White House Wedding Photography Review: Bio & Portfolio

By Tata Rossi 19 days ago, Photographer

White House Wedding Photography helps couples to capture the best moments of the wedding day. The company was founded by an award-winning wedding photographer Antonio based in Miami, Florida. He also takes family, wedding, and engagement photos in other states and cities.

White House Wedding Photography: Biography

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White House Wedding Photography was founded by one of the best wedding photographers with more than 10 years of experience. Antonio took photos of 200+ weddings while working in various locations, from Santa Barbara, California, to Miami, Florida. He keeps improving his skills and often shares useful tips in his blog for photographers.

His works were published in such magazines as Style Me Pretty, OK Magazine, WeddingWire and The Knott. Antonio has 60+ 5-star reviews in these magazines. He was recognized as the Best International Wedding Photographer in 2020 and featured in Style me Pretty, Bridal Beuty, International lifestyle, etc.

Antonio took photos of many celebrities, including the stars of The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. He was recognized as the best Miami-based wedding photographer by WeddingRule, Expertise and other magazines. The photographer holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Photography.

white house wedding photography review

Thanks to years of experience, Antonio knows that it’s crucial to get to know a couple beforehand since it allows people to feel more comfortable during a wedding photo session. This is why he offers free consultations that last from 45 to 60 minutes. It enables the photographer to discuss all the important moments with his clients.

During the consultation, the company owner learns more about a couple. You can tell him when and where you met as well as share your wishes. This way, it will be easier for the photographer to understand what results you want to get and take unique photos on your wedding day.

After the first consultation, the photographer will tell you the exact price. In most cases, a wedding shooting costs from $3,000 to $4,000. Portrait photos cost from $525. Prices are calculated individually depending on clients’ budgets and needs.

Main Wedding Genres

For Antonio, wedding photography remains the main area of his interests, but he also does portrait photography and takes maternity, family, and engagement photos.


Antonio provides engagement photography services. It allows clients to get to know the photographer and feel more relaxed on the wedding day. For the photographer, it’s a unique opportunity to learn more about a couple and select the best style for a wedding photo session.

Most couples get shy and nervous when posing for a photographer they don’t know. However, you don’t need to worry about it. Antonio is a very considerate and understanding person, which makes him extremely comfortable to work with.

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The professional wedding photographer will stay by your side throughout the shooting. He will help you relax and assume a comfortable pose in front of a camera, which will help him implement the best engagement photo ideas. Thanks to his extensive experience in engagement photography, you will get stunning photos and forget about being camera-shy, which will help you relax and have fun on your wedding day.


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Many couples are overwhelmed with emotions on the wedding day. Thanks to his experience, the photographer knows how to help them relax and make them stop worrying about their looks. He helps his clients feel at ease in front of a camera and gives useful tips on flattering angles and wedding photography poses.

Antonio often uses various wedding photography ideas to take the best shots. For instance, he knows how to implement the first look wedding photos ideas or crazy wedding photography ideas.


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Wedding portraits convey sincere emotions and an atmosphere of happiness. White House Wedding Photography specializes in taking both staged and candid photos. In some cases, the photographer prefers capturing spontaneous moments.

However, he also often stages his shots carefully to capture the emotions of newlyweds as well as their outfits, hair, and makeup.


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To take great family portraits, White House Wedding Photography carefully selects a location. The photographer ensures that everyone fits in the frame and people’s faces are clearly visible.

Thanks to his military background, Antonio can take photos of big groups of people since he knows how to quickly organize them.

Detail Shot

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If you have spent a fortune on the wedding decor, make sure to hire a professional photographer who can capture the atmosphere of the event while paying attention to the finest details. Such experts can capture the wedding memories that will last for generations to come. White House knows exactly how to take photos that will preserve these memories for a lifetime.

Besides taking photos of a couple and guests, Antonio pays attention to details, such as invitations and table layouts. He specializes in wedding dress photography and likes taking photos of rings and wedding bouquets.


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While many people prefer color photos, others like black and white photography. Antonio often turns color photos black and white to fully transform the atmosphere in the frame by adjusting lighting and contrast.

Black-and-white pictures allow him to focus a viewer’s attention on particular objects in the frame, such as faces or wedding gowns. People won’t get distracted by bright colors. Instead, they will pay attention to the details emphasized by a photographer.


white house wedding photography maternity

To capture the most beautiful moment of your pregnancy, the photographer will use creative maternity photography poses. He knows how to capture your emotions in the most natural way. To take aesthetically pleasing photos, White House Wedding Photography uses the best maternity photo ideas.


The wedding photography style of White House is often described as stylish, elegant, and refined. All the images look natural and breathtaking. When enhancing photos, Antonio focuses on clients instead of the background. He carefully improves the skin tone, removes flaws, adjusts contrast and brightness.

In most cases, White House Wedding Photography sends photos to clients within 4-6 weeks after a wedding. The photographer carefully selects and enhances the best photos. While it takes much time and effort, this approach guarantees that you will get the best possible results.

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If you need help, you can contact the FixThePhoto team and ask them to enhance your wedding photos. These professionals can improve photos in any genre and solve tasks of different complexity.

Besides basic photo manipulations, such as skin flaw removal, texture improvement, and teeth whitening, they perform more advanced adjustments as well. For instance, you can order their Dodge&Burn, split toning and airbrushing services.

Blog for Clients and Photographers

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If you don’t have any prior experience, read Antonio’s blog with useful tips and tricks. You will learn what every wedding photographer should know to be hired by an agency. Besides, you will discover how you can take and enhance your photos. The photographer also shares unique wedding reception ideas.

The articles are written in a simple and concise language. Read them to learn how to organize a dream wedding and find a suitable location among the best luxury venues in the US.