Teeth Whitening Photo Editor

Use this Online Teeth Whitening Photo Editor to make a shiny Hollywood smile in your portrait and selfie photos. Now you don’t have to be a Photoshop expert to get a naturally white smile: use this online photo editor or address a professional photo editing service that will do everything instead of you.

FAQ: Teeth Whitening Editor

How can I make teeth whitening online?
You need to upload your photo, select the teeth with the Lasso Tool, apply the Adjustment Layer “Hue/Saturation” and reduce the saturation of yellow to 0. Read more in the Complete Whiten Teeth Photoshop Tutorial.
How many RAW formats does this Teeth Whitening Editor support?
It does not support all existing image formats as all professional programs. You can open and edit NEF, CR2 and ARW files. It also supports DNG files.
How to change this Teeth Editor’s language?
It is not difficult, you just need to click on the More button at the top of the menu and select the language you need. You do not need to reload the page, the language will be changed in a second.
Does this Teeth Whitening Editor support Ps Actions?
Yes, you can install them by selecting File - Open from the menu. Then find the action in the folder. Open the Actions window and click on Play. You can download Free Teeth Whitening Actions created by professional retouchers.

Teeth Whitener Photo Editor – Video Tricks: