• Change Lips Color
  • Correct Teeth Form
  • Enlarge Eyes
  • Face Size
  • Fix Facial Asymmetry
  • Hair Volume
  • Make Smile
  • Change Beard Color
  • Remove Double Chin
  • Remove Stray Hair
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Smooth Skin in 1 Click

If you have some skin problems, then you can always benefit from using a skin smoothing app. This FixThePhoto app will help you realistically smoothen the skin while removing acne and pores in a single click.

The way this face smoothing app works is very simple: pick the required service from the menu, type in your exact requirements, for instance, if you want to remove acne, pores, or even wrinkles, confirm the order, and receive the finished photo as soon as possible.

The FixThePhoto app assigns your order to a professional retoucher, which allows not only achieving a more realistic result but accounting for all your order requirements as well.

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By having the “Smooth Skin” tool on your smartphone, you can instantly remove acne and pores from your skin wherever you are. Our retouchers account for your birthmarks and scars and leave them intact (unless you want them removed as well).

Now, thanks to the professional mobile app from FixThePhoto, anybody can request skin smoothening for their photos. Contact us if you want to receive the most realistic results possible.

How to Smooth Skin Out on Photos?

upload face retouching photos
Upload photos
select retouching functions
Select retouching functions
wait for the order
Wait for the order
get your photos back
Get your photos back

Simply make use of the skin smoothing app from FixThePhoto, if you don’t have time to study complex skin smoothing techniques in Photoshop or lack the money to purchase expensive photo editing software for PC. Order skin smoothing, and, if needed, provide detailed instructions. If you want to leave a childhood scar and receive the finished image from professional retouchers in a couple of minutes.

  1. Grab the FixThePhoto app on the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Start the app and upload a picture from your gallery that needs editing.
  3. Choose “Smooth Skin” from the tool menu. Order any other enhancements if you want to.
  4. Receive the finished photo from the app within one hour.

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