40 Funny & Bad Family Photos

Want to laugh at bad family photos? Family photoshoots are always unexpected, as it’s really hard to coordinate and pose several people of different generations. I’ve researched family photography that didn’t go as planned and compiled the funniest moments. Whether it’s ridiculous outfits, awkward poses, bad editing, weird ideas, or props - you are sure to find something to laugh at.

1. Some Things Never Change

bad family photos comparison

18 years later, this family has decided to recreate their awkward family photos to show that some things never change.

2. Strike a Pose

bad family photos with weird poses

Each family member in a photo had a different pose in mind. This is what happens when you don’t look up family portrait poses before a photoshoot.

bad family photos with weird poses

I can’t help but feel uncomfortable when looking at the parents’ poses.

3. Natural Editing

bad family photos photoshop fail

This picture is one of the biggest Photoshop fails I’ve ever seen. It’s hard to imagine this was done by a seasoned photographer. He must have missed the skin retouching class.

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4. An Unexpected Turn of Events

bad family photos at the beach

The parents wanted to realize сute beach photo ideas, but something went wrong, and they sent their kids flying.

bad family photos at the beach

As a result, this photo became a popular meme on the Internet, with people submitting their own edits to give the photo more context.

5. Alien Abduction

bad family photos alien abduction

This is one of the ridiculous photoshopped Instagram Photos. For their portrait with a dog, this family tried to stage the hilarious alien abduction scenario.

6. Eddie Murphy is Our Dad

bad family photos eddie murphy

This single mom decided to approach the family picture with humor and asked the photographer to place Eddie Murphy instead of the kids’ dad.

7. Picking Noses

bad family photos nose picking

Mom and dad saw their daughter pick her nose while taking a formal portrait and decided to mimic her as a joke.

8. Incognito

bad family photos incognito

Not everyone likes their pictures taken and wants to be featured in family portraits, but there’s always a funny solution. Here, the parents allowed their kid to wear a mask to convince him to pose for a portrait.

9. Perfect Christmas Card

bad family photos peed pants

Due to her competitive nature, this girl refused to stop playing a board game to go pee. When it was time to take a photo for their Christmas card, the mom noticed her pants but was so fed up with the daughter’s behavior that decided to take a photo as it was, without getting her to change them. The result is a hilarious Christmas card for relatives and friends.

bad family photos peed pants

The little girl then proceeded to take photos with her dad too. Her facial expression is the best here.

10. Bon Apetit!

bad family photos christmas dinner

The main dish on this family’s dinner looks a little bit undercooked. This is also an excellent idea for Thanksgiving photography.

11. Colors of the Rainbow

bad family photos rainbow

While the idea of dressing in rainbow colors is cute, this family overdid it with face paintand awkward pose. Besides, this shoot theme and outfits would suit children photo ideas better.

12. New Family Member

bad family photos seal

It seems like the seal really wanted to be included in their family.

13. Swing Fail

bad family photos swing

Being a parent you need to have eyes in the back of your head. Seeing the dad completely oblivious to what’s going on behind him makes this photo even funnier.

bad family photos swing

In this picture poor grandma had no clue what’s going on right next to her.

14. The Catch

bad family photos dad with fish

This dad couldn’t decide what he loves more: fishing or his baby, so he took a picture with both. If there were photography contests for the most awkward family photos with dad, this one would definitely win.

15. Domestic Bliss

bad family photos choking

Some families decide to bring a little reality to those deceptively ideal portrayals of domestic family life. This father thought it was a perfect opportunity to show what’s really going on behind the scenes.

16. I Think I Blinked

bad family photos blinking

We all blink in photos from time to time, but these people took it to a completely different level and managed to blink all at the same time.

17. Pink Dress Code

bad family photos pink pajamas

This family clearly didn’t research any family photo outfits ideas and decided to show up to a shot in matching pink pajamas.

18. A Moment Before the Disaster

bad family photos pearls

The photographer managed to capture the split-second before the baby ripped off the mom’s pearl necklace.

