16 Honeymoon Photo Ideas for Romantic Photos from Vocation

Realize these honeymoon photo ideas for capturing important moments of this romantic time. This is a great way of diving into memories every time you look through pictures.

Some ideas require using additional props like pillows, candles, a bathtub, etc. To bring other ideas to life, you need to conduct a photo session near waterfalls, in an icy place, or even underwater. Many concepts are suitable for an anniversary or your next vacation.

Top 16 Honeymoon Photo Ideas

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To take creative and lively pictures, make a shot list beforehand. These are some of my professional tips and tricks to help you take adorable pictures. You will find lovely, touching, and original ideas that are easy to realize.

1. Use Popular Tourist Places If You Can

popular place for honeymoon photo

Probably, you and your beloved one have planned a wedding trip very thoroughly thinking of every detail. If you want to capture your magic moments, you should conduct a photoshoot near the famous monuments in the city you are going to visit.

eiffel tower for honeymoon photo

For instance, one of the most romantic spots and a dream destination of many couples is Eiffel Tower. Taking images at this place will bring you much pleasure. Experiment with couple photo ideas to make your pictures original. To take a warm and touching shot, a couple can dance, spin, etc.

2. Use Kissing to Get Most Romantic Atmosphere

kissing for honeymoon photo

To take romantic and intimate pictures while kissing, the lips of the newlyweds shouldn’t be slightly apart. Such a photo induces a viewer to imagine further actions and has an impressive effect. By shooting a couple from different perspectives, you can emphasize the level of intimacy between lovers.

Adding gestures when posing is a nice idea. A woman can touch partner’s cheek or ear with a hand or get him closer by pulling the back of his head. A guy can touch her under her chin with two fingers or caress her cheek.

couple kissing for honeymoon photo

Check out the couple photography guide and learn the principles of lifestyle photography to get awesome pictures.

3. Use the Sunset for Gorgeous Photos

sunset in honeymoon photo

Photos with a setting sun in the background look amazing. To take such pics, you need to photograph at beaches, oceans, and seashores. Make sure you have activated your flash in to prevent harsh silhouettes.

If you want to incorporate sunset into the frame, it is recommended to arrive at least 45 minutes earlier. This time is called the Golden Hour and it is favored by most photographers. When taking sunset beach photos, use wide-angle lenses (between 28 and 35 mm) as they allow you to capture a big part of the adorable oceanside landscape.

using sunset for honeymoon photo

When retouching pictures, use sunset presets to make your honeymoon pictures intimate and romantic. These presets are especially helpful when editing pictures with orange, yellow, and brown colors prevailing. If you have difficulties when installing these filters, read how to install Lightroom presets.

4. Warming and Close-Up Hugs

close-up hugs for honeymoon photo

Hugging is one of the greatest poses for honeymoon pictures. However, remember to focus on the finest details. Besides, you don’t necessarily need to capture faces, as the embrace alone can convey warm feelings. Such a pose is frequently used in portrait photography.

warming hugs for honeymoon photo

The most beautiful and genuine images are those taken spontaneously. When posing for a shot, people often freeze and smile artificially. So, don’t repeat such a mistake and try to capture a fleeting moment. Opt for natural poses to feel at ease when being shot. Ask the newlyweds to get closer to each other and just feel.

If you experience difficulties with editing, take advantage of these photo editing tips for beginners or turn to professional retouchers.

5. Use Your Hotel Room to Get Intimate Shot in Bed

using hotel room for honeymoon photo

Taking a shot in a hotel room where you stay for your wedding trip is among the most intimate honeymoon photo ideas. Of course, you need to decide how frank these shots can be and define the boundaries. Some couples are even ready for nude photography experiments.

Learn how well a room is lit during different parts of the day: sunrise, afternoon, and sunset. Choose a room that is located on the side where natural light easily penetrates the living space in the period when you are going to organize the shooting.

couple in the bed for honeymoon photo

If you are not sure how to take original images at such locations, check out photography idea at home. To make the shots even more creative, add furniture and décor like bed pillows and long fur blanket to the composition.

