PhotoKit Review 2024: AI-Based Editor For Beginners


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Verdict: I like that PhotoKit contains lots of options for editing. Besides, you can take advantage of 1-click smoothness feature and the clarity filter to improve your pictures with ease. Those people who want to embellish their images with nostalgic touches or give them a grayscale look, should use the effect option.

While editing, you can use a magic eraser, warp, transform, and other tools. In addition, there is a collection of stickers, which come in handy if you want to complement your ordinary images with creative elements. Many users, me included, believe that the Frames and College feature is one of the bragging points of this program.

  • Very user-friendly
  • Fantastic photo effects
  • One-click enhancement
  • Simple instrument for removing
  • Simple instrument for removing background and other objects
  • Creative collage templates
  • The quality of AI edited pictures may be sometimes disappointing
photokit interface

PhotoKit is a great instrument if you want to improve your shots in a quick and straightforward manner. The program is easy to use and contains no frills that can distract during work. The best thing about using PhotoKit is that you don’t need to download it on your computer, as it operates in a browser.

This photo editing software for beginners excels at quick image processing, batch photo improvement, background removal in business pictures, preparing visual content for posts on social networks and other websites.

PhotoKit — Main Features

photokit logo

PhotoKit online photo editor has a broad range of features that you can use to improve different types of images, remove background, apply artistic effects, and even create photo collages. This photo editing software for PC and Mac allows cropping, resizing, and rotating shots, as well as initiate batch photo processing (supports PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF formats).

Simple Interface with Intuitive Function Layout

When you open the program, you are suggested to upload a photo or select one of the samples. You can also create an image. After that, your photo will appear in the workspace of the program. By clicking Open, you can upload a new background image, an overlay image, or a ready-made editor project file.

You can also search for a photo by clicking Search. You will have access to more than 2.3 million photos, illustrations, and vector graphics.

Once you have chosen a picture, you can start improving it. Select any desired function at the bottom of the screen: Cutout, Inpaint, Clarity, Exposure, Smooth, Balance, Correction, etc. The program automatically enhances the picture; you just need to choose what you want to do and wait for the result.

Basic Editing Options

photokit basic tools

The program contains such basic functions as resize, crop, clipping, transform, and eraser. You can change the size of an image in a couple of clicks, and you can either set the dimensions manually or use the preset options. All popular formats are available. For example, you can choose square 1:1 for social networks.

You can also rotate or flip a photo, blur the background, change the shape and size of objects in a picture, and the perspective in a quick way.

Instant Background Removal

photokit remove background tool

PhotoKit attracts users with its top-notch background removal tool that allows you to cope with the task in 5 seconds. Besides, the program accurately recognizes foreground types and fine edge details for a perfect outcome. To remove the background, select the Cutout function, and the program will automatically remove the background. I liked that the tool does a good job even with details like hair, and the result looks neat and natural.

After the original background was removed, you can upload a new background image or paint the background with one color. The pleasing part is that this free background removal software selects shades, focusing on the color scheme of your photo. You can also choose any other color by opening the palette.

Accurate Removal of Needless Objects in Photos

photokit removing object tool

The smart brush available in the program is very user-friendly and allows achieving very accurate results in virtually no time. With its help, you can repair damaged images, remove watermarks, get rid of wrinkles and skin defects, and delete needless elements.

To remove an object from a photo, select the Inpaint option. Choose a brush of the right size and paint over the object or needless detail. You will see the result in less than 10 seconds. I liked how neatly the program removes objects, leaving no trace behind them. At the same time, the background in this area looks natural and doesn’t differ from other areas.

Improving Image Quality in a Few Clicks

PhotoKit online photo editor contains the Clarity tool that allows improving overall picture quality, changing the way a photo is perceived, making an image clearer, and even enriching the amount of info presented. This is especially suitable if you enhance photos for websites, shots taken with mobile phones, and cut-out frames from videos.

This tool improved the clarity and contrast of my image in a couple of seconds. At the same time, the result looked natural, without an over-edited effect.

