Michael Kormos Photography Review: Bio & Portfolio

By Tata Rossi 14 days ago, Photographer

Michael Kormos Photography is an award-winning portrait studio that specializes in conducting maternity, newborn, and baby photo sessions. Not only do they take excellent photos of premium quality but also make their models enjoy a shoot feeling relaxed and at ease.

A studio has everything a photographer might need to make the session an absolutely fun experience while taking portraits of premium quality. After entering the MKP showroom, a visitor gets into a luxurious space filled with keepsake products, albums, prints, luxe frames, wall art, etc.

Michael and Sophie Kormos Biography

michael kormos photographer

Michael and Sophie established Michael Kormos Photography studio 15 years ago and treated it like a “baby”. Thanks to God, now they have four beautiful kids and a successful photography business that they continue to cherish. As parents ourselves, the couple knows well that childhood may be fleeting, but each and every moment is worth to be captured.

Sophi always tries to consider every, even minor, detail, while Michael makes sure that the whole picture looks perfect. Their main focus is to deliver a relaxed and pleasant experience, catching the sincere emotions of each family member. Moreover, Michael is a professional retoucher with rich experience who knows how to turn any portrait into an eye-grabbing picture of premium quality.

Photography Style

michael kormos photography style

Note that every shooter of the MKP team has his/her own style. For example, Anabella specializes in pure and organic photography. She likes to create original compositions using artistic lighting when organizing shoots. Her experience in fashion and editorial allows taking excellent pics worthy of magazine covers. Anabella will help you feel like a real Hollywood star.

Flor is a family photographer who has 8 years of experience in this field. She mainly shoots children producing state-of-the-art pics. Thanks to her degree in fine art photography from HIT, Flor manages to turn each photo is a real artwork. Sincere emotions and warm family connections are the main focus of her shots.

michael kormos photography team

Kenneth Lim does not lose his natural approach even when shooting in the office or conference rooms of law firms, investment banks, hedge funds, etc. If a company needs portraits of a team, it can opt not only for headshot photography in a studio but also in the office.

Someone may feel in an office like at home, and someone finds it difficult to relax next to the boss. With many years of experience, Kenneth can put people at ease and shoot portraits in a natural and relaxed atmosphere. Many people are surprised by his ability to talk to anyone, to remember the names of the entire team, even if it consists of a dozen people. This proves that Kenneth has great organizational and professional skills.

Main Genres

If you are looking for professional photographers for your maternity, newborn, baby, and family photoshoot, Michael Kormos’ studio is your place to be. They combine classic backdrops and artistic lighting to turn any photo idea into real artwork. As the shooters often use natural illumination, they do not limit creativity to take fantastic pics.


michael kormos photography maternity

Michael Kormos Photography also specializes in maternity photography catching all the unique and treasured moments between a mother and a baby. Shooters know well that every pregnancy is unique, so their maternity photography is filled with joy and celebrates this beautiful time.

michael kormos photography maternity shoot

Each member of the MKR team has many years of experience photographing an exciting period of pregnancy. As real experts in this genre of photography, they bring even the most original maternity photo ideas to life. No matter what portrait studio location you prefer, the result will be amazing.

Do you feel more comfortable at home or want to pose in a place that has special meaning for you? This is not a problem. The photographers are ready to organize a session in whatever environment you prefer. They can shoot outdoors, at your home, or at other locations you have in your mind.


michael kormos photography newborn

Capturing the first moments of your baby is precious. These memorable photos will warm your heart and let you enjoy all these pleasant events one more time. Michael Kormos Photography can help any family to preserve every special minute of their history. The newborn shooters do their best to catch each expression, moment, and milestone reflecting all these sincere feelings in pics.

michael kormos photography newborn shoot

As babies sleep most time during their first 14 days, this period is especially suitable for shooting your cutie. Once newborns are in a nice, deep sleep, their bodies are relaxed, so a photographer can implement any newborn photography pose without trouble.

An array of backgrounds and props is one of the most appealing aspects for clients. With a range of accessories, it is easy to take shots in the style you want. MKP team can produce classic B&W photography or colored shots that match the design of your baby’s bedroom.

When it comes to newborn photography, professional retouching is crucial. Skillfully edited pics have an adorable look and attract viewers.


michael kormos photography children

By adding some fun to a photo session, MKP professionals let children enjoy every shot to capture all their cute expressions and spontaneous poses. This allows the creation of stunning portraits to last a lifetime. The photographers have all the necessary skills to take fantastic images, but most importantly, they have patience and a sense of humor, which are paramount when working with children.

michael kormos photography children shoot

They shoot birthdays, portraits, and other types of photography – no matter what the situation is, your child will smile, for sure. Besides, your kid does not have to stay still, as Michael Kormos Photography staff knows well that you expect original photos with cute and unforced poses.

A client’s privacy is pivotal for the studio’s team. So you can be sure that your images won’t appear on the web without your total permission. Photographers upload all the pics only to private and reliable servers.


michael kormos photography family

Family portrait photography is associated with posed and formal portraits in most cases. Michael Kormos’ team can capture artificially constructed scenes, but they also go beyond the boundaries of a staged photoshoot. Dynamic pics of your family featuring kids at play are what you can expect when ordering MKR services.

michael kormos photography family shoot

Family shots, sibling snaps, parent portraits, and others are among the genres the studio specializes in. Select a great family photo outfit and some fun props, and your images will look amazing. Moreover, a client can choose the shooting spot, meaning possibilities for implementing even the most original ideas are limitless.

MKP professional photographers have been shooting parents with kids for many years delivering state-of-the-art shots. Their experience allows taking perfect pictures of your family that convey your style and personality.

Print Services

michael kormos photography services

The studio can also produce digital portraits and custom artwork photos. If you want to share your images with friends and relatives online, digital format is what you need. Of course, it would be great to display some of your portraits, so crafting a real picture of your image is a good idea. The studio’s specialists can help you with this issue as well.

MKP also works a photo printing service and provides fine art prints for their clients. The specialists use high-quality Endura photo paper to print excellent images with realistic saturation, accurate colors, great intensity, etc. They guarantee that even one hundred years of home display won’t affect the quality of your artwork.

Besides, a studio produces keepsake albums that feature amazing panoramic spreads with impressively small 1mm micro gutter. The thick pages have rounded corners that reduce wear and prevent a tear. Besides, these guys use Fuji e-surface professional photographic paper for printing pics. The covers are made of polished aluminum, which is quite durable.

Michael Kormos Studio on Instagram

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At the end of Michael Kormos Photography review, it should be noted that the studio has a page on Instagram where they post images, which inspire others. Here you can also read many reviews that prove the professionalism of the MKR team. Besides, this is an ideal place for communicating with shooters asking questing, and commenting on well-liked artworks.