6. Use the Latest Honeymoon Trend – Underwater Photo

underwater trend for honeymoon photo

If you are looking for the trendiest honeymoon photography ideas, try to shoot underwater in such locations as a lake, sea, or even a swimming pool. Conduct a photo session when the sun is right overhead to get perfect lighting.

Learn how to control buoyancy first to get sharp photos. You need to make sure that a camera and your hands are steady. When shooting underwater, try to be motionless and hover using breathing techniques. Don’t even think of holding on to some underwater objects. You shouldn’t stand, kneel or lay on the seafloor either.

underwater idea for honeymoon photo

No matter whether you are going to shoot an underwater kiss, deep-sea diving, or just take a half underwater picture, you will need some waterproof equipment like a GoPro camera. If you are a beginning photographer, check out GoPro tips before taking photos.

Mind that common shooting laws don’t work underwater. For instance, you need to use 6 times stronger lighting than on land. Besides, the key to successful underwater photography is to shoot as fast as possible, as makeup and skin texture will be affected by water. Having an assistant is a smart decision.

7. Use Romantic Couple Bathtub

romantic couple bathtub for honeymoon photo

Don’t solely focus on famous spots or beautiful places but try to take pictures in more intimate and cozy locations like a fancy spa tub. Use such props as rose petals, candles, music, and champagne to add some charm to your shots.

couple in bathtub for honeymoon photo

If you want to conduct a photo session on your own, use camera timers apps. For instance, iPhone’s ten-second timer will give you enough time to get into the shot. Learn how to use this handy option to take amazing photos without asking other people to help you. Another recommendation is to purchase a compact foldable tripod to set up a scene.

8. Use Candle Lights to Get Creative Image on the Beach

using candle lights for honeymoon photo

If you are looking for the most romantic honeymoon photoshoot ideas, then this option is right for you. Arrange candles around a couple to get warmth-filled images.

Prepare candles set, check your white balance on your camera, and start shooting. If the white balance is adjusted automatically, you won’t get the desired warm glow. But candlelit shots amaze with warm colors like reds. If your equipment makes photos cooler, you won’t get an intimate and soft light effect.

couple with candle lights for honeymoon photo

If there are lots of candles, you need to use a low shutter speed. My recommendation is to look though popular tripod brands and buy a model to your budget to stabilize a camera.

9. Take a Picture Around the Waterfalls

around the waterfalls for honeymoon photo

Using waterfalls as a backdrop is one of the most winning honeymoon picture ideas. If you organize your wedding trip photoshoot at a location with a waterfall, you will not only have stunning images but also enjoy cherishing moments at such a powerful place.

couple around the waterfalls for honeymoon photo

When photographing newlyweds in front of a waterfall, you need to get a smooth water look. In this case, avoid using a fast shutter speed. Instead, shoot at a long shutter speed to capture smoothness that will make your picture even more beautiful.

10. Use Icy Place for Magical Photoshoot

icy place for honeymoon photo

When taking photos in a snowy setting, you can create a really magical composition. If you want to have such pictures, head to cold places like Manali, the Swiss Alps, Svalbard, etc. Make sure to capture the beauty of this location and every precious moment of your honeymoon trip. Try various winter photoshoot ideas and incorporate some unique details to make your images more original.

If you have your winter photo session outside, you should wear an appropriate outfit. Put on warm sweaters, nice coats, trendy boots, hats, and gloves. Check out these snow photography tips to work like a pro.

Keep in mind that dry air and low temperatures may cause some skin problems like dryness, itchiness, and irritation, so do the necessary cosmetic procedures for keeping moisture. You can use a moisturizing cream and moisturizing lip balm.

11. Try Amazing Pictures at the Beach

couple at the beach for honeymoon photo

Taking wedding trip pictures at the beach is a very popular honeymoon photo idea. Images snapped during sunrise and sunset are especially beautiful. I also advise experimenting with beach photography ideas to get adorable images.

