50 Lesbian Photoshoot Ideas: Sweet & Simple Posing

Regardless of your shooting experience, you can use these lesbian photoshoot ideas to take arresting photos and diversify your Instagram feed. They can serve as guidelines for an upcoming photo session if you are going to photograph a lesbian couple.

Besides, you can use them for inspiration to step away from standard poses and angles, and organize your work in a new way. All those concepts will help you show tenderness or passion between two people in love.

Top 50 Lesbian Photoshoot Ideas to Repeat

I have selected 50 winning lesbian couple picture ideas that are easy to bring to life while resulting in very touching and beautiful photos. Such a photo session can be beneficial in different aspects – to demonstrate different facets of love, capture sincere emotions, and spend a great time together.

1. Favorite Dish for Two

favorite dish for two lesbian photoshoot idea

If girls have a common favorite dish, why not photograph them while they are enjoying it? For instance, they can sit on the veranda, order pasta and share it. Such a cute picture will definitely receive many positive comments and likes.

2. Add Rainbow to the Frame

add rainbow to the frame lesbian photoshoot idea

If you want to get truly winsome photos, you can go to the waterfall, wait for the rainbow to become visible through the water, and photograph girls against such a magnificent background. They can stay hugging or kissing.

Even if you use a professional camera for photography, you can’t skip the image editing stage that always comes when the shooting is over. If you don’t want to correct colors, fix lighting defects, improve saturation, brightness, and other parameters on your own, you can delegate the task to our team and we will make all tweaks without your interference.

3. Abundance of Flowers

abundance of flowers lesbian photoshoot idea

Adding bright colors to composition is very simple. You just need to incorporate lots of flowers into the frame. Such a lesbian couple photoshoot idea is likely to satisfy most girls and you will get very tender and ravishing pictures. Ask models to lie head-to-head in a flower meadow, decorate hair with flowers, and look into the camera.

4. Behind the Shower Door

behind the shower door lesbian photoshoot idea

Lesbian couple photoshoot ideas with water may seem like a challenge, but the result is worth your efforts. Perceive this like an experiment and interesting experience. Beloved should stay behind the shower door, staying close to each other and looking into the camera through the glass. Such images have special tenderness and intimacy in them.

5. While Having Romantic Dinner

while having romantic dinner lesbian photoshoot idea

Romantic dinner is not actually about tasty food, but about shared emotions and thoughts in a relaxed atmosphere. You can put candles, a bottle of champagne, and fruit on the table. Help a couple to delve into the romantic mood while you are capturing fleeting moments.

6. Golden Hour Photo Session

golden hour photo session lesbian photoshoot idea

If you want your photos to have beautiful soft colors and gentle shades, you should wait for the Golden Hour and take images at that time. A couple can pose against a setting sun, embracing each other, kissing, or even dancing. Make sure to learn more about golden hour photography before organizing the shooting.

7. Make a Creative Collage

make a creative collage lesbian photoshoot idea

Take some pictures at the seaside. Girls can hug, kiss, hold hands and run away from a photographer. Images will be touching and emotional, and you can combine them into a collage to show different moments of true love.

If you don’t know how to make a collage in Photoshop, you can get in touch with our retouchers and they’ll have you covered.

8. Sun-Filled Beach

sun-filled beach lesbian photoshoot idea

Beach photos always look good and bright. Try to take pictures near water. Models can sit on the sand, hug or snuggle, smile and talk. The most important thing for such a lesbian couple photoshoot is to set girls in a proper mood so that they behave naturally. Study these creative beach photo ideas to prepare for a photoshoot.

9. Become One Whole with the Sea/Ocean

become one whole with the sea/ocean lesbian photoshoot idea

To get beguiling summer photos in the water, ask models to take several steps in the sea and let waves cover them. Girls can hug each other, kiss or just look into the camera. You will get very dynamic images.

