Michael Woloszynowicz Photography Review

By Tata Rossi 7 days ago, Photographer

Michael Woloszynowicz is a renowned photographer who specializes in fashion, beauty, and portrait photography. He is also a professional retoucher and instructor. Michael lives and works in Los Angeles.

His photos have been published in multiple famous fashion and photography magazines. Besides, they have appeared in various TV shows, including Maxim Columbia, Factic, Maxim Mexico, Point Seven Mach, etc. Keep reading our review to learn more about this talented person.

Michael Woloszynowicz: Biography

michael woloszynowicz photography review portfolio

Michael first took up a film camera when he was 10 or 12 years old. At first, he was interested in landscape photography, but soon he got bored and decided to change the direction of his work.

Nearly 8 years ago, Michael Woloszynowicz tried to shoot photos with his father’s DSLR camera. It was the Nikon D300.

To achieve better results, Michael decided to master Photoshop. Five years ago, he decided to become a professional photographer and took an apprenticeship that lasted approximately three or four years. After gaining some valuable experience, Michael had no more doubts about his decision to become a professional shooter.

Michael Woloszynowicz: Main Genres

From the beginning of his professional career, Michael Woloszynowicz has been interested in shooting portraits and taking urban photos. He found his inspiration in these genres and tried to implement all his creative ideas. He shoots photos for various companies, fashion agencies, and individual customers. Let’s take a closer look at the four main genres he specializes in.

Fashion Images

michael woloszynowicz photography review fashion images
michael woloszynowicz photography review fashion images

Michael is convinced that the subject’s pose and clothing are the two most important aspects to consider during a photoshoot. He recommends working with experienced models who can strike various model poses and know how to look beautiful. Michel draws his inspiration from Gavon O’Neal whose photography he highly appreciates.

During his career, Michael produced stunning shots for multiple magazines, including Factice Magazine, Dress to Kill, etc. He advises aspiring photographers to focus not on the quantity, but on the quality of their editorial photography to get their works published in popular magazines.

He believes that the number of outfits or models you shoot per day is no important. You should try to create a story, take photos of excellent quality, and then send them to a selected magazine. Once your submission is accepted, the magazine will help you find models, stylists, and make-up specialists for your photoshoots.


michael woloszynowicz photography review portrait images

Michael Woloszynowicz photography is so captivating because he shows the subject of his photo shoot in the best possible light using a great variety of camera and photo-editing techniques, lighting modes, multiple exposure blending, etc.

For portrait photography, lighting conditions are important, which is why he uses both natural light and strobe light. He prefers working with models with unusual features that can be considered as flaws.

For him, one of the most inspiring photographers, is Eric Almas. Michael likes the fact that Almas always tries to tell a story when taking portraits and landscape photos.

fixthephoto retouching example fixthephoto retouching example

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Beauty Images

michael woloszynowicz photography review beauty images
michael woloszynowicz photography review beauty images

Michael enjoys photoshopping portraits for fashion campaigns and is very good at retouching. He used to take a lot of pictures to get some experience in photo editing and master the retouching technique.

The skin texture in his images always looks flawless. Michael Woloszynowicz photography is known for beautiful soft tones. He is also good at hair retouching, which is why you won’t notice even minor flaws in his photos, such as flyaway hair.

He believes that the main thing in beauty photography is good lighting. Michael does not recommend altering the lighting often, as it can create an impression that you shot different objects. If you have decided to choose a hard light source, make sure not to change it. Otherwise, you will have to do makeup retouch.

Architecture Images

michael woloszynowicz photography review architecture

When Michael Woloszynowicz wants to change the theme of his photography, he starts shooting architectural images. Here, he does not need to think about posing, styling, or perfect make-up. Michael simply dives into the process and produces captivating photos.

Michael is not afraid of experimenting with exposure. He learns much from architectural photography and then implements these new skills in his beauty photos or portraiture.

He likes architecture photography as it allows him to take three-dimensional images with many anchoring details that capture the attention of many viewers.

Michael Woloszynowicz: Tutorials

He has created numerous photography and skin retouching tutorials as well as articles and videos for RGG EDU, Retouching Academy, FStoppers, Kelby Training. Michael also has his own Photoshop tutorials on YouTube that have attracted the attention of more than 100k followers and have been viewed more than five million times.

His professional tutorials are an example for other shooters who want to create helpful educational content. He explains the art of photography in a calm and relaxed manner, knows what he is talking about, describes complicated techniques in a simple and easy way.

Michael Woloszynowicz: Store

michael woloszynowicz photography review store

You can find a store with affordable prices on Michael’s website. Here, you can look through fine art prints and choose an item for decorating your room. He also sells Capture One & Lightroom presets. They are suitable for various genres of photography, including portrait, fashion, beauty, architectural, and landscape images.

In the store, you can also purchase the Dodge and Burn help book for Capture One.  It contains a collection of layers that will help you optimize your workflow.