The color of your attire can either make or break your photoshoot. If you are taking pictures at the beach and models are wearing blue clothes, photos won’t elicit any WOW effect, as subjects will merge with the background. Therefore, choosing outfits that contrast the colors of a shooting spot is a must. It is also a great idea to use such props as a beach umbrella, beach hats or beach blanket.

using beach for honeymoon photo

The golden hours are best suited for practicing outdoor portrait photography. So, have your camera with you during this time.

12. Find the Funny on the Road

couple on the road for honeymoon photo

When traveling with your partner for a lovely honeymoon, make sure to take as many photos as possible. By taking pictures on the road, you will capture these precious moments to relive them in your memory in the future.

on the road for honeymoon photo

Choose any creative photography idea that meets your requirements. For example, you can create a story from a series of shots. Take photos featuring various scenes: when you are hugging, running, a partner is embracing or lifting you, etc. You can merge several pictures into one by using free photo collage makers.

13. Don’t Be Afraid to Be a Tourist

couple walking for honeymoon photo

Don’t hesitate to use Google Maps, Pinterest, Instagram before starting your travel to find the greatest backdrops for your wedding trip. After arriving at the destination, take a stroll to discover new and interesting places. Try to capture those spots that are meaningful for both you and your partner. Use urban photography tips for taking creative and original shots.

If you are having trouble choosing a location, take a look at Santorini in Greece, Bali in Indonesia, or Bataan in the Philippines. These places have an abundance of forests, mountains, lakes, vibrant labyrinthine streets, etc.

Of course, you will walk around investigating the location you are visiting, so spend some time snapping pictures. For example, you can shoot your beloved person when eating a muffin. Besides, you can ask someone to take a picture of you and your partner in front of a beautiful monument.

couple at town for honeymoon photo

Keep in mind that the best time of the day for taking such images are early morning and late afternoon, but avoid shooting under the midday sun that causes too harsh shadows. Conduct your photoshoot in shady places when the sun is directly overhead

To improve such pictures, you can use street photography Lightroom presets. These filters correct colors, enhance saturation, and add various shades to images.

14. Use Nature to Make Memorable Photos

nature in honeymoon photo

Organizing a photoshoot outdoors is one of the best honeymoon photography ideas for adventurous couples. Explore what scenery the place you are visiting has: parks, forests, mountains, lakes, etc.

When shooting in mountains, use extension distortion to increase their actual height. Such a technique is especially helpful for photos of vertical objects where you can create dramatic compositions.

using nature in honeymoon photo

Another piece of advice is to focus on some meaningful details like a ring, a keepsake that is important for your love story, or any other object that relates to you as a couple. When taking pictures in the open air, remember nature photography tips, to highlight the beauty of natural wonders.

Nature photography editing requires using multiple techniques. You should get rid of distractions, improve the background, fix bad contrast and lighting issues, apply color effects, and more.

15. Use Exotic Desert Location

desert in honeymoon photo

Try photographing in the desert. Make sure that the temperature is not very high and ranges between 65-80 degrees so that you can enjoy the beauty of the exotic location and your photo session.

Choose clothes made of breathable material to feel fresh when posing under the sun. Don’t wear a tight outfit and make sure you can move freely in your attire. You can also put something original and glamorous on but make sure that these clothes don’t restrict your movement.

couple in desert in honeymoon photo

For taking pictures in a deserted area, you should use a DSLR camera or an advanced compact camera in a reliable, protected case. The bag can prevent the sand from penetrating the camera’s compartments. Besides, use a protective filter and try to change lenses rarely so that the sand doesn’t get into the gear.

16. Use the Lift Pose

lift pose in honeymoon photo

This pose is probably the most popular one, but you can make it more original using some variations. A man can lift his beloved woman in the air, kissing her or looking into her eyes.

For more candid photography results, ask a guy to lift his partner and twirl her around or throw her up in the air. Such actions can help a couple get in the proper mood.

Freebies for Honeymoon Photos

freebies for honeymoon photos

When a photo session is over, you need to edit honeymoon pictures. I recommend using these warm filters for softening an image, increasing contrast, intensifying colors, and making them distinct. Besides, you can edit one photo using these presets or take advantage of the batch editing option to refine multiple images at once.