Complete Adobe Spark Review 2022

Adobe Spark Review

Adobe Spark
Platforms: Win, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS
Price: Free or $9.99/month

Verdict: Adobe Spark is an application targeted at smaller enterprises or any kind of educational institution that might need to create short instructional videos or one-page websites. For that, a special toolkit was integrated, help you create and apply logos, templates, inscriptions, filters, animated pieces and more. Whatever you’re making in the program can further be published with a style signature.

  • Desktop and mobile versions for any OS
  • No Creative Cloud membership needed
  • Incredibly easy to learn
  • Web pages for e-commerce can’t be created
  • Video length restriction of half a minute
adobe spark interface

Spark Page, for generating websites that only have one page, and all the content gets displayed as you scroll down. This section was previously a separate project called Adobe Slate. It was a story app where you could put together some text and images.

Spark Post, for compiling graphics that consist of images and inscriptions and can have filters and overlays applied to them.

Spark Video, for assembling short clips or animations that contain real footage, images, background sound of any kind. The app sprouted out of Adobe Voice, one of the more limited iPad Adobe video editors that came out in 2014.

Complete Adobe Spark Review

adobe spark logo

This application is all about creating impressive graphics and tutorials, plus building simple web pages. It consists of three subproducts: Post, Video and Pages elements of the main program.

Simple and Easy to Use

adobe spark simple and easy to use

Most programs of this developer are of a very high level and take a long time to learn. An Adobe Spark tutorial would be very short, instead, because the program is surprisingly simple and intuitive. Still, it gives you tools of quite a high level.

It only takes a short time after signing up to have a proper website put together and ready for display. The latter, by the way, is also taken care of by Adobe. If you don’t have hosting of your own, they provide for those working through their program.

Professional Graphics for Visual Impact

adobe spark professional graphics for visual impact

Creating personalized graphics is incredibly easy in this program, which gives it another point in Adobe Spark vs InDesign competition. You pick the main image, supply it with written comments, apply the necessary filters that would help hold the attention of viewers, and that’s it.

This feature can help you create an engaging advertisement or informative product pictures for your online retailing. If you’re promoting things on social media, this will be the best free graphic design software. Any content can be easily optimized for the platform you will be publishing it on.

Scrolling One-Page Websites

adobe spark scrolling one-page websites

It’s a general knowledge that the creation of a website is a time and labor-consuming process. However, unlike Adobe Spark alternatives here you can create a one-page site with continuous scrolling without much special knowledge. Such important matters as optimization for various devices will be done automatically by the software itself. You only need to bring the content in.

Easy Assembling of Promotional Videos

adobe spark easy assembling of promotional videos

Video content is a massively popular form of interaction with viewers and with this program. It becomes accessible even to those without experience. You only need some video or image as material and the best online slideshow maker will help you supply it with music, comments, cinematic motion. It is really great for any type of content and will help you quickly fill up your platforms.

Leveraging Social Media with Adobe Spark

Today, the importance of social media grows as brands are using it to connect with their customers and understand them better. This software can help you with creating a multitude of types of content like:

  • Square-format visuals to seamlessly blend into the Instagram newsfeed
  • Headers for the cover of your Facebook or Twitter page
  • Shareable infographics
  • Animations or footage for telling a cohesive story

Support for Apple’s Live Photos

adobe spark support for apple live photos

Unlike other applications, this one supports the use of Apple’s Live Photos for background coverage.

Many Pre-Built Design Components

adobe spark many pre-built design components

Any Adobe Spark review will tell you that it contains a great source of inspiration, as well as creative tools. It only takes some rummaging through the features and checking out various samples to kickstart the creative machine inside your head.

If you’re starting on a project, try browsing the catalogs of features to collect interesting ideas and decide on the path you want to take for it. The catalog can also be expanded by some user-created things more tailored to your tastes.

Lack of Customization

adobe spark lack of customization

The biggest flaw of Adobe Spark is the scarcity of customization options of the logo maker. The only two changeable things here are the font and its color. Moreover, choosing either means cycling through the options instead of just clicking on the one you want directly.

Logo Files Are Not Saved

As if that wasn’t frustrating enough, the results of your work disappear once you shut the program down. I thought that making an account contributes to storing the work I make. But unfortunately, my freshly created logo was not on the dashboard or anywhere else.

Wide Selection of Spark Templates

adobe spark templates

If you need to patch up a simple website really quickly, nothing is easier than just picking a template from among the available ones. You can make it look different with some light customization and your special content to have your business running pretty soon.

Versions for Android and iOS

adobe spark android and ios

In 2018, the version for Android has been successfully launched and much improved since then. Android users can also benefit from the convenient tools for creating graphics. Before, the only other operating version was for iOS.

Adobe Spark Prices

If you acquire a plan, more tools will become available. Such additional features, however, do not deal with the Adobe Spark limits in the logo section. There are the following options so far:

  • Elimination of the developer’s logo from your website projects
  • You can add your own logo to any project coming out of the software
  • The possibility of color and font precision for branding consistency
  • An alteration made in one place gets simultaneously applied to all the relevant pieces of the project
  • Pre-made themes in the branding style you have indicated

For a month of full-feature use, you will have to pay $9.99. Alternatively, you can pay ten times that to cover a full year, which saves you the cost of two months in the long term.

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Give proper consideration to the alternatives that strive for the attention of users. Find something to cover the deficiencies of the Adobe Spark free mode and equip your team in the best possible way for a competitive price.

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