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add sparkle and glitter effect to photos

Add Sparkles & Glitter to Photos: App for iPhone & Android

Using this app, it is easy to add sparkle and glitter effect to photos. If a photo features a model wearing jewelry, adding some shine to precious stones will help you turn the viewers’ attention. Whereas twinkling lights on a landscape image will let you create a romantic atmosphere.

Fix The Photo Editor & Retouch App is definitely a better solution than other apps that process pics with automated filters. You can also benefit from the Test Free Order to evaluate the quality of the provided service before delegating your job to these guys and ensure that the final design will satisfy you.

add sparkles to photo app

Why People Need to Add Sparkles to Photos?

The glitter effect can help you turn the viewers’ attention to particular elements in the pic like jewelry, accessory, and sparkling objects. Using this method, you can add elements of magic and fantasy to your photos and whimsical touch to portrait and landscape images.

The sparkle effect is one of the most favorite ones for social media users to make their posts glamorous and more attractive. Such publications will definitely win the attention of other users.

Adding glitter to your pic is an excellent way to elevate your holiday pics, produce dazzling effects, make your nighttime shots really magical, etc.

Types of Sparkles to Decorate Your Photos

regular sparkles

Regular sparkles. This is the most common type of glitter. They have a round shape, are not big in size, metallic finish.

Holo sparkles. This type of sparkle allows the creation of a rainbow-like effect. This is also an excellent option for making your pics look futuristic.

glitter sparkles

Glitter. These sparkles are small and have a reflective surface. If you need to create a dramatic effect, this type of glitter is what you need.

Falling sparkles. Falling sparkles resemble tiny particles that fall through the air creating a really mesmerizing look. So, this type of sparkle is a go-to option for those who are seeking magical or fairytale-inspired effects.

Shimmer. Shimmer is a type of glitter that consists of tiny reflective pieces. This is a great variant for creating a subtle sparkle effect.

How to Choose the Right Sparkles for Your Photo?

First, consider the overall look of your pic. For example, fairytale or magical shots can be enhanced with holo sparkles or falling sparkles. If your images have a natural look, regular sparkles or glitter will come in handy.

 fixthephoto add sparkles before after  fixthephoto add sparkles before after

The colors of your pic also play a crucial role when it comes to choosing the right type and color of sparkles. If blue and green prevail the color theme of your pic, blue or green sparkles will work perfectly.

Keep in mind that the size of glitter particles also affects the overall look of an image. Small sparkles will allow achieving a subtle sparkle effect, whereas larger sparkles will let you create a more dramatic look for your pic.

How to Add Sparkles in Fix The Photo Editor & Retouch App

upload face retouching photos
Upload photos
select retouching functions
Select retouching functions
wait for the order
Wait for the order
get your photos back
Get your photos back

To add sparkles to photo using Fix The Photo Editor & Retouch App is a no-brainer. Do these simple steps:

Step 1: Download the FixThePhoto app on your device.

Step 2: Look through the pics in your gallery and pick the one you want to upgrade.

Step 3: Check the range of editing options offered by the app.

Step 4: Find and select the icon of the required edit. In this case, you need to locate ‘Individual Background Retouch’ in the ‘Background’ category.

Step 5: Provide the description of what should be done and the professional photo retouchers will deliver award-winning results in no time.

That’s all! Now you only need to wait until the designers will make a miracle happen for you turning your pic into a real masterpiece

fixthephoto add sparkles

Ideas with Sparkles for Your Pictures

Add sparkles to image to unleash your creative potential crafting brilliant designs without paying much effort.

Sparkles on holiday photos. The sparkle effect will let you add a special flavor to Christmas and New Year's Eve and fill them up with a festive and joyous atmosphere.

Sparkles on selfies, food photos, and portraits. You can make your pic more glamorous or food photography mouth-watering by jazzing up pics with beautiful sparkles.

Sparkles on nighttime photos. Elevate your nighttime images with sparkling stars making their atmosphere dreamy and mythical.

Sparkles on nature photos. You can enhance the nature photos by turning them into fairytale compositions filled with magic. It would be great to add a sparkle picture effect to images of a waterfall, a forest, or a flower field.

Sparkles on abstract photos. Sparkles can also decorate abstract pics to make them full of movement and energy. A photo made of swirling sparkles will definitely amaze viewers. Covering a shot with a star shower will also have an impressive effect on everyone.

Sparkles on product photos. If you want to make your product pics more eye-grabbing, the sparkles effect will come in handy. For instance, by adding more shine to jewelry, makeup, or clothing, you can make your pics more attractive.

Sparkles on DIY projects. Sparkles are a great way for enhancing DIY projects like scrapbooks, cards, or jewelry.

Why You Should Choose Fix The Photo Editor & Retouch App

Fix The Photo Editor & Retouch App beats the competitive tools as it employs real experts in the photo editing field, so the result is always top-rated. Unlike generic filters used by many applications, the FixThePhoto team performs all the operations manually, making sure that the added photo sparkle effect looks exactly the way you want.

fixthephoto add sparkles to photo before after

You can also benefit from app Free Test Order to check what the team is capable of before paying for the service. This feature is a real highlight of the app, as with it, users are guaranteed to get brilliant results.

Quick order fulfillment is another considerable advantage of Fix The Photo Editor & Retouch App. The specialists of the service will handle even the most complex tasks within several hours transforming your dull pic into a real work of art to impress your followers.

Services Beyond Adding Sparkles

Fix The Photo Editor & Retouch App does not only offer the ability to add sparkles to photo, but also allows upgrading other aspects of your pic. Adding piercings to photos, adding angel wings, tattoos, deleting backgrounds, and even adding eyelashes – the specialists of the service can do all these tasks with ease.

add sparkles before after