16 Best Family Photographers Around the World

If you want to capture the most touching moments in your family's life, you are probably looking for the best family photographer for this purpose. When choosing a shooter, you need to understand the specialization and genres they work in. Plus, you should decide on the shooting style that matches your ideas and requirements.

1. Alex Mooney

alex mooney family photographer


Alex Mooney specializes in family photography. Her pics of childbirth are the most famous among her works. In addition to shooting, Mooney actively posts stories of childbirth on her blog and creates amazing collages.

This family photographer takes natural pictures of childbirth, capturing the emotions of the first meeting of the mother with a newborn baby. As a rule, she uses minimal post-processing to avoid distorted colors. She also resorts to darkening the background to focus a viewer’s attention on the baby.

2. Ana Brandt

ana brandt family photographer


Ana Brandt specializes in maternity photography and newborn photography. She unleashes her creativity by photographing babies alone or with parents and siblings in her studio.

The photographer knows many ideas and poses for creating touching shots. She prefers light editing so that not to distort the skin color. Besides, Ana shoots children’s birthdays and other family events. Her Instagram page can be a great source of inspiration for aspiring photographers as it contains a lot of behind-the-scenes photos.

3. Lissa Chandler

lissa chandler family photographer


If you're looking for the best wedding photographer, you should consider Lisa Chandler as your top pick. Liza also shoots love stories, engagements, and can also be a brilliant family pictures photographer. She likes to capture families in a relaxed atmosphere, preferring relaxed poses to staged ones.

Her photographs stand out for their brightness, color saturation and abundance of light. The photographer always performs detailed retouching without distorting the complexion. When Lisa shoots in the studio, she actively uses a variety of photo backgrounds and styling elements, adding uniqueness to photographs.

4. Caroline Winn

caroline winn family photographer


Caroline Winn is a famous Boston wedding and newborn photographer who also works in the family portrait photography genre. Through her photographs, Caroline tries to tell family stories, capturing the happiest and most precious moments.

If you analyze the portfolio on the site, you will notice that Caroline Winn likes to shoot outdoor photos. In her pictures, you will see beautiful rich colors, lush greenery and lots of natural light. Carolina knows many family portrait poses that make people feel comfortable and at ease. Moreover, this family portrait photographer has many incredibly tender baby shots with pastel shades.

5. Christina Ward

christina ward family photographer


Christina Ward shoots weddings and takes children and family photos in her studio in Scituate, Massachusetts. In her work, Christina combines posed traditional shots and candid, in-the-moment pictures. She has tons of classic and creative wedding photography ideas that you are sure to love.

When it comes to editing, Christina prefers to use a slightly blurred background, emphasized textures (for example, a wedding dress), careful work on skin, hair, and detailed color correction. Besides, Ward likes to use black and white photography techniques to emphasize emotions or to make the photo look more vintage.

6. Jessica Jean

jessica jean family photographer

Jessica Jean is a talented photographer from Idaho who has extensive experience capturing the most important family events. She deals with engagement photography, takes graduation, wedding, and children photos. She likes capturing live emotions during family events.

One of the main features of her style is the play of light and shadow. This family portrait photographer likes to focus on the main participants of the photo session with the help of lighting effects. She loves to shoot against the backdrop of incredibly beautiful landscapes, turning ordinary family photo sessions into art pieces.

7. Kate L

kate l family photographer

Kate Lemmon is the best family photographer who takes joyful and colorful pictures of children and families. In 2016, she was named Best Children's Photographer by WGBH. She has several awards from the National Association of Professional Child Photographers. She implements a variety of traditional and unusual family photo ideas, taking into account the wishes of her clients and using her 9 years of experience.

Her photos always look very lively and contain carefully thought-out details. The photographer loves to use a blurry background and adds a lot of light and highlights when editing pictures.

8. Meg Bitton

meg bitton family photographer

If you are looking for the best family photographer for a child photoshoot, then Meg Bitton is worth your attention. She is known for creating unique fairy-tale portraits of children and teenagers dressed in fashion outfits and with appropriate makeup. She knows a lot of child model poses, so she is often called upon to make a professional portfolio for the child’s future career.

Meg Bitton takes a classic approach to photoshopping portraits of girls and boys. She prefers very blurry backgrounds and focuses on the face. Plus, she carefully designs clothes and all the details as well as pays attention to makeup to give faces a doll-like look.

