Jenn Mishra Photography Review for Getting Inspiration

By Tata Rossi 4 days ago, Photographer

Read this Jenn Mishra photography review if you want to know more about the talented travel photographer and her services. On Jenn's website, you can find architectural and landscape photographs taken in various cities around the world. Moreover, you can learn useful information about modern photography techniques and find interesting ideas for your projects.

Jenn Mishra Photographer: Biography

jenn mishra photography website

Jenn Mishra takes pictures all over the world. She focuses mainly on landscape and travel shooting. She stands out for her minimalist images, black and white shots, natural pictures from everyday life, and colorful scenes from different countries.

It was Jenn's childhood dream to become a travel photographer. The photographer does not capture only overseas scenes, but she also seeks inspiration in her native country. Jennifer has her own studio in St. Louis. She shoots and edits her images there.

Jenn Mishra shares her knowledge and secrets of successful photo shoots with everyone. She offers educational materials related to photography and post-processing techniques. Mishra founded the educational project PhotoYoga. Many photographers from all over the world share their knowledge and useful tips there.

Main Genres

Jenn Mishra photography services will be perfect for those who need to get travel and landscapes shots. However, her portfolio also contains portraits, architecture, lifestyle, and other images.


jenn mishra photography travel

Jenn Mishra is an avid travel photography fan. She loves to work in this genre and has many photographs from different countries in her portfolio. Jenn captures more than just world-famous landmarks. She photographs unexplored places and scenes to let people know about them.

Breathtaking landscapes are Jennifer's main goal during her travels. She also takes pictures of local people. Using her lens and camera, the photographer tries to show all the peculiarities of a country or region.

jenn mishra photography travel people

Capturing people, Mishra strives for naturalness and adheres to the rules of lifestyle photography. She prefers relaxed poses over staged ones. Jennifer believes that vivid, genuine emotions make pictures more attractive.

jenn mishra photography festival

Jenn mostly takes pictures of people in their daily life. However, the photographer is also interested in various holidays and events. Her portfolio contains several collections taken in the festival photography genre.


jenn mishra photography landscape

Landscape photography is another genre that Jennifer Mishra specializes in. Jenn uses professional lenses for landscape photography and a dedicated camera for landscapes to get incredible images. Plus, she has a great artistic taste and can get the most out of post-processing.

jenn mishra photography landscape close up

The photographer loves to capture water and mountains. Her favorite time for shooting the sky is sunset or sunrise. Jenn Mishra photography projects include various close-ups. With their help, she draws a viewer's attention to beautiful natural patterns and textures.


jenn mishra photography nature

Nature photography collection also makes up an important part of Mishra's portfolio. She often photographs animals and plants in their natural environment. Her shots in this genre are distinguished by a bright color palette and rich shades. Jennifer makes every effort to convey all the beauty and diversity of the animal world through her lens.


jenn mishra photography architecture

Jennifer takes eye-catching photographs of monuments, houses, and other architectural structures. She uses unique camera angles and unusual compositional techniques to capture interesting buildings she sees during her travels. This approach sets Mishra apart from other real estate photography professionals.

jenn mishra photography diagonal lines

Jenn uses various zigzags, spirals and diagonal lines in photography to make her shots more dynamic and detailed. The photographer also focuses on horizontal lines to solve various stylistic and compositional tasks.

Black & White

jenn mishra photography black and white

Jennifer Mishra considers black and white photography to be the best genre to convey the natural atmosphere and genuine emotions of a scene. Therefore, she sometimes uses black-and-white photographs to convey her ideas.

Landscape scenes captured in black-and-white mode look really impressive. Plus, classic black-and-white portraits are a must-have for almost every photographer.


jenn mishra photography night

Shooting at night is Jennifer's other passion. You will find various images in this technique in her portfolio. The artist takes portraits, urban, nature, landscape and other photos in the night photography genre.

jenn mishra photography sunset

Jennifer Mishra is also a fan of sunset and twilight photography. As the rising or setting sun gives a soft light, photos take on a romantic mood and a warm atmosphere. Jennifer is considered by many experts to be an excellent landscape photographer to inspire other people as her images are incredibly atmospheric and engaging.


jenn mishra photography portrait

You won’t find many examples of portrait photography in Jennifer Mishra's portfolio. As a rule, she captures the residents of the countries she visits. Mishra uses portraits as a way to show the culture and lifestyle of people from different parts of the world.


jenn mishra photography art

Jenn Mishra photography collections contain unique art objects that deserve your attention. Her photographs look unusual thanks to the camera angles she uses and her exclusive editing approach. Her photos of the Mississippi River look like impressive fantasy drawings.


jenn mishra photography collages

In the portfolio, you can also see several collages. They can be an incredible source of inspiration. You can use them to explain something to students or post them on social networks as mood boards.

Editing Features

jenn mishra photography sample of work

If we talk about Jenn Mishra photography editing technique, then I should note that she is not a fan of the many effects and colors that look too artificial. Jennifer preserves natural tones and shades as we see them in real life.

jenn mishra photography bright colors

When editing pictures, Mishra pays attention to contrast and brightness. She achieves the desired brightness while maintaining the naturalness and attractiveness of the photo. However, Jennifer sometimes deliberately edits the images in such a way as to make them resemble scenes from a fairy tale. In these cases, the photographer uses unusual tones and increases brightness.

If you also want to turn your ordinary pictures into colorful fantasy scenes, then you can contact the professional FixThePhoto team.

jenn mishra color correction sample jenn mishra color correction sample

Enhancing and correcting light in pictures is Jenn's top priority. When correcting artificial light in night shots or working with sun photography projects, she copes well with any challenge. Jennifer manages to achieve the most realistic light.

jenn mishra photography reflections

Mishra often uses the specular reflection technique. The photographer loves to capture the reflection of various objects in the water. However, she also photographs other things using various reflective surfaces.

This technique can be both difficult and simple at the same time but it allows you to add an artistic twist to the pictures. Thanks to this approach, Jenn Mishra photo projects look voluminous.

Other Projects

Jenn Mishra is not only a photographer but also the founder of an educational project. She helps shooters figure out how to become a professional photographer. This area of her activity is as important as photography itself.

Coaching and Tours

Jennifer offers useful training sessions for novices and experienced photographers. They can choose from personalized shooting training, group workshops, and learn all kinds of artistic techniques and photography composition tips.

Besides, Mishra is the author of the ebook 32 Photo Etudes: Exercises in Composition, Focus, Light, Motion. The book contains basic rules for taking professional photos as well as examples of Jenn's work.

Expert Articles

Jennifer publishes various articles on photography and shares helpful tips with other photographers. Visit the Jenn Mishra photography website to find out what you need to know about preparing for a photo session, taking photos, and editing the shots.

Jennifer has launched the PhotoYoga website which contains useful materials for both professional shooters and amateurs. Mishra and other experienced photographers publish fresh info on imaging techniques and tools, market trends, and other useful things that can boost your creativity.

Prints and Textures

jenn mishra photography texture

Jennifer Mishra offers licensed copies of her pictures for those who want to use them as a print on a cup, T-shirt, or other things. After purchasing such an image, you can post it on any Internet platform without violating copyright.

Moreover, you can purchase Jenn's textures and use them in your designs. You can find various textures on the site (for example, dirt, metal, wax, etc.)