Igor Wedding Photographer Review 2023

By Tata Rossi 23 days ago, Photographer

Igor Wedding Photographer has been capturing the most precious moments of engagements and weddings for more than 12 years. During all this time, he has already managed to shoot at more than 400 weddings.

Although Igor Photography’s studio is based in Dallas-Fort Worth, he is willing to travel for destination weddings. Among his services, you will find wedding cinematography, which is great in combination with the photography collections. Learn what else he has to offer in this Igor Wedding Photographer review.

Igor Wedding Photographer: Biography

igor wedding photographer biography

Igor Wedding Photographer was born in Spain’s Costa del Sol. The next years of his life he spent in Spain and Sweden. Igor graduated from Stockholm University with a major in geography.

In his early 20s, Igor was torn between two options for his future career – he was passionate about photography and pilotage at the same time. Eventually, he made a decision to move to Florida for flight training. His thriving pilot career involved jobs as a USAFA flight instructor, corporate and airline pilot. After 15 years of being a pilot, he changed his occupation and went with his passion for photography.

igor wedding photographer ideas

His success wasn’t long in coming – soon Igor began working as a part-time wedding photographer in Dallas-Fort Worth where he was actively implementing his creative photography ideas and wedding photography tips.

Igor Wedding Photographer: Style

igor wedding photography ideas

First of all, it is worth noting that Igor is involved in shooting a wedding in a complex way and knows plenty of interesting wedding photo ideas. Even on his website, he highlights such sections as engagements, getting ready, details, bride & bridesmaids, groom & groomsmen, bride & groom, ceremony, group portraits, reception and fun.

igor wedding photographer couple photo

Igor has several assistants who shoot weddings from different angles. So, with this photographer, you can be sure that no moment will pass by. Another peculiarity of the photographer is the love of nature. That’s why, for many couples, he additionally shoots a Love Story in the fields and vineyards. By the way, he is crazy about shooting wedding details, too.

igor wedding photographer shooting details

Igor doesn’t want his clients to feel nervous or tense while shooting so he organizes the entire process in a low-key way. Since Igor knows numerous wedding photography poses, his clients don’t have any problems with posing during the shoot.

Igor seems to be well familiar with efficient photography marketing, so he promotes his highend retouching services on social media. Igor thinks that an accomplished photographer needs to have expertise in plenty of related spheres, like business, accounting, photography marketing, social networking, client relations. Besides, as I have mentioned earlier, Igor provides wedding cinematography services.

igor wedding photographer samples of work

By the way, if you need to edit your videos, take advantage of wedding video editing service provided by FixThePhoto. The team of experts will work wonders with your wedding footage, turning it into a professional-looking and memorable video.

Editing Techniques

igor wedding photographer group portraits

Igor skillfully works with light and skin retouching. When it comes to both soft and hard light, his subjects always look flattering.

He mostly applies clean editing and retouching. It involves tweaking the basic parameters, such as sharpness, color temperature and clarity, to make the picture appear clearer. The main goal here is to achieve a natural, non-edited look of a picture.

Also, Igor uses wedding Lightroom presets and wedding Photoshop actions to please clients with stunning portrait photos.

In case you need help editing your wedding shots, approach our service. Experts from the FixThePhoto team will take on the request of any difficulty level, from culling to retouching, even if you ask to have the shots edited in the shortest time possible.

wedding photo retouching sample wedding photo retouching sample

Igor Wedding Photographer: Handmade Albums

Even though we tend to store everything in the digital form these days, many of us miss physical printed albums that were popular not so long ago. The albums hold precious moments and let us bring them back with no modern technology required.

Igor Wedding Photographer acknowledges the value of albums and offers to make you one with the most special moments captured there. You have three handcrafted album options to choose from.

The Italian Wedding Album

igor wedding photographer italian wedding album

The album is exclusively crafted by one of the most prominent album makers worldwide, Graphistudio from Italy. Each album is imported and fabricated in Italy using top-class materials, qualitative covers, inks and hand stitching binding techniques. This is the “crème de la crème of wedding albums”.

The wedding Italian album collection is something you will gladly pass as a family legacy from one generation to another. With this album, you can forget about faded colors, curled pages, album spines breaking over time, stains from humidity or fingerprints. There are 20 different sizes, ranging from 4x5 to 16x16.

The Paris Wedding Album

This flush mounted album is hand-crafted in the USA using top-grade materials. It features a one-of-a-kind French-door style cover. The pages turning out from the center look extraordinary and truly eye-catching.

There are 5 sizes (8x8, 10x10, 12x12, 15x15, 18x18) and 24 cover colors, as well as the B&W Collection of 6 different textures and designs. The thick lay-flat pages are printed on qualitative Kodak Photo paper and are gloss coated for extra protection and better visual appeal.

You have an opportunity to add an album box with the cover material identical to that of your album. The top of the box will have the same color as the album. On the inside, the album will be placed into a soft black splendid velvet fabric.

The Modern Wedding Album

igor wedding photographer modern wedding album

This is Igor’s basic wedding album that is introduced in his wedding collections. The album is fabricated in Italy and comes in 40 different leather cover colors. You may pick either a solid leather cover or a photographic one. It is printed at a qualitative level, has lay-flat pages, authentic photographic print pages and flawless panoramic construction with thick strong pages in a matte or glossy finish.

The Modern Wedding Album is presented in seven sizes, such as vertical: 8x12, 9.5x1, horizontal: 12x8, 13x9.5 and square: 8x8, 9.5x9.5. 12x12. The number of pages ranges from 20 to 60. The cover, spine and optional album box may have different colors depending on your preferences.