MagicEye Design – Wedding & Advertising Photographer Review

By Tata Rossi 15 days ago, Photographer

MagicEye Design is a company offering wedding, fashion, and commercial photo services. These guys brag about works of high quality and many satisfied clients. Besides, their images frequently appear in the press and media.

MagicEye Design: Biography

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The company was founded in 2010 and now it is owned by Ash Khosla, who has been professionally involved in photography since 1993. Ash was a member of public organizations and a publisher of the online fashion photography magazine The Vitti. His 10-year experience in advertising management helps him to work with successful artists and photographers. He also taught his daughter Aakarsha how to run a business.

Honesty, modesty, enthusiasm, hard work and talent help MagicEye Design company to turn visitors into loyal clients. Ash knows how to establish good relationships with clients and create an authentic collection of images. With 20 years of experience and a deep technical and aesthetic understanding of the photography business, MagicEye Design can provide high-quality services to creatives all over the globe.

MagicEye Design: Main Genres

MagicEye Design website contains numerous wedding pictures and portraits. You can analyze details, camera angles, effects, and other aspects of their portrait shooting technique. However, the studio experiments with many other genres as well.

Wedding Stories

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As an experienced wedding photographer, Ash combines reportage approach and portrait photography techniques, giving you what you want: a candid, bright, and emotional story of the day that will stand the test of time. That is why Ash takes images at no more than 1 wedding per day and has created a separate page with detailed answers to the FAQ. He also described what you have to consider before hiring a MagicEye Design photographer.

Three pre-designed wedding photography packages for $770. Experts at MagicEye Design can also develop an individual package according to your specific requirements and budget, help find a makeup artist, design and print albums, invitations, and thank-you cards.


magiceye design review family

Ash is a family man with two children, so he knows how to approach family portrait photography. He can take amazing photos no matter how many people he has to photograph and in what conditions.

He believes, that staged photos look uninteresting, so encourages his models to move and take relaxed poses. In fact, a good photo session is like joyful time with your family. You can order a family package starting at $350 and get a photo session in a professional studio.

magiceye design review newborn

MagicEye Design prides itself on providing unique newborn photography services, helping clients document the first days of their baby. Experienced photographers can take beautiful images at any stage, e.g., the first communion, but you need to remember that babies after 1 month become more active and it is difficult to capture them in a cute sleeping pose.

Once you order a package for $210 or higher, they will get in touch with you to discuss style, color, props, and clothes. They will also send you additional information and tips for a photo session.

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Nowadays, we can find photos of virtually every person on the web. That’s why, if you look for a job position on the Internet, you need to share proper headshots. Such an image helps make a proper first impression if you output it on LinkedIn, headhunter websites, etc.

Besides, business portraits are frequently used on billboards, campaign posters, promotional materials, and more. MagicEye Design takes impressive portraits that show you and your company in a winning way. No matter what sphere you specialize in, professional headshots are a worthy investment. The company charges from $ 280 for this service. They can photograph you in a studio or at the workplace.

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Fashion headshot photography, and full-length images are a part of the modeling portfolio. MagicEye Design offers clients honest and in-depth guidance on how to start a modeling career. Creating a modeling portfolio requires innovative approaches and creativity, patience, and knowledge of details – and the company has all these features. Paying $ 280 for a creative package, you can choose a shooting style, including makeup and a hairdo.

MagicEye Design also cooperates with children models between 6 and 12 years old for their clients' seasonal advertising campaigns. If you think your child feels confident in front of the camera and you have a portfolio of photos, contact MagicEye Design photographer service.

Events Shooting and Corporate

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Event photography by MagicEye Design agency is popular among all sorts of businesses, who want to promote their brand. These guys offer corporate event photography services at very competitive prices – $ 280 for the first hour plus $ 70 for each extra hour. You also have to cover travel expenses.


magiceye design review advertising

MagicEye Design can develop a concept, hire models, stylists, and other experts, find a proper location, and organize a photo session for fashion photography. Then, they create an ad campaign that perfectly matches your business plan in a more cost-effective way than other ad agencies offer.

They can develop a campaign for any budget. This can be promotion on social networks for a startup or a full-scale campaign with advertising on billboards, magazines, and TV for multi-million organizations. They have resources to cope with the task of any complexity.

magiceye design review real estate

MagicEye Design regularly takes images for real estate catalogs and listings, hotel, and travel booking sites. You can address the company for furniture photography if you want to get high-quality results. They follow industry standards and use advanced equipment to satisfy their clients.

You can order eCommerce videos, catalog and brochure designs, marketing materials, and social media campaigns. Thanks to the extensive experience in the advertising industry, they develop effective concepts and marketing strategies.

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Many international clothes and furniture brands from Spain, the USA and the UK order clothing photography services at MagicEye Design because of its unique approach to every order. Besides, you can get not only amazing images but also an effective visual campaign.

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Over the past 20 + years, MagicEye Design has worked with fashion designers and manufacturers, restaurants, beauty brands, gyms, personal trainers, real estate agents, engineering companies, artists, retail chains – anyone who wants to effectively communicate with a wider audience and promote a brand, product, or service. The team works hard to create a powerful advertising campaign and help clients from all over the world with branding and marketing.

MagicEye Design: Professional Extra Services

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Ash believes that cropping and image editing are equally important. His fashion portraits have a thematic background that complements the overall style of a photo. He likes experimenting with light and shadow filters, smoke, haze, sun flare, glare, and glam effects. Typically, Ash uses such effects to add glamorous touches.

Additional services include old shots restoration and full graphic design services. Ash uses the best graphic design software to deliver accurate and professional designs. Clients can order photo enlargement from Ash at a reasonable cost or address third-party services sending them electronic copies.

MagicEye Design also offers wedding and commercial videography packages. After the shooting, you can order many printed materials, including canvases, posters, and calendars, mugs, T-shirts, diaries. Many service packages already include gifts such as briefcases or flash drives with the studio's logo.

MagicEye Design: Studio and Equipment

MagicEye Design Studio has ramps for disabled visitors and free parking. Moreover, you can use changing rooms, play darts, and have refreshments while resting during photo sessions.

  • Clients will be 100 % satisfied;
  • Amazing price-quality ratio;
  • Full insurance, civil liability insurance, strict child protection policy;
  • No hidden copyright limitations;
  • The best equipment for shooting;
  • A studio in a business park near the city center;
  • Individual packages with a set price.

Ash can take photos with cameras of different brands, as he perceives a camera as a standard working tool. Currently, he is using top-tier full-frame cameras and drones. His favorites are Canon 5D MK IV and III with the best Canon 5D Mark III lenses.