Zahrina Photography And Video Specialist Review 2023

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Zahrina is known as Australia’s leading personal branding photographer. She not only knows how to hold a camera in her hands but also successfully using marketing techniques in her work. She regularly collaborates with outstanding artists, photographs local and foreign clients, organizes courses and numerous events.

The photographer specializes in personal branding portraiture, lifestyle photography, corporate and event photography, and video showreels. She also writes books and develops courses. One of the books she wrote is Magnetic Branding. It will help you to plan your brand development strategy and make the right visual impression.

Besides, the expert shares her ideas about the power of storytelling through video and photography. Her licensed and commissioned paintings are released as collections.

Zahrina Photography and Video Specialist: Biography

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Zahrina Photography and Video Specialist is a successful photographer, a businesswoman, who has won numerous awards. She works with the most prominent professionals in the industry, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

Using unique visual assets and marketing background in her work, she creates well-elaborated brand strategies. Zahrina Robertson has been in photography for over 10 years, but she started as a visual branding and planning specialist. She worked in marketing and corporate business to help industrial enterprises develop their brand awareness and visual content.

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She believes that it is possible to anchor any business story through visual elements and decent video content. Zahrina Robertson works with numerous well-known people, including Tim Ferris, Matt Church, Richard Branson, Janine Garner, Dale Beaumont, Taki Moore, Jane Anderson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christine Guidotti, and Simon Sinek.

She photographed for Global Forum featuring Martha Stewart, Carla Zampatti, Dannii Minogue, George Clooney, and Ita Buttrose. Zahrina demonstrated excellent professionalism doing event photography for Emirates, Tourism Australian, and Business Chicks and numerous clients worldwide. She also collaborated with Professional Speakers Association for Australia.

Not so long ago Zahrina started to work as an event photographer and a Global Brand Ambassador in PSA Professional Speakers Association. She has a brand partnership with many influencers and famous people.

With the support of BluePrint studios and Speakers, Zahrina Robertson has released Hybrid Showreels on her own platform in 2020. They showcased ground-breaking showreels and images.

Main Genres

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The photographer creates personal brand portraits. She does her best to develop an online presence and unique brand style.

Zahrina organizes a depth Discovery Session to learn more about her clients and accurately visualize their identity. She helps clients create a perfect look to build effective communication with your audience.

Before getting down to portraits shooting, the photographer plans, develops, and gives recommendations on every aspect of your photoshoot. She also develops the brand's style and message.

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Zahrina photography also involves the corporate genre. She tries to convey the message of the company through appearance and posing. The photographer helps get ready for a corporate photoshoot, shares recommendations about clothes, poses, arrangement of brand elements, etc.

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Also, Zahrina does event photography. She skillfully photographs details and captures emotions at events. You can use such photos not only as an office decoration, but also to represent a brand on social media sites and your own platform. The photographer documented a variety of events, from meetings for 5 participants to large-scale events for 500 people.

She visits the location in advance to examine the place and lighting. Therefore, she knows how to capture the brightest moments of the event. Besides, Zahrina helps pick suitable clothing for a particular occasion.

Video Showreels

Video showreels deserve special attention in this Zahrina photography review. Zahrina Robertson is an excellent videographer. She records videos of professional speakers and creates showreels to upload on a website and social media platforms.

The professional also shoots a personal brand showreel and corporate video to promote your brand on various digital resources. She develops a unique visual strategy to convey your company's message and bring it to the audience.

Zahrina Gallery

Another sphere the photographer is engaged in is painting. Zahrina Robertson is well recognized for her mixed media art pieces that demonstrate emotional stories through movements. She creates abstract paintings with acrylics on such themes as Oceanic, Air, Vibrant, and Floraz. Zahrina Robertson showcases her works in galleries and creates custom paintings for numerous clients. Follow Zahrina Gallery on Instagram @zahrinaartist.

Cooperation with the Guarantee

Zahrina Photography and Video Specialist works based on an exclusive Thought Leadership Model to deliver great results every day. If clients don't like the outcome, she returns the money.

Zahrina Photography and Video Specialist Instagram

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Zahrina shows her works on her Instagram page.

Here she shares tips, special offers, and gives gifts to subscribers. You can ask her questions in Direct or write comments.