Photokiakotos Photography Review For Getting Inspiration

By Tata Rossi 17 days ago, Photographer

Photokiakotos is an amateur landscape and portrait photographer who runs a successful blog, social media accounts and an active YouTube channel where he shares tips and tricks with his colleagues. The blog is constantly updated with new articles about equipment and editing, interesting ideas, and numerous tips which can come in handy for both beginners and experts. 


photokiakotos photography interface

Photokiakotos Photography is engaged in photography and retouching on a freelance basis. He uses his camera and lens to capture the beauty of the surrounding world and show it to people all over the globe by dint of modern technologies. Actually, his main profession (a captain of a liner) encouraged him to grab a camera and start photographing arresting places he passed by.

photokiakotos landscape photography

Today, Kiakotos Charalampos is a popular landscape photographer, who dwells on his experience and knowledge in his Photokiakotos blog. Check the blog to go deeper into the photography world and learn about the current tendencies of the landscape genre.

You can also visit the online store on the website and get unique paid and free Lightroom landscape presets to give your photos a winsome look.


Photokiakotos photography includes such genres as landscape, urban photography, wildlife photography, and portraiture.

photokiakotos urban photography

There is a separate section called Gallery on the website, where you can find multiple images belonging to the abovementioned genres. 

photokiakotos wildlife photography

The “Life of a Sailor” collection comprises mesmerizing photos taken by Kiakotos during trips on the liner. You can order any picture you like in a printed form. The range of sizes and finishes is mind-blowing.

photokiakotos portrait man photography

As for image editing, Kiakotos is a fan of gentle tweaks, trying to preserve the original beauty. When he improves portrait images, he starts with skin retouching, as there are many nuances to take care of.

He doesn’t chase an ideal skin tone, but only removes imperfections and slightly fixes wrinkles. In general, he adheres to the principles of clean editing, which implies adjusting such parameters as sharpness, color temperature, and clarity.

portrait photo retouching sample before portrait photo retouching sample after

If you need help with post production, address FixThePhoto professionals. We will improve your images according to your requirements and deliver them in a quick way.


Photokiakotos photography blog contains a detailed description of his favorite camera for photography and other pieces of equipment that are indispensable for successful shooting. You can check an informative overview to understand what gear you need to buy for your first photo session and what elements you can purchase down the road.

He explains to readers what devices they need to use to achieve particular results. The information is easy to read and comprehend.

For readers’ convenience, all reviews are divided into 2 groups – equipment for photography and videography. First of all, you can read about the best cameras, reliable lenses such as Sony A7R iii, Dji Osmo Action, Sony 16-35mm f2.8 GM, Lensbaby Twist 60 f2.5, and others. Below, there is a separate list of accessories – tripods, microphones, filters, etc.

In addition to recommendations on shooting equipment, you can also find a list of must-have programs for editing, YouTube plug-ins, as well as unbiased reviews of high-quality laptops that can fully satisfy photographers’ needs. Besides, you can get an extra discount with the "Photokiakotos" promo code to use Tubebuddy.


photokiakotos photography blog

Photokiakotos photography blog is a real finding for aspiring photographers just embarking on this path. Reading articles available there, you can understand what parameters of a camera affect its efficiency, how to adjust your gear, and what brands are worth trusting in 2021. The blog is divided into 5 sections – Editing Techniques, Full Guides, General Topics, Reviews, and All Articles.

The Editing Techniques part is filled with useful tips you can’t do without if you dream of becoming an expert. You can learn about common mistakes photographers make editing landscape shots, how to create the Orton and the Dragan effects, what tools to use to get rid of noise in photos and how to make images looks flawless. Most recommendations are aimed at newbies.

photokiakotos portrait sea photography

If you need step-by-step guides on how to achieve a particular result, make sure to inspect the Full Guides category. There are tutorials covering retouching, macro shooting, long-exposure photography, and more. You can also enrich your collection of portrait photography ideas, interesting concepts for newborn, portrait, and wedding photo sessions.

The General Topics section fully corresponds to its name. Here the photographer has gathered articles on how to build a composition, adjust a camera for landscapes, use futuristic locations, reach your target audience, and make a name, taking cityscape shots. You can also read detailed reviews of Sigma and Sony lenses, various memory cards, landscape cameras, and more.

The YouTube channel is crammed with praiseworthy videos that can interest not only novices, but also experienced photographers. Some videos are devoted to popular effects you can create during editing, others touch upon basic adjustments and techniques of how to blur background in Lightroom and Photoshop. There is much to pay attention to.

photokiakotos wild nature photography

The channel is regularly updated with fresh content. No matter how busy Kiakotos is, he uploads a new video at least once in 15 days. There is also a great category called “Top 5”. Check it to see the list of the best cameras for vlogging, the best laptops for content creators, the best cameras bags, and the best neutral density filters.


Visiting Photokiakotos photography website, you can also get many handy tools to make your life easier. One of the most popular options is Long Exposure ND Calculator. You just need to specify the exposure time recommended by your camera for the selected subject and then choose a suitable ND filter. Wait several seconds and learn proper exposure.

Some photographers report that using an ND filter in landscape shots, you have to scarify the depth of a photo. Of course, this can happen from time to time, but if a photo, you can easily make it more atmospheric by making shadows more defined.

Another useful tool you can get for work only if you subscribe. In fact, this is a package that includes Exposure Triangle eBook, Lightroom PDF training materials, and 13 Lightroom presets. To get a kit, you need to follow the link and fill out the form, indicating your first name, last name, and email address.