9 Best Apps for Creating Flyers in 2023: Free & Cheap

By Tani Adams 16 days ago, Apps and Software

You don’t have to be a professional designer to create posters and flyers, you merely need to download an app for creating flyers and take advantage of its functionality. The list below features an array of apps that allow you to easily create effective and vibrant flyers for attracting new audiences and successfully marketing your business or services.

Top 9 Apps for Creating Flyers

  1. Adobe Fresco - Professional brush set
  2. Adobe Express - Big choice of fonts
  3. VistaCreate - Create pro designs in 3 clicks
  4. Canva - Fantastic library of stock images
  5. Flyer Maker - Over 5000 flyer templates
  6. Poster Maker & Poster Designer - Best for Android users
  7. Fab Poster - Over 120 background options
  8. Paper - Fantastic choice for creating sketches
  9. PosterLabs - Convenient flyer sharing over social media

All of these apps for designing flyers are supplied with thousands of professionally-made templates for all possible events, offer quick access to your image gallery, allow adding eye-catching captions, and provide a unique set of fonts. After you’re done creating a flyer for your event using a flyer maker app from this list, you can easily share the received result on different social media platforms in just a few clicks.

1. Adobe Fresco - Our Choice

Professional brush set
  • Vector and raster brushes
  • Offers Photoshop integration
  • Simple and convenient interface
  • Many features are AI-based
  • No feature for adding text
  • Free version is limited to 2GB

Verdict: Adobe Fresco is arguably the best app for creating flyers, as this professional drawing solution provides all the functionality you need for designing flyers, brochures, greeting cards, and other graphic elements. The app has a simple, intuitive UI, opening the doors to even completely inexperienced users.

This app offers a broad range of watercolor and oil paint brushes while also allowing users to use vector or raster brushes. You can also employ Fresco to mix, grind, and smudge paints. Many features included in the app are AI-based. Additionally, Adobe Fresco offers an array of tutorials that will help you master the app and create your own original flyer.

adobe fresco app for creating flyers interface

2. Adobe Express

Terrific selection of fonts
  • Background removal feature
  • Export PDF files
  • Simple PC synchronization
  • Cool effects and animations
  • High system requirements

Verdict: Adobe Express provides new ways for animating and designing graphics including posters and flyers. The app is connected to stock image libraries that allow you to find and add photos to your projects directly in this app to make flyers, as you can choose between paid stock photos and free images from Unsplash.

CC Express allows uploading your own images, graphics, and fonts thanks to the tight integration with such useful resources as Creative Cloud, Adobe Lightroom, Dropbox, etc. You can pick from an array of templates and preset sizes that make the workflow more convenient since you simply have to choose the template, the platform that the flyer will be posted on, the image, and add your text – that’s it!

adobe cc express app for creating flyers interface

3. VistaCreate

Create pro designs in 3 clicks
  • Over 250 fonts
  • Frequent template updates
  • Easy to use
  • Terrific image filter options
  • No free trial version

Verdict: VistaCreate offers over 30 thousand templates as well as access to more than 140 million images. This postcard design software doesn’t require any special technical skills for creating flyers since it has an editor that allows you to easily move around text, images, and stickers with the help of a convenient drag-and-drop system. This app provides a huge range of assets for graphic design projects including photos, videos, animations, stickers, backgrounds, and fonts.

One of the most useful features included in this option are the image crop tool and photo filters that allow you to quickly apply stunning filters to make your images more popping. You can save the created flyer in the following formats: JPG, PNG, PDF (Standard), PDF (for print), MP4, and GIF. You can also copy the link to the flyer and share it on social media or built it into your own website.

vistacreate app for creating flyers interface

4. Canva

Fantastic library of stock images
  • Very convenient and simple to use
  • Large library of differently-sized templates
  • All templates are customizable
  • Ability to work on a design as a team
  • Template use is somewhat restricted

Verdict: Canva is a multifunctional app that allows you to create nearly any digital or print design you can think of including greeting cards, moodboards, scrapbooks, flyers, calendars, and much more. You simply have to pick one of the offered professional templates and use it as a foundation for creating your own flyer. The premade templates included in this flyer maker app can be edited using a drag-and-drop system that allows you to freely add and remove elements as well as edit existing ones.

