Dauss Miller Photography Review For Getting Inspiration

If you like reading about talented photographers and learning about their professional hacks, this Dauss Miller photographer review is worth checking out. This shooter is mainly engaged in the commercial sector, devoting most of his time to fashion photos. However, he has also achieved fame with emotional portraits and lifestyle images.

Dauss Miller Photographer: Biography

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Dauss Miller is a world-known photographer, who initially chose Fine Arts and Psychology as his occupation. Though photography eventually became his passion and money-brining activity, he also like playing drums, collecting watches, and participating in various creative projects.

He usually takes photos for ad campaigns, especially those related to the fashion industry. He states that he is inspired by people and you can find lots of such stories on his official website. This has probably motivated Dauss Miller to try his hand at portrait and lifestyle photography.

The range of his clients includes Google, Indiana Fashion Week, Smart Noggin Toys, Gallery Pastry Shop, Elan Furs, Catou Wear, Sophisticated Living Magazine, G.Michael Salon, Visit Indy and more.

Main Genres

Dauss Miller photographer travels a lot. So, if you want to order commercial or personal photo sessions in various genres, you need to get in touch with him in advance to clarify all the details.


dauss miller photographer fashion

If you are looking for a shooter with a background in high fashion photography, Dauss Miller is the right person to address. To understand his vision and approach better, visit the official website including many such images.

Examining his photography portfolio, you’ll notice that he likes using B&W background, which favorably presents models, clothes, and background, without diverting attention from them. Sometimes, he organizes photo sessions outdoors, but he always keeps the background as neutral as possible.

In most cases, he works in professional studios, where he can control lighting and other parameters. Dauss Miller uses a top-notch camera for fashion photography and lenses for fashion photography in order to capture bright colors and all the details.

dauss miller photographer editorial fashion

Miller has also made a name in clothing photography, so you can frequently see him during fashion shows. His interest in editorial photography eventually made him demanded among luxury fashion magazines.


dauss miller photographer portrait

All his portrait photos have a distinct commercial fashion element, which is the core of his unique style. He uses the same angles and model poses.

His love for neutral colors and minimalism can be traced in the background he chooses for portrait photoshoots. Dauss Miller keeps away from flashy color mixes and numerous props. Though sometimes his portraits have too much “staged”, they are always catchy and emotional.

dauss miller photographer color correction sample dauss miller photographer color correction sample

If you like his color correction style, you can address professional retouchers and they will replicate it. Without violating the initial idea of your photo, they will make colors pop. 

dauss miller photographer black and white portrait

From time to time, Dauss Miller photographer removes all bright colors and turns photos into black & white pictures. If you also like the genuine beauty of black and white photography, why not write the shooter and order a personal photo session? He belongs to the group of the best portrait photographers of modernity and will guide you through the entire shooting process, so that you can enjoy every second.


dauss miller photographer lifestyle

Unlike some lifestyle photographers who rely on a fleeting moment, Miller always has a clear plan of how he’s going to work. He strives to make every image stylish with a model and the surroundings to create a harmonious whole.

dauss miller photographer lifestyle luxury props

If you have seen his lifestyle images, you probably noticed that they look like photos from fashion magazines. As for props, Miller uses luxurious cars and even planes. Models wear fashionable clothes, accessories, and professional make-up (for females).

However, he encourages models to take relaxed poses and show genuine emotions. The photographer spends lots of time looking for a beautiful location, so that the final photo will look arresting. In fact, there is a separate section on his website devoted to locations. Check it out to find a cool place to realize your creative photography ideas.

Editing Features

dauss miller photographer sample of work

Since Dauss Miller mainly deals with commercial photoshoots for various brands, he is very careful while editing images. Every model in his photos has smooth, healthy skin, while all facial features are gently accentuated. He pays special attention to hair retouching, making hair neat and beautiful.

dauss miller photographer shiny details

Dauss Miller attentively corrects colors of clothes, making them bright and eye-pleasing, without going overboard. He loves to emphasize the texture of the fabric and strives to convey volume. One of the photographers' favorite tricks is highlighting shiny details. If there are metallic elements, glitters or lacquer details on clothing or jewelry, Miller always highlights them during post-processing.

dauss miller photographer lights

His work with lights and shadows deserves special praise. He frequently uses the Dodge & Burn effect, to put emphasis on some elements.

Other Projects

If you want to become a professional photographer, I highly recommend learning more details about Dauss Miller photography. Thus, you can find out about difficulties he had to overcome, what techniques he uses during photo sessions, how he improves images, etc.

Branding Portraits

Dauss Miller collaborates with professionals in various fields, developing a personal brand concept for them. He closely communicates with a client, examines his/her business, peculiarities, and demands. Then he organizes a large-scale shooting at different locations. The idea of such photo sessions is to show a client as a professional in a particular field.

Look Book

In addition to a photo session, you can order a look book on the website. Such service is popular among designers, stylists, and other creatives who want to implement a specific creative idea. These are narrowly focused surveys that cover a particular client’s need related to his/her activity.