templates to showcase the product in the best light possible. Moreover, the backgrounds are chosen for each category separately while accounting for the unique features of the products. For instance, you can place a car onto a platform, into a car dealership, or simply stick to a single-tone background.

Marketplace Ready Images

The produced photos are adjusted to fit the eCommerce platform of your choice. Conveniently, you don't have to memorize photo editing requirements for marketplaces. You simply have to pick the needed option from platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and others. As a result, you never have to worry about hiring manual image editors again.

Product Pictures Help

If can’t create high-quality photos yourself, you can take advantage of a professional service and let experts handle all aspects of the photoshoot while you maintain creative control. Such a service is also great because you can be 100% certain you’ll receive photos that can be included in your product catalog.

Mobile App for Editing on the Go

spyne mobile app

Spyne app is also available on smartphones. You can take a product photo, remove the background, and upload it to the needed platform all within a single place.

It’s great that any user can take a high-quality photo, as the application guides them through every step of the process. The app will show an image outline that you have to fit your product in. Moreover, you can retake the photo as many times as you need until you’re happy with the result.

As for the available categories, the mobile app offers a larger number of them than the web version. Other than Car, Food, and eCommerce, you’ll also find categories like Footwear, Women's Fashion, Men's Fashion, and Bikes.

You don’t need to wait until the project is done being edited. You merely need to send an editing SKU before you start working on the next image. After you’ve finished the photo shoot, you'll see that all previous images are already done. I found the app to be slightly unintuitive, as I didn’t immediately figure out where to find the finished images. Meanwhile, the web version is a lot more straightforward and convenient.

What I did like is the availability of tutorials on the app’s home page. In just a few minutes, experts will explain how to properly take photos of cars and shoes and how to enhance them using the app.

Spyne App Prices

To download an edited picture, you have to purchase credits. The price of one credit is $0.99, which will cover the enhancement of a single image. The more credits you buy, the lower the price per photo you’ll have to pay.

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