9. Stephanie Rita

meg bitton family photographer

Stephanie Rita has a photography studio in Hudson, Massachusetts, but she photographs family events throughout most parts of the New England area. She has over six years of experience in engagement, portrait, and family photo genres.

This family portrait photographer can organize shooting both outdoors and at clients' homes. All photo sessions are full of happiness and fun. This approach allows Stephanie Rita to capture genuine emotions and natural smiles. The photographer does not like staged scenes and prefers to capture people communicating, walking, and doing different things.

10. Seventh Wave

seventh wave family photographer

Seventh Wave is a photographer who specializes in family photo shoots, in particular in such topics as love, happiness, and travel. She works in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. You can book a photo session with her if you want to tell your unique story. She knows how to capture sincere emotions and a lively atmosphere. Seventh Wave uses a lot of creative photography ideas to show true emotions in a photo. She shoots both outdoors and in the studio to capture the personalities of family members.

She specializes in different types of photography, including beach, romantic, and storytelling family photo shoots. What’s more, Seventh Wave provides printing services and can print your photos on various products. She can bring to life any unusual idea, so her photos will become a nice addition to your family album.

11. Boris Chernykov

boris chernykov family photographer

Boris Chernykov works at the Flea Studio. He focuses on family and wedding photography. Many newlyweds choose his studio for his unique clean style and documentary approach to shooting weddings.

Boris Chernykov offers his clients a mixture of non-standard wedding photography styles and classic scenes. This family photographer will help you realize any of your crazy wedding photo ideas.

12. Rebecca Sehn

rebecca sehn family photographer portfolio

Rebecca Sehn is a talented family photographer from British Columbia, Canada. She mainly organizes photo sessions in Vancouver, Toronto and also frequently travels to Europe and Asia in spring and autumn to capture fleeting moments there. She has been engaged in family photography for over 10 years and knows how to find an approach to different families.

Rebecca also takes portrait photos and likes photographing kids most of all. She adheres to a directed-candid approach, mixing fine art and environmental portraiture. She manages to capture genuine emotions and feelings. Her photos were published in British Vogue, Mother Muse Magazine, Fringe & Frange, Babiekins, Reverie, la Petite Peach, The Indie Tot, My French Country Home, Design Aglow, and The Motherhood Anthology.

13. Dani Brewer

dani brewer family photographer

Dani Brewer promotes the ideas of racial equality. Therefore, she shoots mostly black people, their families, and family events. She specializes in couple photography, wedding and newborn photos.

During the photo session, the family pictures photographer asks the family to be at ease, to do their usual things, as if no one is taking images. She likes to shoot at clients' homes to make them feel as comfortable as possible. In this way, she gets shots with a cozy home atmosphere. Brewer only slightly adjusts the lighting and harmonizes colors during picture editing.

14. Denis Girard

denis girard family photographer

Denis Gerard is known for his photographs of families, engagements, weddings, children, as well as maternity and family events shots. He tries to avoid artificial and staged poses, so the photographer asks his clients to behave as they do in ordinary life. Girard will help you realize your wildest ideas, even if you want to get funny and bad family photos.

When editing pics, Denis likes to use darkening techniques, add deep shadows, or turn shots into black and white. In general, this family photographer prefers bright colors, soft light, and minimal retouching.

15. Donatella Nicolini

donatella nicolini family photographer

Donatella Nicolini is passionate about photographing pregnant women. Donatella also often captures mothers with their babies. She received the Best Maternity Photographer award from the Societies of Photographers. Her photos stand out for their unique combination of elegance, glamour, and beauty.

Most of her shots are minimalist, often done in black and white without being stylized too much. At the same time, the family pictures photographer is attentive to details, performing very careful editing of each shot. Nicolini likes to photograph future mothers in the style of boudoir photography or even nude photography, emphasizing the beauty and sexuality of women.

16. Erica Brooke

erica brooke family photographer

Erica Brooke lives and works in Ohio. She specializes in family, wedding photos and love stories. She prefers a non-classical approach, choosing unusual locations, poses and angles. Erica always conducts thorough preparation for each photoshoot. She picks all the elements, advising clients on what family photo outfits and accessories to use.

When it comes to post-processing, she prefers vintage style as well as adding aged photo effects. This family portrait photographer often turns to night photography when she wants to create romantic photoshoots.