To make the flyer creation process more convenient, Canva offers an enormous library that contains over 1 million images and design elements. Borders can play an important role in flyer design, which is why this platform provides a huge selection of different borders and shapes. Other than standard shapes, symbols, and thematic drawings, Canva allows enhancing your images with animated stickers and text bubbles.

canva app for creating flyers interface

5. Flyer Maker

Over 5000 flyer templates
  • Simple image import
  • Resize and rotate your photos
  • Ability to work with filters
  • Simple controls and great performance
  • You can only create one design at a time
flyer maker app for creating flyers logo
Flyer Maker

Verdict: Flyer Maker is an extremely easy-to-use app that allows you to create flyers and greeting cards as well as implement other graphic design ideas. The app includes a broad collection of templates for you to choose from. You can also import your own photos, add text, and customize the design to your liking.

This flyers software comes with an impressive font library. You can add your own text to the selected template or use one of the fonts to type the text straight in the app. Moreover, Flyer Maker has an assortment of editing tools that allow you to resize and rotate your photos. You can also add filters to any image if you want to make it more eye-catching.

flyer maker app for creating flyers interface

6. Poster Maker & Poster Designer

Terrific option for Android users
  • Convenient text editing workflow
  • Ability to add various effects
  • Built-in template library
  • Nice selection of borders and frames
  • Frequent pop-up ads
poster maker and poster designer app for creating flyers logo
Poster Maker & Poster Designer

Verdict: Poster Maker & Poster Designer is available on Android devices and can be used for designing creative flyers and posters with the help of various tools, frames, and mirror effects. This app also comes with other essential features that allow you to zoom in/out on images and pick the desired photos from your gallery or straight from the camera.

You can make your flyer design unique by using the provided customizable textures. This brochure maker has a simple, intuitive UI that allows you to choose and apply the desired elements to your project in just a couple of taps. 

poster maker and poster designer app for creating flyers interface

7. Fab Poster

Offers over 120 background options
  • Simple controls
  • Large selection of premade templates
  • Ability to add stickers
  • Expansive filter library
  • Much of the functionality is locked behind the premium version
fab poster app for creating flyers logo
Fab Poster

Verdict: Fab Poster is a graphic design app that lets any user create beautiful pictures that can be printed as flyers, posters, or covers. The provided 34 different styles make this option arguably the best app to design flyers for people who value speed and efficiency. Each style is optimized to fit a different flyer type. Here you’ll find universal templates for creating ads, bookmarks, and loads of other designs.

One of the coolest features included in this poster design software is the ability to change the dimensions of the created flyer. The image will look the same but its format will be adjusted to the desired template. This way, you’ll be able to quickly create multiple flyers in a single style. The app lets you use both your own photos and images from its enormous library. If you need help getting started with Fab Poster, the provided manual on how to create posts will show you the ropes.

fab poster app for creating flyers interface

8. Paper

Fantastic choice for creating sketches
  • Autocorrection feature
  • Simple diagram creation
  • 3D journal feature
  • Allows creating creative collages
  • Not suitable for beginners
paper app for creating flyers logo

Verdict: Paper is a drawing and sketching notebook app for iOS that is best suited for iPad users. You can use this app to make flyers by using the provided tools that imitate brushes, pencils, marker pens, etc. Other than creating flyer sketches, the app allows you to design different notebooks for various projects and purposes.

Paper is incredibly easy to use. The interface resembles a full-screen canvas for drawing flyers, writing, or sketching. Paper also lets you fully customize the brush size, canvas color, and ink color, and even offers a drawing mixer that allows you to gradually adjust the color during the drawing process.

paper app for creating flyers interface

9. PosterLabs

Convenient flyer sharing over social media
  • Add text and GEO tags
  • Fast collage creation
  • Intuitive UI
  • Solid selection of templates
  • Filter customization is rather limited
posterlabs app for creating flyers logo

Verdict: PosterLabs is possibly the best app for creating flyers for iPhone users, as it allows you to transform your photos into stylish, visually-stunning posters of any type. When you launch PosterLabs for the first time, you’ll be greeted by a brief description of the app’s capabilities. This option only allows you to import images from your library.

The import menu looks great, offers terrific performance, and shows a filmstrip of your latest photos by default. You can pick up to 5 images that can be simultaneously used for your poster or flyer. The imported photos can be conveniently dragged around, rotated, set in a panoramic way, and even individually enhanced with filters. To change the filters, simply tap on the image and you’ll see a pop-up menu with multiple different effect options.

posterlabs app for creating flyers interface