Nicole Nichols Photographer Review 2022

By Tata Rossi 13 days ago, Photographer

Nicole Nichols takes images not only in Colorado but also around the world. The photographer's hometown is New Orleans, where she started her wedding photography career and took part in fine art photography exhibitions.

One of Nicole's favorite genres is boudoir photography. Nicole Nichols portrait photographer has a photo studio in the Wash Park neighborhood of Denver. She also photographs people outdoors and in a variety of settings that match their personality, to help them feel comfortable, showing their uniqueness and individuality. Along with wedding and portrait photography, Nicole has a blog where she shares useful tips.

Nicole Nichols Photographer: Biography

nicole nichols photographer work

Nicole Nichols photographer studied at Louisiana State University, where she received an art degree in 2003. Since then, Nicole has been working as a professional photographer. She prefers portrait, boudoir and wedding genres. Though Nicole had to move to Denver, Colorado after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans will remain her home forever.

Nicole started as "Eye On Photography" in New Orleans, Louisiana. Since her career began in her homeland, Nicole often comes to New Orleans to document weddings or events, including Mardi Gras.

Nicole’s works have been featured in exhibitions throughout the country from Los Angeles to the District of Columbia. Nicole prefers to spend time with her husband and two children. She loves cycling, yoga, swimming, and dancing. In addition to active leisure, the photographer travels a lot and helps charity organizations.

Main Genres

Among Nicole’s favorite types of photography are wedding, boudoir, and portrait shooting. Besides, she likes taking maternity, lifestyle, and fine art images.


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Nicole Nichols photographer mainly takes boudoir photos. She helps girls feel more confident, while she is taking romantic images. Girls can look at themselves from different angles during the shooting. While working, the photographer suggests various boudoir poses.

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Since Nicole has many boudoir photo ideas, any girl can feel relaxed in front of a camera. This genre of photography works for girls of any age and physique.


nicole nichols photographer wedding style

Nicole has also photographed over 200 weddings. Even though her focus is now boudoir photography, Nicole still loves to document a small handful of wedding ceremonies every year, this allows her to deliver due attention to each couple and provide the newlyweds with high-end services. The photographer keeps close communication while working with a couple to document their story.

Nicole Nichols captures the best wedding moments without missing out on important details. She has an individual approach to every client, which helps her organize special photo sessions that match the style of the ceremony. You can find romantic wedding portraits, images of newlyweds dancing, and funny wedding pictures in her portfolio.

Nicole meticulously selects ideas to ensure a hassle-free shooting experience. She can also help with referrals and a wedding timeline. Nicole spends about 40 hours on editing, which includes the first touch ups and final edits.


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Nicole likes taking urban-style portraits. She chooses interesting locations in the center of Denver for her works. She also enjoys photographing models in parks with lots of greenery. You can order Nicole’s services to capture your working routing and behind-the-scenes. Photo sessions with Nicole are a pleasure even for those who feel shy in front of a camera.

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You can ask Nicole for a design consultation with no extra fee. Both consultation and portrait retouching are included in the price of her services. The basic package starts at $295.


editing by nicole nichols editing by nicole nichols

The photographer pays special attention to photo color correction. She removes face imperfections, works on contrast and brightness, etc. Her portraits always look realistic and convey the necessary emotions.

Wedding photo retouching starts with culling. Then she gets down to color adjustment, removing skin defects, enhancing textures, and making teeth naturally white.

She always make sure her clients receive high-quality edits and gorgeous custom made products to remember their special moments by.


nicole nichols photographer blog

On her blog, Nicole Nichols posts shooting stories and her works. She talks about past events, shares gifts and ideas for photo presentations. The photographer also writes about her personal experience in various photography genres.