19. Double Exposure

bad family photos double exposure

Turns out double exposure photography can add a level of creativity and awkwardness to family shots. The original photo is funny as it is, but the huge dad’s face in the background makes it even more hilarious.

bad family photos double exposure

They also managed to include all of their pets into the shot, even a little fish. This is truly the best work in the history of photo retouching.

20. Winnie-the-Pooh Photoshoot

bad family photos winnie-the-pooh

You can tell that mom was the only one excited about the Winnie the Pooh costumes. Apparently, she planned this shoot long before the kid was even born.

21. Sitting on a Tree Brunch

bad family photos tree branch

Not sure what photographer directed them to sit on a tree branch while posing for a family album, but the result is absolutely ridiculous.

22. Lots of Denim

bad family photos jeans

Aside from a questionable outfit choice this family also chose a very weird pose to display their love.

23. Family Herd

bad family photos cow outfits

Portrait photographers sometimes advise families to wear matching outfits, but this is not a great example of a good outfit idea. While the baby onesie is super cute, the adult ones raise eyebrows.

24. Interrupted Shoot

bad family photos newborn

Combining family and newborn photography may result in awkward family photos, as sometimes kids can make you aware of their needs at the most inopportune times. The dog’s face explains it all.

bad family photos newborn

This hilarious before and after is a great example of what shooting with babies is like.

25. Fathers and Guns

bad family photos father and guns

This dad’s fascination with guns is alarming, considering this is a photoshoot with a child. The photoshopped sunset background and a helicopter make the shot even more ridiculous.

26. Face Swap

bad family photos face swap

Using face swap apps for photos with your kid will give you a very creepy result.

27. Awkward Halloween

bad family photos halloween

This dad is a master of creative Halloween photography ideas, and decided to dress as his wife. The confusion on the kid's face makes this picture even better.

28. Clown Town

bad family photos clown town

The parents wanted their kids to be excited about the photoshoot, but went overboard with the costumes. The face paint especially makes them look really creepy.

29. Babysitting

bad family photos babysitting

I have no idea what was going on through this dad’s head when he put the baby in his pants, but it’s safe to say that he isn’t good at babysitting.

30. Supportive Dad

bad family photos with dad

When dads are left alone with the kids, bad family photos are bound to be taken. I love how dad isn’t even trying to help out his son.

31. Odd One Out

bad family photos mother’s day

I wouldn’t say this is one of my favorite Mother’s Day photo ideas. The mom and her daughter are perfect together, but the son looks like the odd one out. His expression tells me he didn’t want to be involved at all.

32. Christmas Spirit

bad family photos dogs

This family was taking their Christmas photo, but the dogs weren't in a merry holiday mood.

33. Easter Bunny

bad family photos easter

This family tried to bring their Easter photography ideas to life, but this resulted in disturbing family photos. Due to the rules of COVID-19 photography, the Easter Bunny had to maintain a needed social distance, which made the photos look terrifying.

34. Brotherly Love

bad family photos siblings

This photo sums up every relationship between siblings ever and perfectly conveys their rivalry.

bad family photos siblings

This is another picture where you can clearly see the reason why the baby is crying.

35. Evil Santa

bad family photos evil santa

Kids don’t seem like they are too thrilled to finally meet Santa. The evil gaze makes this picture just perfect.

bad family photos evil santa

Santa seems straight out of a nightmare movie. This shot is a great example of disturbing family photos.

36. The Apocalypse

bad family photos nuclear explosion

The Apocalypse can wait, let’s take a picture first.

37. Third Wheel

bad family photos with a wheel

The car wheel looks clearly out of place in this bad family photo. This couple definitely needs to research some creative maternity photo ideas next time.

38. Creepy Couple

bad family photos creepy couple

The couple in this disturbing family photo looks like serial killers who committed atrocious crimes together.

39. Weird Props

bad family photos weird props

When looking for cheap photography props make sure that they fit the theme of the shoot. Otherwise, you’ll end up with awkward family photos with a parrot and a gun knife.

40. Nude Maternity Shoot

bad family photos nude maternity shoot

Yet another maternity photoshoot that makes no sense. The body art with a dolphin, the fur rug, and unnecessary nudity. The woman needs to check out creative maternity photography poses, as this one looks inappropriate.


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