Accurate Exposure Recovery

There is a separate exposure repairment section with the tools needed for altering the brightness ratio of an object and controlling the amount of exposure with one click. This means you control the exposure so that the layer, quality, and color of an object can be truly reproduced.

To restore exposure, click on Exposure. The program will automatically lighten the picture. The tool will help brighten up photos taken on a cloudy day.

Easy Tone Balance Restoration

By clicking Balance, the program automatically saturates the color. The picture looks slightly lightened, and the colors become more saturated. This tool helps improve the quality of photos taken in low light and restore natural colors.

If you think the range of tools in this program is insufficient or you don’t know how to improve colors so that a photo looks natural, contact professional retouchers. They will correct colors and improve an image so that it becomes attention-grabbing.

Standard Effects and Filters for Adjusting the Colors

photokit effects and filters

By clicking Effects, you will have access to over 100 effects. Each effect can be further adjusted; you can modify contrast, brightness, saturate, sepia, grayscale, invert, hue, and change rotation. The advantage of this tool is that in a few clicks you can turn a standard image into black and white, vintage, or apply the x-ray effect.

As for filters, there aren’t as many of them as effects, but they are enough for basic image enhancement. You can choose one filter or combine several variants. PhotoKit also has additional options for turning an image into a painted picture or a frame from a cartoon. In one click, the program transforms a photo the way you want. Of the minuses, it is impossible to adjust the result.

Automatic Overlaying of Two Photos

photokit style tool

Another interesting automatic option is called Style. The program combines 2 photos, creating a completely new image. In general, the outlines of objects will remain in your picture, while the background and texture will be changed. This is a simplified version of complex manipulations in Photoshop, however, in PhotoKit you cannot adjust the result.

Photoshop-Like Tools

Similar to Photoshop, here you can find the Dodge and Burn tools. They are created with traditional darkroom technique in mind and can be used to regulate exposure on specific areas of an image.

You can hold back light to lighten a piece of a photo (dodging) or raise exposure to darken specific parts (burning). The more you paint over the area with the help of Dodge&Burn in this Photoshop alternative, the lighter or darker it becomes.

Simple Object Recoloring

With Colorize you can change the color of a particular object in a photo. To do this, select the shade you want to color the object in and paint over it. Wait while the program handles the result. I liked how the tool works with the background – the hue looks like it was in the original image.

Apply Stickers to Make Photos Unique

PhotoKit online photo editor contains a collection of shapes and stickers that you can add to your picture. It is convenient that all the elements are divided into categories so that you can quickly find the sticker you need. There are regular stars, clouds and emotions, as well as more non-standard AI and organisms.

Basic Batch Photo Processing

photokit batch processing

PhotoKit allows you to edit multiple images at once. To do this, select Open - Batch Processing. In a new window, you will see options that you can change for all photos – size, scale, transform, and others. You can convert several photos at once to the desired format, add a watermark to them or compress images.

I changed the format and size of 14 files in this batch photo editor, spending no more than 5 seconds. The quality of images remained intact.

Convenient Photo Collage Tools

photokit collage tool

The program has a specific feature for making corners automatically round, allowing you to set the desired radius. You can also add a frame to your photo, altering its style. If you need to combine several pictures, use the Collage or Stitching options.

The Collage option in this free photo collage maker allows you to combine any number of pictures. You can also choose the width of the collage, the number of columns, and its style. Collages differ in geometric shapes and arrangement of blocks – Diamond, Ellipse, Hexagon, Tile, and Mosaic.

The second option, namely, Stitching is suitable if you need to glue together 2 photos taken in the same plane. You upload pictures, and then the program glues them together.

PhotoKit Prices

PhotoKit is free to use with some restrictions. You will have full access to all functions, AI tools, but downloads are limited. Also, if you want to use the program for free, you'll have to put up with ads.

If you want to download an unlimited number of edited pictures, you should choose the VIP package in PhotoKit pricing options. You will also have 24/7 customer support and ad-free working space. A monthly subscription costs $9.9, and a yearly subscription is priced at $29.9. Alternatively, you can get lifetime access to the program for $99.9.

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