Jay Rowden Photography Review 2023: Style and Genres

By Tata Rossi 9 days ago, Photographer

Jay Rowden is a famous photographer who specializes in wedding, portrait, and fashion photoshoots in a documentary style. When shooting events, he tries to show all the aspects as naturally as it is possible. Whether he captures weddings, takes portraits of the newlyweds, or conducts fashion photo sessions, the photographer tries to avoid posed photography. His approach is to catch the moment as it is, without making photos look staged.

Jay Rowden Photography: Biography

jay rowden photography work

Jay Rowden comes from London. He has conducted wedding and fashion photoshoots for more than 12 years. He shot more than 500 weddings. The photographer provides his services in London and other cities in the UK and abroad.

Before starting to work as a documentary wedding photographer, he was successful in the TV industry. Jay Rowden studied photography at Central St Martins. There, he learned the basics of a successful composition, found out how to shoot on film and develop your own negatives, discovered how to use artificial and natural lighting. These skills helped Jay find his own shooting style.

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After learning the art of photography, Jay Rowden became a professional wedding shooter. He focuses on capturing wedding traditions and important details. In 2016, 2017, and 2018 he was named the London Wedding Photographer of the Year.

Besides, Jay Rowden photographer has shot many famous people, including celebrities, members of the royal family, etc. One of the reasons why celebrities turn to him is that Jay signs the Non-Disclosure Agreement. Jay Rowden has a high level of professionalism, which is why many famous and powerful people hire him for capturing their events.

Main Genres

Jay Rowden specializes in portrait, fashion, and wedding photography. In his pictures, you will not see fake smiles and staged poses. In this Jay Rowden photography review, I’ll tell you about the main services provided by the photographer.


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The photographer is known for his wedding photoshoots. He tries his best to capture precious moments. Jay prefers a modern style in photography and takes shots in a natural and relaxed style to tell the story of the event.

Unlike other photographers, Jay Rowden stays at your event for as long as possible to take dance floor shots and photos of the newlyweds. He shoots all kinds of weddings in the United Kingdom.

jay rowden wedding shots

Besides, he has also captured events in other countries, such as France and Italy. Traveling is an exciting hobby for Jay, and he is always willing to get acquainted with new people. During his career, the shooter has accumulated many wedding photography ideas, related to interesting places for shooting, the usage of some additional props, the shooting angles, etc.

The photographer offers a complete wedding package. He starts early in the morning and conducts a photo session until late, which means that he works approximately ten-twelve hours and even longer.

The cost of a wedding package includes complete photography coverage of an event. You will get professionally edited images in a high resolution and a slideshow gallery with all the pictures so that you can easily share them with friends or family members. They will only need to know a password to access the photos.


jay rowden portrait photo

The photographer also specializes in portrait photography. Jay captures portraits in studios and offices, which allows his clients to feel relaxed and at ease.

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You can choose the shooting location by yourself or ask the photographer to do it for you. The shooter’s task is to capture your personality and emotions. He doesn’t stage his photos, which is why they look quite natural.


jay rowden fashion photo

Whether you need a fashion photo for a magazine, catalog, website, or social media, Jay Rowden can cope with any task.

jay rowden fashion shots

He takes photos of models in branded outfits focusing on clothes and accessories. Even ordinary product photos can tell a story if you compose them correctly, play with light and add details.

Shooting Features

jay rowden shooting features

Jay Rowden photographer describes his style as documentary-style photojournalism, with some elements taken from fine art and fashion photography. He uses professional Canon cameras for taking pictures. For instance, he often uses the Canon 5d Mark 3 and the 30 MP Canon 5d Mark 4 fitted with excellent professional Canon lenses. It allows him to shoot in various lighting conditions.

To make the guests feel comfortable during a photoshoot, Jay takes photos in the silent mode and masks cameras so that they become difficult to notice. The photographer prefers natural light and avoids using flash. He does not carry a lot of lighting equipment with him and takes his shots using the same type of lighting so that they look alike.

The photographer captures stories and emotions without using staged poses. His task is to avoid being subjective when snapping pictures. Jay captures candid moments, like happy tears of joy and sincere smiles.

Editing Features

editing by jay rowden editing by jay rowden

The photographer processes each shot manually so that you get the result that will satisfy you. He works on every image from your wedding photo session refining colors and tones, as well as removing imperfections. The photographer takes 600-800 shots during one event and selects 300-500 images for a client. All photos will be in the same style.

Blog with Info About Locations and Weddings

jay rowden blog

On the shooter's official website, you will find a wedding photography blog, where the author shares information about interesting locations. The photographer also talks about the outfits of the bride and groom, some peculiarities of the photoshoots, and of course, shares pictures from the events. If you want to be inspired by beautiful wedding shots or find an impressive location, check out the articles on this blog.


  • • Does the photographer take formal group shots?

Yes, Jay Rowden also shoots group pictures using a list drawn up by the newlyweds. It takes him a maximum of 15 minutes to photograph a group of people. Besides, Jay usually asks several guests to help him gather the guests. It is advisable to let the guests know that they should participate in a group photo session in advance.

  • • How many photos does a wedding album include?

Each album is customized to the needs and preferences of a client. For instance, you may order a 30-page album with 70-80 pictures.

  • • Will I get a USB with high-resolution images?

All packages allow a client to get a USB with high-quality photos. It is up to you how many pictures you will print or copy. Besides, you can do whatever you want with the photos: share them with friends, email them to guests, etc.

  • • Does the photographer shoot outside London?

Yes, he does, upon prior agreement. A client should compensate the cost of the flight and transfer in this case.

  • • Does the photographer work alone?

Yes, the photographer captures your event as an invisible observer. If you plan a large wedding and want to capture every moment, Jay can take an assistant with him.