10. Use Props

use props lesbian photoshoot idea

If you are OK with lesbian couple photoshoot ideas that require using props, this one is worth trying. Girls can hold sparklers, while sitting or standing near each other. It will be better if they take a half-turn pose.

11. Capture Water Splashes

capture water splashes lesbian photoshoot idea

Taking photos in the water, you can add movement to shots and capture the interaction. Girls can run along the coast, splash water, laugh, and just have fun. The main thing is to stay relaxed and behave naturally.

12. While Popping Up the Question

while popping up the question lesbian photoshoot idea

One of the happiest moments in the life of any person is the moment of the marriage proposal. If you have the opportunity to capture such an event, you can be sure such images will become the centerpiece of a photo album. You only need to capture smiles, tears, and a whole spectrum of emotions.

13. Coffee Cups

coffee cups lesbian photoshoot idea

Though this lesbian photoshoot idea is rather simple, it adds special meaning to pictures. Ladies need to hold paper coffee cups with “Ms.” written on both of them and show their cups to a photographer while kissing or hugging. The cups should be in focus, while the rest of the frame will be blurred. You will get very interesting photos.

14. Find a Place with Flowers

find a place with flowers lesbian photoshoot idea

A location with flowers always looks impressive. The lavender field is an excellent place to take romantic and tender photos of two lovers. They can touch with their foreheads and hug. This is a great way to show love and adoration in a couple.

15. Stand by the Flower Arch

stand by the flower arch lesbian photoshoot idea

A flower arch always looks great in photos. Girls can stand under the arch and hug each other while looking into the eyes of the beloved. Such a delicate photo will definitely become a favorite one in a family album.

16. While Kissing Tenderly

while kissing tenderly lesbian photoshoot idea

If you are looking for romantic lesbian couple picture ideas, this one tops the list. Models should hold each other’s hands while kissing. This pose is one of the most popular among couples in love, thanks to its simplicity and tenderness. Lovers should be relaxed, so that a photographer can capture their genuine feelings.

17. At Home

at home lesbian photoshoot idea

Girls should relax while lying on the bed and just look into each other's eyes. Thus, they will look incredibly cute. They can smile and hug, remembering about eye contact.

18. Whisper in the Ear, Tell a Secret

whisper in the ear, tell a secret lesbian photoshoot idea

If you want to add a little fun and mystery to a photo, ask one model to pretend that she is telling a secret to her partner. Another girl can smile or, on the contrary, be very surprised.

19. Posing Cozily on the Bed

posing cozily on the bed lesbian photoshoot idea

There are lots of lesbian couple ph20. Against a Neutral Backgroundotoshoot ideas you can bring to life in a homey environment. Models can lie on the bed and flirt or have a pillow fight. So, when they feel at ease and happy, you will definitely take many great and vivid photos.

20. Against a Neutral Background

against a neutral background lesbian photoshoot idea

You don’t need to chase very bright and colorful photos. Images with minimum details and plain colors also look beautiful. You need to prepare a neutral background and ask girls to wear one-color clothes. The result will amaze with stylish minimalism.

21. Focus on Details

focus on details lesbian photoshoot idea

Details in pictures matter. While talking about details, we don’t only mean jewels or decorations, but also touches and kisses. One girl can pat her partner on the neck or cheek, or kiss her forehead or shoulder. Encourage girls to show their feelings.

22. In the Arms of a Loved One

in the arms of a loved one lesbian photoshoot idea

What can be better than hugging a loved one? Girls can hug each other standing or sitting, lying in bed or staying against a picturesque background. In fact, the surrounding isn’t that important, as the lens will be aimed at 2 people in love.

23. In the Street

in the street lesbian photoshoot idea

If you organize a lesbian couple photoshoot outdoors, you should find a beautiful location. This can be a street with old buildings, parks, downtown, or any place where a couple feels comfortable. Girls can kiss, talk, or one of them can embrace her partner from behind.

