PicMonkey vs BeFunky: Full Comparison 2023

PicMonkey or BeFunky – which program is more suitable for creating original graphics and promo materials? What are the strong and weak points of every software? Read till the end to learn the answers.

PicMonkey is a digital asset management service highly popular among bloggers. It contains the most popular features for quick and trouble-free work with different graphic files, without confusing users with advanced functionality.

BeFunky is a user-friendly editor with many handy tools for handling professional-grade projects. Everything is arranged in a straightforward way, so you can easily grasp how the software works and spruce your images up with eye-pleasing effects.

What Is PicMonkey?

picmonkey logo

PicMonkey is a free program with intuitive controls. It is suitable both for beginning designers and experienced users. PicMonkey enjoys popularity among bloggers striving to intrigue followers with unique content, photographers, printing experts, and creatives working in digital agencies.

Similar to the top filter apps, the services contain nice filters for quick editing. There are also collections of layers and text elements for more personalized results. You can use the program as a user-friendly alternative to a collage maker, taking advantage of ready-made layouts and numerous fonts.

The range of templates and fonts is mind-blowing, so creating unique covers, logos, business cards, invitations, and even regular posts on social networks will be a breeze. In addition to standard features, PicMonkey contains image retouching instruments, so you can even out the skin tone, polish particular areas of a photo, make eyes brighter, and apply a “digital finishing”.

  • picmonkey interface
  • picmonkey interface

    PicMonkey: Pros and Cons

    Lots of fonts. The first thing to keep in mind while comparing PicMonkey versus BeFunky is an amazingly broad collection of fonts available in the first program. Using the text tool, you can complement your graphic design with elegant inscriptions that match its style.

    From simple fonts like Didact Gothic and Geo Sans Light to more elaborate variations – there is much to discover in the font book. In fact, you can even use scripts and hand-lettered fonts. However, the best thing is that you can upload and use fonts that weren’t initially included in the pack.

    A broad color palette. It seems that the software comes with a purpose-built tool for every imaginable operation. For instance, if you want to change the color of your text, just use a corresponding instrument. Besides, you can change the position of the text, make it larger or smaller, move it to the background/foreground, and more. When playing with colors, you can select a suitable option through typing or paste the needed color code. Color codes can be copied for streamlined work.

    A rich collection of overlays. A variety of free overlays available right in the program may become a decisive point for those interested in the PicMonkey vs BeFunky comparison. Looking through the pack, you’ll see all types of animals, smokes, stars, different shapes, lines, and more. You can change the size of an overlay, experiment with its placement, change color and transparency. In fact, using overlays is the easiest way of creating thumbnails.

    Great for selfie-lovers. If you are one of those users who like to bring to life different selfie ideas every day, and have piles of images that require gentle tweaks, make sure to test PicMonkey. It contains a special feature called Touch Up that you can use to jazz up your selfies, portrait and family photos for further publication on social networks.

    You can quickly whiten your teeth, apply lip tinting, make eyes brighter, and get rid of skin imperfections. However, if you have group photos that require advanced editing, you’d better address a family photo editing service.

    Limited mobile version. People, who are used to improving their shots on the go, will be disappointed to learn that PicMonkey mobile version is several points behind a desktop one. The range of features is severely cut, so possible edits boil down to basic adjustments.

    Poorly copes with large files. The program showed very bad results during my PicMonkey vs BeFunky test, when I uploaded large-scale files and tried to edit them. I saw errors both at the import and export stages, which made my whole work totally unbearable.

    What Is BeFunky?

    befunky logo

    BeFunky is a mixture of photo editing software for beginners and innovative tools. For instance, using the program, you can crop, touch up, and resize your photos, and then get down to more creative alterations – turn images into cartoonish pictures or art pieces. Some filters provide the effects you typically get with Lightroom presets without producing unrealistic outcomes. Besides, you can use BeFunky to declutter your background or make it transparent in virtually no time.

    The highlight of the software is Pinterest pin maker feature. If you are a social media influencer, this option is bound to make your life easier. Not only photographers but also graphic designers use BeFunky for their work. Customizable graphic instruments are arranged in a convenient way, so you can easily find a tool for your current needs.

    • befunky interface
    • befunky interface

      BeFunky: Pros and Cons

      Registration-free program. The possibility to work without registration gives this program an additional point in the PicMonkey vs BeFunky battle. Unlike similar services, here you can get down to the creative part without undergoing multiple sign-up steps. Just go to the Create tab and start your project.

      Set the background color of a collage. While creating collages, users get total freedom over the color of the background. They can keep it transparent, set it white, or use livelier color combinations. Besides, you can adjust the edges of every photo.

      Automatic collage creation. No need to fill a collage manually. Upload images you want to use in a collage and activate the auto-fill feature. This is a really time-saving approach used by many experts. 

      Handy “Save” feature. Once you are done, you can save your project to your computer, in the BeFunky account, on Google Drive or Dropbox, or share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

      Many functions are paid. The biggest problem with this software is that most of its features are paid. Besides, those tools that are available for free in a desktop version may be paid if you use BeFunky on your mobile. This seems very strange and freaks out many users. 

      PicMonkey vs BeFunky: Price

      picmonkey vs befunky price

      Both programs are advertised as free tools, but there are some nuances to keep in mind.

      PicMonkey is free to use only for 7 days. The monthly subscription is divided into three tariff plans and starts at $7.99. For this money, you get access to all functions.

      BeFunky is available for free without time limits, but there are serious functionality restrictions you have to put up with. A monthly plan costs $8.99.

      PicMonkey vs BeFunky: Who Wins

      Naming a definite winner in this battle is impossible as much depends on your particular needs. PicMonkey is a more appealing option in terms of the cost, though the difference between prices isn’t that big. However, if you want to apply simple tweaks to your photo without spending a cent, you should opt for BeFunky. Moreover, this program is more suitable for beginners.

      PicMonkey is more suitable for advanced users and companies looking for a wider set of tools, effects, and capabilities.

      Bonus Tools

      picmonkey vs befunky bonus tools

      This collection contains professional high-res textures varying in colors and shapes. You can use them to embellish photos, graphic designs, branding materials, etc.

      All textures are designed for smooth work in PicMonkey and BeFunky. Drag and drop the texture you like or upload it through the Control panel to start creating mesmerizing projects.

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