Luca Libralato Photography Review: Bio & Portfolio

By Tata Rossi 14 days ago, Photographer

Luca Libralato is a professional Italian photographer. He focuses on landscapes and loves technology and coding. The photographer is a true fan of long exposure. He thinks it allows him to show a completely different side of any landscape.

Luca Libralato is a successful landscape photographer and he is ready to share his experience. His photography workshops are useful for every aspiring photographer. Luca Libralato photography blog is equally informative and helpful. You can find some great tips and ideas there.


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Luca Libralato was born in Latina near Rome in 1974. He had many hobbies and photography was one of them. The photographer received his first film camera at the age of 7. Of course, Luca considered his first digital cameras (the Casio with a resolution of 0.3MP and Magnex with a resolution of 1MP) more as entertainment than as a serious thing.

The purchase of the Canon EOS 400D in 2007 completely changed his attitude and contributed to the emergence of Luca Libralato photography studio.

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After purchasing a new professional camera for photography, Luca Libralato had to learn more about lenses, focal lengths, aperture, and light. First, he used online resources to study. There he met lots of pro photographers who gave some useful tips.

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Working with digital SLR cameras from Canon as well as with Nikon, Sony, Fuji and other lenses, he could understand the difference between amateur and professional equipment. Luca Libralato devoted a lot of time to study different photographic techniques: portraits, landscapes, studio photography, macro photography, night and astronomical photography, long exposure photography. Mastering all these techniques allowed him to find his personal style.

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Today Luca Libralato works with long exposure and loves to take photos of seas or lakes. He also likes architecture photography. However, he prefers shooting at night or using a long exposure.

Editing Techniques

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In this Luca Libralato photography review, we'll take a closer look at his landscape editing techniques. Luca starts enhancing his images in Adobe Lightroom. The photographer does 95% of the work in this program. Then, he moves on to Adobe Photoshop to add finishing touches. He's not a big fan of actions, but sometimes he uses the effects that add contrast or slightly alter the tones in a photo.

When editing pictures taken in bracketing mode, you should try to equalize the dynamic range of the entire picture. There are several ways to mix exposures. Luca Libralato recommends HDR blending in Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw. The results will be equal for both programs. You can get very natural images.


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Luca Libralato photography activities are not only limited to taking pictures. He organizes trips and photo workshops both in Italy and abroad (mainly in Europe) for one or several days. The photographer pays special attention to preparing for such seminars. The weather and the quality of the light are decisive factors for the success of landscape photography.

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It is difficult to predict the weather accurately. However, by planning everything well, you can minimize all risks. Knowing the specifics of clothing and equipment, including choosing a proper tripod for landscape photography, is very important if you want to get the desired result.

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Planning a photographic trip, including location, weather, equipment, and clothing, is a key aspect of a landscape photography workshop. It's also worth considering photographic composition: symmetry, scene balance, and guidelines. You should also pay attention to settings and choose the right lenses for landscape photography, depth of field, focus, exposure, filters for landscape photography, and shutter speed.

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If you are interested in Luca Libralato photography and want to attend his workshop, then you should fill out the form in the “Contacts” section and wait for a response. He will provide you with all the information you need.


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Luca Libralato’s website contains lots of his photographs in different styles, such as black and white photography, architectural photography, urban photography, and night landscapes. All images can be printed on quality photo paper, as well as on canvas, PVC and other materials.

If you want to purchase reproductions of Luca Libralato photography works, you can contact the author for all the details (formats, delivery times, prices) using the contact form on the website.


The photographer is ready to share his knowledge with newbies. He has his blog and posts useful landscape photography tips on his social media pages, including Instagram. Here you will find tons of ideas and tips that will be useful to both novice photographers and professionals.

His recent posts include tips on how to improve long exposure with overlays, an overview of the Haida M10 holder. Here, you will also find information on ND filters and landscape Photoshop actions.