Couture Boudoir® Photography Review: Bio & Portfolio

By Tata Rossi 22 days ago, Photographer

Critsey Rowe is a female boudoir photographer who has earned her reputation by expertly organizing and conducting Boudoir photoshoots while showing impeccable ability to capture the essence of each model. Her main goal is to convey the unique beauty of every woman in an intimate fashion while highlighting their sensuality and sexiness.

Rowe lives to travel and has worked with clients all around the US and the globe. Some of Critsey’s favorite locations include New York, New Jersey, California, Florida, Italy, France, and Germany, among many others.


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Critsey Rowe, the owner of Couture Boudoir®, is a professional, highly-renowned photographer whose works were published in various magazines across the world while she dedicated her craft to allow women to feel confident and sexy in front of the camera. By surrounding herself exclusively with female assistants and beauty experts, Rowe highlights the unique, intimate sexual appeal of each client while delivering aesthetically pleasing, tasteful, and stunning boudoir pictures. Being an experienced portrait photographer, Critsey makes it her primary objective to make you look as good as possible.

Rowe has been in charge of increasing the popularity of boudoir genre for multiple years now. She regularly hosts boudoir workshops and lectures across the country and abroad. Critsey has also been invited to talk about her brand by the Wedding Planning Audiocast on iTunes, the Pictage Users Group, and she was also a convention speaker for DWF at Imaging USA. Her work was prominently featured on The Perfect Pose among a long list of other online platforms.

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Rowe is among America’s most popular boudoir and wedding photographers. You can find her photos in trendy magazines like Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Today's Bride, Destination Weddings and Honeymoons, You and Your Wedding London, The Bride's Book, Weddings Unveiled, The Knot, Carolina Bride, and Queen City Weddings.

Critsey was also featured on Platinum Weddings and appeared multiple times on My Fair Wedding with David Tutera on the WE Channel.


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Couture Boudoir® photoshoots are set up like a fashion session and last for about 2-3 hours. During the shoot, the model can wear up to 5 different attires to enjoy a broad selection of final photos. All Critsey’s packages come bundled with the services of a hair and makeup stylist and allow you to choose between a more natural look or a more glamorous approach. Right before the photoshoot, you can consult Rowe and ask her for some boudoir outfit photo ideas. The current cost of such a photoshoot currently stands at $1800.

Being a boudoir photographer, Critsey isn’t just focused on delivering high-quality photos but also on allowing each model to express her inner self while receiving stunning photos that she will value for a lifetime.

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Since Rowe is taking photos from a woman’s perspective, she excels at ensuring the model looks her best and most sensual. Critsey employs only female assistants and stylists, which guarantees that the atmosphere before and during the shoot is comfortable and relaxing while the pictures end up looking tasteful and aesthetically pleasing.

Rowe’s main drive when taking photos of her clients is to help them discover their feminine power. Similar to how males take pride in their aura of manliness, Critsey believes females shouldn’t be ashamed of expressing their sensuality.


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Rowe doesn’t just take the pictures herself but is also in charge of handling all Couture Boudoir® photography editing to ensure it look exactly as she envisioned it. Critsey dedicates a lot of effort to image retouching because she knows perfectly well how amateurish editing can turn a fantastic photo into a meh one.

While she takes a lot of time setting up the lighting during the shoot, there are still some adjustments that can be made to make a photo look better. Rowe also enhances the skin tone, deals with all minor and major flaws, and relies exclusively on professional photo editing software like Photoshop and Lightroom.

Additionally, Critsey can add a glamorous finish to the image by tweaking the lower and higher tones to ensure the model's body looks flawless while preserving its natural appeal.

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Rowe is also quite proficient at photography marketing, as she advertises her images on her official site and Instagram profile. Critsey believes an established photographer has to possess skills related to different areas like finance, business, marketing, social media, and customer relations.


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Other than an expansive portfolio, Critsey’s site also features her personal blog. Here, Rowe gives useful boudoir photography tips and boudoir photo poses that she uses for her photoshoots. I like that she writes all the articles herself while relying on her personal experience.

Instagram for Inspiration

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If you’re interested in more than Cristey’s portfolio and blog, you can also check out the Couture Boudoir® Instagram. There, you’ll be able to explore various boudoir photo ideas, plus size boudoir photo poses and get inspired by women who showcase their inner sensual selves while posing in front of the camera.