Amative Creative Photography Review 2024

By Tata Rossi 10 days ago, Photographer

The Amative Creative team specializes in wedding shooting covering different styles. They have a personalized approach to every event and take sincere photos. Though the team is based in Virginia, they work all over the world.

If you want to have personalized unique wedding shots that convey a solemn and touching atmosphere, read this Amative Creative photography review to make sure these guys can help you out.

The company values the trust between clients and photographers. They use questionnaires and style guides to understand your wishes and make them come true. You can order photography services paired with video filming for your ceremony.

Amative Creative Photography: Biography

amative creative photography work

Andrea and Aaron Lewis founded Amative Creative 7 years ago. They put their time and efforts into the development of the company, focusing on romantic photo sessions.

The co-founder of Amative Creative Andrea is the leading photographer and videographer. She graduated from university with an MA in photography and graphic design. Since Andrea loves shooting love stories, she turned her film and digital photography hobby into a brand.

This couple is not just photographers, they are storytellers. They will capture your sweet love story and convey its magic through photos. These pictures literally keep your memories for many years. You can always recollect the best day of your life, passing the hall or looking into the bedroom, where a framed photo hangs. Such photographs are not usual pictures, they are valuable shots that keep a personal story alive, recalling important moments of the past, present, and future.

photography by amative creative

The company is responsible for the projects they work with. They accept a limited number of orders annually. As a rule, they book weddings 12-18 months out, which demonstrates their professionalism and reliability. They personally contact a couple to establish contact, discuss the process, and bring their wishes to life.

If you want to find out the prices for services, we recommend filling out the form on the website. Andrea will contact you within 12 hours to discuss the details. The cost for an 8-hour package starts at $3400.

Main Genres

Amative Creative specializes in wedding photography. In addition to weddings, the team takes portrait and engagement images.


amative creative wedding photo

The photographer shoots weddings in various styles. Amative Signature is a special photographer’s style that sets it apart from other professionals.

Fine Art Film style means that photography is a tool of creative expression. The personality and vision of the film wedding photographer play a significant role in this style since it is the “author's soul” that reveals the idea and tells the story.

Light & Airy is a gentle and romantic style with no bright colors. Photographers recommend using natural light for this style of wedding photography. The light and airy style usually looks great in spreads. It works for albums or magazines when you can read a story next to a photo.

wedding photo by amative creative

Dark & Moody is suitable for different types of photography. Photographers often use it for passionate scenes, or stories that describe adventures, and travels. Dark & Moody stands out for its warmth. It is somewhat similar to the cinematic genre. Amative Creative loves to conduct Dark & Moody photoshoots during golden hours.

Bold & Vibrant shots stand out with eye-catching colors, lighter shadows, and increased brightness. The photographer pays special attention to skin tones while maintaining warmth and naturalness. This style is suitable for portraits and romantic stories.

These experts are open for experiments. You can describe the wedding photography idea and the artist will convey it via photos.


amative creative engagement photo

Amative Creative also offers engagement photography services. Andrea takes pictures of couples in their special locations. She fully focuses on a couple to get perfect shots.

Andrea always comes with interesting engagement photo ideas. However, since she prefers a flexible approach, clients can discuss their wishes in advance so that she can adapt to them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; Andrea will gladly answer them to help you get rid of your fears or doubts.


amative creative portrait photo

Andrea is a very talented photographer. All her works including wedding, bridal portraits, and post-ceremony footage showcase her talent and potential as an artist. Andrea loves to take part in the discussion of the photo session, complementing clients’ ideas with her suggestions. She also specializes in fine art portrait photography, where the key purpose is to convey emotions and feelings in a proper way.

Experience in Videography

The Amative Creative team has experienced videographers who will capture the most exciting moments of your wedding. The team creates videos in different styles. They aim to convey the atmosphere and show each character in a proper way. Amative Creative records both wedding and engagement videos and provides video editing services.


editing by amative creative editing by amative creative

Unlike most photographers who adhere to one editing style, Andrea prefers working with various photographic styles. In her opinion, each style has a unique beauty and purpose.

To get the perfect shot, Andrea communicates with clients and listens to their requirements. The Boho Bride would hardly want gritty editing. While some prefer airy and pastel shades, others opt for dark and moody shots.

Photography Journal

amative creative photography blog

Amative Creative has a wedding photography blog. Photographers tell about photography trends, share their projects, and interesting historical facts related wedding shooting. The blog doesn’t look like an information column, but rather a magazine where Andrea dwells on her experience and emotions.