11 Best Free Schedule Makers to Improve Performance in 2022

The world we live in has become fast-paced and busy. A schedule is an important element of self-organization and staying on top. Using the best free schedule maker, you can create both a team schedule and the perfect individual schedule to stay efficient and keep all your tasks in mind.

Top 11 Free Schedule Makers

  1. Adobe Express - Easy-to-use templates
  2. ClickUp - Unlimited tasks
  3. nTask - Easy-to-use tools
  4. Visme - Fully customizable
  5. Asana - Good dashboards
  6. Trafft - Integrates with a variety of services
  7. Doodle - Constant reminders
  8. Calendly - User-friendly
  9. Free College Schedule Maker - Intuitive interface
  10. Schedule Builder Online - Easy to export
  11. Google Sheets - Embedded version history

To create a schedule, you can use any tool from the list. It contains pro-grade software with features that will come in handy for students and schoolchildren. They can’t spend a lot of money to buy a planning tool, that is why we compiled a list of programs that are completely free or have free versions.

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1. Adobe Express — Our Choice

Easy-to-use templates
  • Individual schedule developing
  • Logo, typography, and image support
  • Simple tools
  • Access to the Adobe Stock photos collection
  • Storage is limited to only 2 GB

Verdict: Adobe Express, formerly known as Adobe Spark allows you to create schedules using templates. All you need is to design the template the way you like. Scrolling through endless pre-made templates is a great way to get inspired before creating your schedule.

If you have a creative flair, you can easily and quickly design your schedule yourself or use the free Adobe Stock photo collection. You can customize your schedules by adding a company logo, background image, and custom text. You can also print the schedule and share it with others.

adobe express free schedule maker interface

2. ClickUp

Unlimited tasks
  • 100 MB of storage space
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Shared access to documents
  • Free for teams
  • Free version has limited features

Verdict: ClickUp is one of the best free task management software as it allows you to track progress in real-time by linking tasks to goals and organize your goals using folders. With this drag and drop schedule maker, you can create folders and then create lists and tasks in those folders.

Using this pro-level calendar making software, you can drag and drop tasks into different slots throughout the day, automatically setting start and end times for these tasks right in your web browser. With ClickUp, you add accurate data, files, or attachments to any task to make everyone stay informed on the progress and status.

clickup free schedule maker interface

3. nTask

Easy-to-use tools
  • Variety of tools
  • Ready-made board templates
  • Linking projects and assigning tasks
  • Adding multiple performers
  • Attaching large files takes a long time

Verdict: You can arrange tasks for your projects using Gantt chart views and a calendar in this free schedule maker app to see what your and your employees’ schedule will look like. Scheduling meetings, checking progress, and receiving notifications when a deadline is comings – all these handy features are available here. You can set a meeting agenda, record discussion points, set follow-ups, and create recurring meetings.

It supports multitasking and allows your teams to collaborate, plan, analyze and manage day-to-day tasks. nTask makes it possible to manage, monitor, and evaluate the impact of risks with a risk matrix, mitigation plans, and risk updates.

ntask free schedule maker interface

4. Visme

Fully customizable
  • Supports image formats, PDFs, and HTML5
  • Pro-grade design features
  • Privacy policy
  • Storage space range varies from 100 MB to 25 GB
  • A limited number of schedule templates in the free version

Verdict: Although Visme is primarily known as a free graphic design software, it is also a great schedule builder app suitable for creating custom timetables online. It allows you to create timetable designs with custom layouts, themes, and colors like a pro. You can share the schedule with people or post it on social media. What’s more, you can embed Visme content on your website.

This free tool will help you create up to five schedules. If you compare Adobe Creative Cloud Express vs Visme, you will see that the latter has fewer templates, but you can buy a Pro version that includes more advanced templates and supports more than 15 projects, charts, privacy controls, and more.

visme free schedule maker interface

5. Asana

Good dashboards
  • User-friendly and elegant design
  • Great for teamwork
  • Plenty of functions
  • Convenient calendar
  • Expensive paid subscriptions
  • Impossible to drag the calendar
asana free schedule maker logo

Verdict: This easy schedule maker helps you organize and assign tasks. The coolest part is that this project management software allows you to create multi-page groups. You can customize tags, labels, progress bars, and more. A great calendar visualizes specific tasks for each day so users won’t miss anything.