24. In Plants, in the Bushes

in plants, in the bushes lesbian photoshoot idea

Photos taken in tropical settings always look bright and interesting. Find such a place and ask girls to pose there, looking into each other’s eyes or hugging. Complement a composition with colorful accessories, flowers, etc.

25. Take Photos During a Picnic

take photos during a picnic lesbian photoshoot idea

Going on a picnic on a sunny autumn day is always a great idea. You can spread a blanket on the ground, arrange fruit and cheese there, pour champagne into glasses, and let models enjoy the time. Take as many photos as possible to capture the mood.

26. Go for a Walk Together

go for a walk together lesbian photoshoot idea

Spending time outdoors is useful both for physical and mental health. Besides, a simple walk can become an enjoyable photo session with lots of eye-pleasing images to share on social networks. You can start shooting somewhere outside a busy city center, near water, or in the woods. Any location without crowds of people and traffic will serve just fine. Concentrate on models’ emotions and how they look at each other.

27. Time-tested love

time-tested love lesbian photoshoot idea

People who have spent many years together and lived through numerous situations without letting each other down are amazing. If you are lucky to photograph such a couple, do your best to create a relaxed atmosphere and choose lesbian couple picture ideas that don’t require using multiple props, but allow highlighting how tenderly they treat each other.

28. Make Lovers Smile

make lovers smile lesbian photoshoot idea

Laughter and smiles can make any photo livelier. Ask girls to stay shoulder to shoulder and hug each other. They can share jokes and ideas in an average manner. Everything should be as natural as possible.

29. Having Rest Together

having rest together lesbian photoshoot idea

When people hug while sleeping, they look very sweet. Your models can snuggle up and cover bodies with a blanket. You should take images from different angles to show how calm two people feel being so close.

30. In the Vineyard

in the vineyard lesbian photoshoot idea

This is one of the best lesbian engagement photo ideas to demonstrate the happiness of 2 people forming one unity. You need to find a large vineyard with lots of greenery around. The newlyweds should stay close to each other, show their bouquets, face each other or a photographer, and enjoy their special day.

31. Approach a Photo Session Creatively

approach a photo session creatively lesbian photoshoot idea

If you need cool and creative photography ideas that will be in line with the temper of your clients, why not suggest that they pose in a bathtub? Of course, this is a bold concept but it helps show the closeness of a couple and their openness. You need to decorate a bathtub with flowers or props. Don’t use artificial objects. There should be no distance between women.

32. Photo on a Yacht

photo on a yacht lesbian photoshoot idea

Nowadays, it is possible to rent a yacht for a specific time and take images, sailing from one shore to another. Girls should put on light clothes and use minimalistic accessories. They can sit close to each other or stay aft, looking into the distance.

33. Create a Cozy Atmosphere while Sitting on a Blanket

create a cozy atmosphere lesbian photoshoot idea

If a couple likes spending time in the open air, a photo session in a park or a forest will definitely satisfy them. In this case, ask them to bring a blanket so that they can conveniently sit on it instead of posing right on the ground. The concept may seem too simple but you don’t actually need many props if you aim at capturing emotions.

34. On the Road

on the road lesbian photoshoot idea

Taking images in a busy city center, you should either organize the shooting early in the morning or wait for the moment when the traffic isn’t so intense. Thus, models can pose at crossroads without interfering with other people and cars. They can take a motionless pose or run along the road. You will get very dynamic photos.

35. Mr. and Mrs. Style

mr and mrs style lesbian photoshoot idea

If your clients don’t mind conducting creative experiments, this is one of the best lesbian photoshoot ideas you can realize. One girl can wear a traditional dress and her partner should put on a suit. Thus, you can take photos in the “Mr.&Mrs.” style.

36. Showing Passion

showing passion lesbian photoshoot idea

The back-to-wall pose is one of the most popular among couples in love. One lady can lean against the wall and hug or kiss her lover. Such an image is filled with passion and love.

