Aftershot Pro 3 Download

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Aftershot Pro

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  • Compatible: Windows/macOS/Linux

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Aftershot Pro is a proprietary and paid raw image editing software from Corel. It's based on Bibble, that Corel previously acquired. It's notable among paid raw software because of its Linux-based interface and availability on a non-proprietary operating system. It's also notable because it's one of few image editing packages that supports both iOS and Android. Earlier versions only support Windows.

aftershot pro 3 download interface

This is an editing package with a variety of functions that will appeal to a range of photographers. One of the key features is the import function. It allows you to import photos from many locations onto your computer. It allows you to edit them in After Shot. You can make, rotate, skew, flip, or adjust colors and contrast. Another useful function is the protect tool. It lets you align an object so you can fix problems like red eye. It also has other useful functions, such as resizing, cropping, and restoring a photo.

System Requirements

OS: Windows, macOS, Linux
Disk space: 400 MB
Screen: 1280×1024
CPU: Intel, AMD

Windows Aftershot Pro

Filename: aftershot_pro_3_download.exe (download)
Filesize: 12 MB

Mac Aftershot Pro

Filename: (download)
Filesize: 10 MB

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