Using the lists, employees can immediately see tasks, priorities, and deadlines. You can set up the to do list app so that nothing distracts employees from their current tasks.

asana free schedule maker interface

6. Trafft

Integrates with a variety of services
  • Charges fees
  • Integration with Google, Instagram, and Zapier
  • Automates routine planning operations
  • Convenient traffic control panel
  • No separate mobile version
trafft free schedule maker logo

Verdict: Trafft is go-to a digital business partner for many companies. A range of tasks performed by this agency is quite vast: it accepts online bookings & payments, monitors locations, finances, employees, clients, and keeps all business actors organized, involved, and up-to-date. If you work with a large team, you no longer need to spend a lot of time checking everyone's availability and scheduling things.

You can configure the planner the way you like. Optimize your booking system and website for your brand so you have all the needed tools at your fingertips. Integration with Google calendar simplifies the organization of your meetings and events, and thanks to Instagram integration, your clients will manage to book your products or services quickly and without problems. Besides, it is possible to select light or dark theme, as well as customize the appearance of the interface according to your taste.

trafft free schedule maker interface

7. Doodle

Constant reminders
  • Easy to use
  • Fast synchronization
  • Zapier-integrated
  • Monthly or weekly schedules
  • Few illustrations and small color range
  • A limited number of features
doodle free schedule maker logo

Verdict: Doodle lets users create monthly or weekly schedules. The paid version supports advanced features such as adding a logo, custom branding, and integration with third-party apps.

This product can be deservedly called the best free schedule maker since it meets the needs of both professional and regular users. You can use the app to create weekly and monthly schedules. Its cloud-based interface makes it easy and quick to share your schedule with your employees just by sending them a link. You can make updates and changes that everyone can see.

doodle free schedule maker interface

8. Calendly

  • Automatic adjustment
  • Sharing the link with customers
  • Automatic reminders
  • Scheduling tools for employee calendars
  • Occasionally fails during simultaneous planning
calendly free schedule maker logo

Verdict: This free schedule maker app is great for keeping your timetable in one location. It shows all open slots in your schedule and allows external contracts to request or schedule appointments with you.

Planning with Calendly is quick and easy. You simply enter your accessibility preferences, and Calendly does the work for you. Customers can then select a time and add it to their schedule. There is no need to send e-mails to make an appointment.

calendly free schedule maker interface

9. Free College Schedule Maker

Intuitive interface
  • Schedule printing
  • Quickly saves the schedule to your computer
  • Imports the schedule
  • Saves the schedule as an image
  • No teamwork support
free college schedule maker logo
Free College Schedule Maker

Verdict: This schedule builder app enables you to create weekly class schedules for free, which will come in handy for students. You can save schedules to your computer and import a saved timetable if you want to change courses.

With this handy student planner app, you can customize your schedule by changing the start day of the week, the length of time, and clock type (12-hour/24-hour). You can also customize the schedule design by enabling/disabling the border, reducing the height of the schedule, and displaying weekends.

free college schedule maker interface

10. Schedule Builder Online

Easy to export
  • Easy to use
  • Allows creating up to five schedules
  • Schedule sharing
  • Saving schedule as an image or PDF
  • Difficult to customize schedules
schedule builder online free schedule maker logo
Schedule Builder Online

Verdict: Schedule Builder is a very easy schedule maker that you can use online for free. You can create 5 schedules. Once you’ve completed your schedule, you can save it as an image or a PDF file. Besides, you can print it right away. The app allows you to select the background image, a start and end week, and a title.

It is one of the best free software for students as it supports 9 languages. A nice bonus is that you can use your photo as the background of your schedule. If you encounter any difficulties, just use the video tutorials, where you will find answers to all questions. You can also save, export, share and print your schedule.

grumpicon svg converter interface

11. Google Sheets

Embedded version history
  • Streamlined interface
  • Absolutely free
  • Registration is not required
  • Reliable Google product
  • Manual customization
  • No additional features
google sheets free schedule maker logo
Google Sheets

Verdict: Google Sheets is a convenient free spreadsheet program that is known as one of the best timeline software. It allows you to create grids for your schedule.

The benefit of this free schedule maker app is its customization features. You can use a schedule template to get started. With Sheets, you get a blank spreadsheet that lets you create columns and grids. Thanks to it, you can quickly create a schedule for yourself or your employees. The program is centralized, so your team can adjust the schedule if needed.

google sheets free schedule maker interface