37. At Sunset in a Lake

at sunset in a lake lesbian photoshoot idea

Pictures of a couple in love photographed in the lake in the rays of a setting sun look beautiful and warm. Your clients can go into the water and kiss there. For more playful images, they can splash water and laugh loudly.

38. Wedding with Guests in the Background

wedding with guests in the background lesbian photoshoot idea

A wedding ceremony is always filled with happiness and tenderness, and a photographer has endless opportunities to capture very important moments. A couple can hold bouquets in their hands and kiss or throw bouquets to the guests. Choosing lesbian engagement photo ideas, you need to learn more about the celebration, its style, and clients’ demands.

39. Wedding Rings

wedding rings lesbian photoshoot idea

After the wedding ceremony, take a picture of the newlyweds showing their wedding rings. They should stand behind each other or kiss, showing rings into the camera. Such a picture is a must for a wedding photo album.

40. In the Church During the Ceremony

in the church during the ceremony lesbian photoshoot idea

If a couple wants to get married in a church, they definitely want to get several images from such a place. You can take pictures not only inside, but also near the building. Girls may hug, kiss, or interlace hands. You will surely see many sincere emotions that deserve a special place in a photo album.

41. Playing with Wind

playing with wind lesbian photoshoot idea

Sometimes to get a very beautiful photo, you only need to wait for proper weather. For example, you can organize a photo session in windy weather and capture how wind plays with models’ clothes and hair. Make sure lovers stay close to each other and feel relaxed. The image will be very touching.

42. With All Family Members

with all family members lesbian photoshoot idea

If your clients have kids, don’t miss a chance to photograph the entire family. Let them sit on a sofa, exchange thoughts, talks about something or even look through a photo album. The key to success is a comfy atmosphere so that every person can behave naturally. You can also check other family ideas to get the most out of the shooting process.

43. Show Strong Union

show strong union lesbian photoshoot idea

Demonstrating invisible bonds between family members is easier when they all interact in a homely environment. Moms can hug their kids, kiss their foreheads, hold hands, etc. Try photographing models when they look at each other and when they face the lens. In case there is a baby in a family, why not bring to life some newborn photo ideas?

44. On the Balcony

on the balcony lesbian photoshoot idea

A balcony can become a wonderful place for a lesbian couple photoshoot, especially if a flat is located on the top floor. A couple can gaze pensively in the distance while you are photographing them from the back. Or they can talk and drink coffee facing the camera.

45. Add Smoke to the Frame

add smoke to the frame lesbian photoshoot idea

If you want to make pictures more interesting and even mysterious, use artificial smoke. Spray it onto the background and place a couple closer to the camera. The result is sure to amaze your clients.

46. Under the Umbrella

under the umbrella lesbian photoshoot idea

If it is raining outdoors and your clients want to get atmospheric images, they can take an umbrella and pose under it. Depending on their mood, you will get funny or romantic photos.

47. Kissing a Lover while Holding Her in the Arms

kissing a lover lesbian photoshoot idea

This is a very cool lesbian couple picture idea that doesn’t require special surroundings or props. They can laugh and touch each other for more eye-pleasing results.

48. Wear Brightly Colored Clothing

wear brightly colored clothing lesbian photoshoot idea

A couple should wear very bright clothes if they pose against a neutral background. Thus, they will add colorful accents to the composition without making it too busy.

49. Walking in the City

walking in the city lesbian photoshoot idea

A casual walk allows people to feel at ease when being photographed. They can hold hands, look at each other, or in one direction, discuss something, drink coffee, etc. Your main task is to stay “invisible” and just offer them poses that must be natural.

50. Romantic Evening on the Roof of a House

romantic evening lesbian photoshoot idea

This idea will definitely interest clients. They need to bring a warm blanket, candles, food, and drinks. They can sit or stand close to each other, hiding their shoulders under the blanket. Photograph them from the back when they are looking at the stars and then ask them to look into the camera.

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