• Change Lips Color
  • Correct Teeth Form
  • Enlarge Eyes
  • Face Size
  • Fix Facial Asymmetry
  • Hair Volume
  • Make Smile
  • Change Beard Color
  • Remove Double Chin
  • Remove Stray Hair
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Make Teeth Straight in 1 Click

With the help of this fix teeth app from FixThePhoto you can remove uneven or yellowish teeth and create a Hollywood smile in a matter of minutes without expensive dental treatment or complex Photoshop techniques.

Each editing action is performed by a specially-trained Fixthephoto retoucher. Thanks to the hands-on approach, our straight teeth app accounts for parameters like shadows, tone, lighting, etc., to create a realistic result.

The process of fixing teeth in a photo is quite simple: pick the needed service from the list, write your requirements, for instance, if you want to align the shape of the teeth, whiten them, or add missing ones, confirm the order, and receive the finished image.

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With the help of the “Correct Teeth Form” tool, you can fix your teeth and create a Hollywood smile in a single click. Retouchers will help fix the shape of your uneven teeth and whiten them if needed. By having this tool on your smartphone, you can save thousands of dollars on dentist visits.

Now, thanks to the professional editor from FixThePhoto, any smartphone owner can order the teeth straighten service. Contact us to achieve truly realistic results.

How to Make Teeth Straight on a Photo?

upload face retouching photos
Upload photos
select retouching functions
Select retouching functions
wait for the order
Wait for the order
get your photos back
Get your photos back

Instead of studying complex techniques to learn how to fix uneven teeth in Photoshop, or how to whiten teeth in Lightroom, save time and edit your smile in this fix teeth app in 1 click. Simply order the “Correct Teeth Form” service and provide your exact requirements.

  1. Get the FixThePhoto app on the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Start the application and import the gallery picture that requires editing.
  3. Pick “Correct Teeth Form” from the tool menu. Pair it with any other tools you want.
  4. Receive the edited photo in the application within 60 minutes.
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